Need a 1500-word (minimum) cardboard accoutrement their portfolio of responsibilities for their group. Make abiding to break focused on the 5 job roles labeled in the outlined, and apprehend the instructions beneath on diagrams, and abstracts as able-bodied as quotes and endnotes...  The cardboard should accommodate several diagrams and abstracts and advance the following: bifold linespacing, one-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, footnotes or endnotes, and a references cited section. If you accommodate phrases, sentences, or paragraphs that did not appear beeline from your own mind, again you charge enclose them in citation marks and add a footnote/endnote. If you abort to do so, you are committing plagiarism1, a austere violation. If you put the account of your sources into your own words you still charge use footnotes/endnotes to accord acclaim to the author(s) of the ideas. Do not cut and adhesive from the Internet after appropriately citation your source. After citation marks and footnotes/endnotes, you accept plagiarized. Students should use either MLA or APA architecture for advancing citations, references, and footnotes/endnotes.

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