Bio Research: Media Perception of Sexuality

 Have you anytime wondered how the media can access attitudes and behaviors against sexuality? For this appointment accept an commodity from a accepted annual or bi-weekly and abridge it. Examples of accessories could be taken from magazines (either adamantine archetype or online) such as Maxim, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, People, Vanity Fair, etc. This commodity WILL NOT BE SCHOLARLY! The cold of this appointment is to appraise if advice in the media is accurate, appropriate, and or assiduity bent and or stereotypes.    In your assessment did the author(s) represent female appropriately or inappropriately? How? Was their advice correct, incorrect, biased, or presumptive? In your assessment did the columnist accord to a bigger understanding, or confounding of Human Sexuality? Use advice from lecture, the textbook, or analysis journals to abutment your appraisal of the commodity called (3 pages bifold spaced, 12 point chantry application Times New Roman).   *Be abiding to accommodate a screenshot or archetype of the aboriginal folio of the commodity and attach to the end of the assignment. 

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