This anniversary we are acquirements about ordinal/categorical, continuous, and angled variables. Application the Gestation Demographics dataset provided in the Framingham Heart Abstraction Dataset Excel workbook (look at the tabs on the lower larboard already you accessible the certificate in Excel), accomplish the afterward problems application R Studio or Excel.  1. Create a simple administration blueprint (histogram) breadth we will analyze the age of women afterwards giving bearing to their aboriginal child.  Remember that a histogram consists of alongside vertical confined that appearance the abundance administration of a quantitative capricious in the graph. See the archetype in  Introductory Statistics with R on pages 71-7 or pages 123-124 in EXCEL statistics: A quick guide. The breadth of anniversary bar is according to the abundance of items begin in anniversary class.  2. Determine the beggarly age of the women in the Gestation Demographics SEU dataset. 3. We will be testing the antecedent that assumes the beggarly age (μ = μ0) for women is 37 years in the Gestation Demographics SEU dataset.  H0 The beggarly age of women giving bearing is 37 years old. (Null Hypothesis)  H1 The beggarly age of women giving bearing is not 37 years old. (Alternative Hypothesis) Present your allegation in a Chat certificate by artful and pasting the histogram into the document.  After your analysis, accompaniment whether you acquire or adios the absent antecedent and your acumen why.  A appellation page, an introduction, a altercation breadth you adapt the acceptation of the histogram, and a cessation should be included.  Your acquiescence should be 4-5 pages to altercate and affectation your findings. Provide abutment for your statements with in-text citations from a minimum of four scholarly, peerreviewed articles. Two of these sources may be from the chic readings, textbook, or lectures, but the others charge be external.   Follow APA    The Framingham abstraction dataset has all the dataset that we will charge in this course: Framingham Heart Abstraction Dataset.xlsx  Attending at the basal larboard bend of the excel spreadsheet you will see three tabs: Framingham Heart Study, Survival Curve, and Gestation Demographics.  For appointment 4 we will be application the Gestation Demographics and you will be bearing a histogram.  The excel blueprint is included in the folio count.  So what I charge to see is a histogram or the simple administration blueprint and again the altercation of your findings.   Here is a nice little tutorial on creating a histogram:  You will see a histogram created that is like a blueprint and you can aloof bang on that and archetype it into your chat document.  Amuse let me apperceive if you accept any questions apropos this assignment. i absorbed the book and amuse use at atomic 4 added reference dont balloon to accommodate in-citation   extra resource     I anticipation that I would column some advice for you on abnegation the absent hypothesis. What does it beggarly to adios the absent hypothesis?

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