BIO 201 Portfolio Project (CC)

I WILL CHECK THIS PAPER FOR PLAGARISM AND DEMAND MY MONEY BACK IF IT IS NOT 100% ORIGINAL. THE PAPER AND POWER POINT IS DUE SATURDAY 9/9. Paper and Powerpoint Topic: There is a prevalence of desk lifestyles that do not advance assurance in concrete activity all over the United States of America.  Atlanta, Georgia – area I am based – is no exception. .  Contemporary animal beings do not appoint that abundant in concrete activity due to advancements in science and technology that lower the admiration to move about or appoint in concrete activity on the allotment of abounding people.  Previously, afore the backward phases of automated revolution, bodies acclimated to appoint in concrete activity, for instance by walking, or digging land, or accomplishing hunting and gathering.  However, abreast animal beings rarely appoint in such activities that were all-over in the apple of ere.  I accept called to investigate the after-effects of beneath allowance in concrete activity by abreast animal beings in my project.  What is more, I will analyze the solutions that are acceptable to be able in acclamation the accessible bloom risks airish by the brain-teaser of abridgement of assurance in abundant concrete activity by my contemporaries.  Additionally, application the capital credo of accessible health, I will advance measures that can be undertaken to abate the prevalence of the phenomenon.  I will use my bounded association of Atlanta, Georgia as a sample due to the accepted prevalence of the botheration beneath investigation. Your Portfolio Activity for this chic is a Association Activity Plan advised to allay or actual a accessible bloom affair in your community.  Your association can be your business, school, neighborhood, boondocks or burghal of abode or birth, or county.   For Advantage #1, your Association Activity Plan will be a able portfolio that includes a accounting address and a accelerate presentation.   Below are some advantageous sites area you can acquisition examples of the elements of an activity plan.   Final Cardboard Instructions:   1.The final case abstraction should accommodate four sections (Symptoms, Diagnosis, Cure, and Prevention). Anniversary area should be about 1 folio in length. Your absolute cardboard charge be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the appellation or advertence pages, which charge be included. 2.You charge adduce and accommodate at atomic 2 aboveboard sources in anniversary of the four sections of the paper. You may use readings alternative than the arbiter to accommodated this requirement. The cardboard should be based on references to bookish abstracts (rather than on anterior textbooks, accepted website writings, or musings, for example) and should abutment your claims with evidence. 3.Incorporate into this final plan any classmates’ critiques that you begin advantageous as able-bodied as your instructor’s feedback. 4.List the key association associates or ally that you plan on contacting, with an account why these individuals or organizations accomplish faculty as abeyant partners.  Include a appropriate accent on either the demographics of the afflicted citizenry or the bread-and-butter implications, depending on what Critical Thinking appointment you completed for Anniversary 5. 6.Include a astute timeline for your plan. Discuss the time bare for campaigning, education, funding, building, and implementation. Use account created during anniversary 6 Critical Thinking Assignments, either the advantage for annotated bibliography or that for the brainstorming abstract feedback.    Final Instructions for Accelerate Presentation: 1.The accelerate presentation describes the botheration in your association and your activity plan. 2.Your presentation charge be 8-10 slides in length, not counting the appellation and advertence slides.  3.Your presentation charge be accurate by at atomic two bookish articles. 4.You may use a web-based accelerate presentation software such as Prezi, for example, or you may use PowerPoint. If you use a web-based tool, accommodate the URL to your presentation in a Word certificate and upload it with your presentation. 5.The admirers for this presentation will be association associates or organizations you ambition to brainwash about the accessible bloom affair and your proposed plan. 6.The purpose of this accelerate presentation is to brainwash the admirers about the issue. Keep in apperception that in absolute activity you will accept bound time to argue bodies of the force of the bearings and to appear on lath with their support, so you appetite to be actuating and get to the key credibility bound and effectively.  Note: Be abiding to abide both your accounting address and your accelerate presentation for this assignment. Both files should be uploaded in a distinct acquiescence to the appointment acquiescence page.

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