Biology Assignment

Hello. I charge your advice to address 3 pages appointment in 5 canicule please. I`ll column the instruction. Even if it says to address Max of 5 pages, 3p. will be enough.( amuse see paper) This article about the ache which I charge to accept and present. I best Lyme disease. Introduction about Lyme disease, area it was found, and what's the account of this disease Statistical advice about prevalence in the U.S (compare to altered states. For instance: NY, NJ,PA,CT, etc) Common signs and symtopms of this disease treatment/diagnostic measures/golden standart is article like : Blood test, etc (see paper) If there is any cure for this ache or any (if they exist)  future research. Written assignment- 12pt ( Times New Roman) 1.5 space, standart letter size, do NOT archetype paste!!! Rephrase in your own words, accommodate a bibliography from 2013- present years.(APA/MLA format) We do not appetite to use actual old information. Amuse no photos/diagrams. It is not necessary. No breach page/abstract/separate introduction. Plagiarims charge not occur!      Please, address so that I can accomplish a presentation of this disease, and do not complicate  with circuitous words too much. Thank you!

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