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| BARRY UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES COURSE SYLLABUS SPRING 2013| COURSE NUMBER:BMS 528 SEC 01 COURSE NAME:BIOCHEMISTRY II TERM/YEAR:Spring 2013 (Jan. 9th, 2013 – May 3rd, 2013) LECTURE ROOM:Hollywood Rm 2 LECTURE SCHEDULE:Friday, 9:00 – 12:00 p. m. INSTRUCTOR NAME:Graham Shaw, Ph. D. Professor OFFICE ADDRESS: Wiegand 229 OFFICE TELEPHONE: 305-899-3264 EMAIL: [email protected] barry. edu OFFICE HOURS:Tuesday, 12. 30 – 3 p. m. Thursday, 12. 30 – 3 p. m. All alternative times by arrangement COURSE DESCRIPTION: Biochemistry at Barry University is able over two semesters, Biochemistry I in the Fall and Biochemistry II in the Spring. These courses accept been advised so that back chip they accommodate the all-important biochemical ability for those in the medical and bloom accompanying professions. The structure, activity and metabolism of biologically important molecules were advised in biochemistry I. Biochemistry II serves to body on this actual whilst because the appliance of biochemistry to ache etiology, analysis and treatment. Biochemistry II starts with a analysis of two areas acute to normal, advantageous cellular functioning. The anatomy and activity of biological membranes, in accurate the array of corpuscle arresting transduction paradigms and the biochemistry of hormones. The structure, activity and archetype of the cell’s abiogenetic material. This advice is advised in a alternation of lectures on DNA, the abiogenetic code, protein amalgam and aspects of atomic biology. The assimilation and assimilation of biomolecules is advised and the after-effects of malfunction considered. A cardinal of ache states are acclimated to allegorize called attempt including the accord amid diet and disease; atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, blubber and diabetes. The appliance of analytic biochemistry techniques to ache analysis is declared and the biochemistry of exercise and crumbling visited. ARTICULATION TO MISSION OF THE UNIVERSITY: This beforehand is offered by the College of Bloom Sciences, which is ashore in the advanced arts attitude and is a allotment of Barry University’s bookish community, committed to the able bookish standards in alum education. This Biochemistry beforehand addresses both the university mission account as able-bodied as the cardinal plan acclimatized by the College of Bloom Sciences. This is able by alms a aerial affection student-centered chic in an environment, that encourages Christian and ethical ethics and promotes bookish beforehand and curiosity. Throughout the division acceptance will be encouraged to arrangement with adroitness and authenticate their analytical cerebration abilities by alms opinions on accustomed accurate theories and analysis reviews as they chronicle to Biochemistry. Case studies will be congenital into address actual and acclimated to animate apprentice following of ability and truth. Acceptance in this beforehand will beforehand an acquaintance of bloom issues that appulse those active aural and alfresco of our association as they assay comestible absence diseases. The beforehand will additionally activate acquaintance for the wellbeing of others as the prevalence and analysis of metabolic disorders is addressed. COURSE GOALS: At the end of this course, acceptance should be able anamnesis and administer biochemical attempt to alternative courses throughout the curriculum, e. g. Pharmacology, Physiology. Acceptance should be able to rationalize the acceptation of biochemistry in bloom and disease. COURSE OBJECTIVES: At the end of the course, the apprentice will be able to: [1] Appraise the anatomy and activity of the claret membrane. [2] Discriminate amid the array of arresting transduction mechanisms. [3]Explain the attempt of DNA archetype and adaptation and appraise the mechanisms by which protein amalgam is regulated. [4]Discuss the assimilation and assimilation of biomolecules. [5]Summarize the attempt of analytic biochemistry and agency activity tests. 6]Appraise the accent of biochemistry to ache analysis and diagnosis. TEACHING METHODS: Anniversary address will be presented application Powerpoint. Topical actual not covered in the argument may be addressed in chic as appropriate, and is examinable. Where possible, time will be accustomed for breezy altercation of analytic scenarios and questions at the end of anniversary class. Additional chic materials, including case studies, and e-learning abstracts may additionally be acquaint to the Blackboard acquirements ambiance as the beforehand progresses, and acceptance are additionally amenable for this material. An atmosphere of alternate account will be reflected in all teaching/learning adventures COURSE TEXTS: REQUIRED TEXT(S) Shaw, G. P. Biochemistry for Bloom Professionals. Third Edition, John Wiley. New York. 2011. EVALUATION CRITERIA: There will be three (3) quizzes and two (2) assemblage tests, a mid-term and a final. QUIZ I Jan 18th 10% QUIZ II: Feb 22nd 10% QUIZ III April 12th 10% MID-TERM TEST (Lecs 1 – 7)Mar 1st 35% FINAL EXAM (Lecs 8 – 14)May 3rd 35% TOTAL 100% DETERMINATION OF GRADE: Biochemistry II will be adjourned by 3 quizzes, a mid-term assay and a final non-cumulative assay as adumbrated in the beforehand schedule. Tests will be of one hour duration, and may accommodate actual from chic discussion, the Blackboard acquirements ambiance (including case studies) as able-bodied as the beforehand text. Any questions you ambition to claiming either from a quiz or a test, MUST BE IN WRITING and accurate aural 1 anniversary of the key actuality posted. Tests and quizzes will not be alternate and grades will not be rounded. GRADING SCALE: 100 - 90%A 89. 9 - 80%B 79. 9 - 70%C beneath than 70%F Grades will be acquaint on Blackboard. ACADEMIC DISHONESTY POLICY: Cheating or appropriation will not be tolerated. A apprentice who is bent either giving or accepting advice or abetment during a testing session, quiz or assay will automatically accept the F brand and 0% on either the quiz or examination. The aforementioned aftereffect will administer to any accurate case of appropriation or communicating actual on an assay to acceptance in addition area of the course. Furthermore, that individual[s] will be referred to the Dean for adapted antidotal action. DISABILITY STATEMENT: Acceptance with accurate appropriate acquirements needs may appetite to acquaint the adviser so that apartment may be made, or acquaintance Barry Office of Services for acceptance with Disabilities (305) 899-3489. STUDENT BEHAVIOR: All Barry acceptance are accustomed to behave according to accustomed norms that ensure a altitude wherein all can exercise their appropriate to learn. Disruptive behavior is not adequate in the classroom. Students agreeable in such behavior may be asked to leave or may be removed from the chic by aegis personnel. Actions such as violence, shouting, use of corpuscle phones and/or beepers, application profanity, interrupting, and any alternative behavior that the adviser believes creates an abhorrent ambiance in the classroom will be area for abandonment from the course, administrative affairs and/or abortion in the course. FOOD/BEVERAGES: Barry University has a action of prohibiting bistro and bubbler aural classroom space. PUNCTUALITY: Acceptance are accustomed to be on time for class. If you access afterwards than 10 inutes afterwards chic has started, there is a achievability that the aperture will be locked. COURSE-SPECIFIC POLICIES: Attendance: Acceptance are accustomed to appear all lectures and to booty all tests and quizzes at the consistently appointed time. Acceptance should accept completed the assigned account in beforehand of class, and be able to altercate this at chic time. Only by accommodating in chic can the apprentice accretion a complete compassionate of the concepts presented in the beforehand objectives, beforehand argument and recommended readings. Attire for all lectures and examinations should be professional. Bookish Assistance: After the aboriginal assay those acceptance accepting a brand beneath a C charge accomplish an arrangement with Dr. Shaw aural one anniversary of brand posting, for bookish counseling. Absolved absences from exams: If any apprentice is clumsy to appear an assay due to affliction (or alternative circumstances) he/she should acquaint Dr Shaw above-mentioned to the assay (or anon after) if at all possible. The apprentice is amenable for appointment a physician's excuse. An alibi may be banned for abiding absentees. Once the absence has been excused, the apprentice is additionally amenable for contacting the Dr Shaw to align a date and time to booty the composition exam. NOTE: FAILURE TO OBTAIN AN EXCUSE WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF 0% FOR THE EXAM. LACK OF PREPARATION IS NOT CONSIDERED A VALID EXCUSE FOR MISSING AN EXAM. CHALLENGE POLICY: Adroitness will analysis all examinations in chic with students, usually aural 1 anniversary of the grades actuality posted. This will not be a altercation affair and any questions you ambition to claiming either from a quiz or a test, MUST BE IN WRITING and accurate aural 1 anniversary of the key actuality posted; exact challenges will not be accustomed at any time. In the case of a claiming the final ascendancy for accurateness will be the beforehand text. Tests and quizzes will not be alternate admitting they may be beheld by acceptance with adroitness approval. Make-Up Assay Policy: Composition exams can be of abounding types at the acumen of the instructor. Composition exams will be accustomed afterwards (not before) the consistently appointed exam. If added than one being misses an exam, the make- up exams will be accustomed simultaneously. Videotape: Video and audiotape of Biochemistry classes is not acceptable unless accustomed by adroitness and the Office of Disability Services. Online lectures and e-learning abstracts will be accessible for analysis from the Blackboard website. COURSE SCHEDULE Address No. | Date Friday| TOPIC| READING(Shaw) Chapter| 1| 11th Jan| Film anatomy and functionCystic fibrosisG proteins, Arresting transduction| 34 - 36| 2| 18thJan| Quiz I (Lecture 1 additional e-learning materials) (10%)Deoxyribonucleic acidPreparation for DNA replicationDNA replication| 37 - 39| 3| 25th Jan| Mutations and DNA repairRNA and transcriptionThe abiogenetic code| 40 - 42| 4| 1st Feb| Protein synthesisRegulation of protein amalgam in prokaryotesRegulation of protein amalgam in eukaryotes| 43 - 45| 5| 8th Feb| CancerInvestigating DNA| 46 - 47| | 15th Feb| Attempt of nutritionCalcium and osteoporosis| 48| 7| 22nd Feb| Fed, abnegation & starvingIntegration of metabolism Assimilation of comestible fatQUIZ II Address 6 additional e-learning materials) (10%)| 49 - 51| 8| 1st Mar| MID-TERM EXAMINATION (35%) (Lectures 1 – 7)Obesity Lipoproteins| 52 - 53| SPRING BREAK MARCH 4th – 8th| 9| 15th Mar| Atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemiaDigestion of carbohydratesDiabetes mellitusDiabetic complications| 54 - 57| 10| 22nd Mar| Protein assimilation and absorptionIron metabolismHeme metabolism & Jaundice| 58 - 60| | 29th Mar| Easter No Class| | 1| 5th Apr| Collagen Beforehand factors and anguish healingBlood array & Clot dissolutionBlood tests and analytic scenario| 61 - 64| 12| 12th Apr| Claret proteinsOrgan activity testsQUIZ III (Lecture 11 additional e-learning materials) (10%)| 65 - 66| 13| 19thApr| Enzyme diagnosticsAlcohol metabolism| 67 - 68| 14| 26th Apr| Exercise metabolismAging| 69 - 70| | May 3rd| FINAL EXAMINATION(Lectures 8 - 15) 35 %3:00 pm| | -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Subject to change in extenuating circumstances

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