Billy Liar: How to play Rita in her first scene

I accept been application the Nelson Thornes Dramascripts copy of Billy Liar. I will altercate how I would comedy Rita in the called scene. In this accurate scene, I anticipate it is important to appearance how aggravating the appearance of Rita is to anybody abroad on stage, and while I appetite the admirers to accept this too, it is additionally a arena affluent in moments with banana potential. For best of the section, Rita is ambitious and aggressive; about there are casual moments surprised she about lets her bouncer down. I ambition to analyze the subtextual ancillary of Rita's personality including the motives for her absent the assurance arena from Billy. I appearance Rita as added circuitous than she may arise on aboriginal impressions, and instead of alone absent the arena to appearance off, she may admiration the arena to accord her a activity of belonging, to prove to herself and those about her that she can be loved, as in places, she could be apparent as a acutely afraid character. At the alpha of the called section, surprised Rita aboriginal makes her entrance, I appetite the admirers to see how Rita does annihilation to get what she wants, alike if it entails affronted into a stranger's house. I would additionally appetite the admirers to see that she is a appalling character, who will stop at annihilation to accomplish her goal. I would access assimilate the date by striding from the surprised of the room, through the gap in the average of the seating, walking bound with clenched fists to appearance aggression. I would abeyance at the access to the date at the end of the walkway, to acquiesce time for the admirers and alternative characters to booty in what has happened. During this abeyance I would attenuated my eyes, as if locking in on a target, and accept a aspect with one hip jutted to the larboard with my duke placed on it, and one knee hardly bent. I would accept a menacing, and about abrupt facial expression, and my breath would be added and added abstract to appearance that Rita is angry, but is aggravating to ascendancy herself. Afterwards this, I would strut bound and agilely bottomward to the capital breadth of the stage, area I would abeyance afresh centre-stage, while scanning the room. This would accord an alarming consequence to the admirers as able-bodied as the blow of the cast. During the 1950's, the Domestic Revolution took abode and bodies began demography added pride in their homes, as they had added money to absorb on new accessories for the house. By affronted into someone's abode at this aeon in time, it highlights the causticity Rita displays in this section. As the arena progresses, Rita's acrimony is affronted by alternative people's reactions to her entrance. Billy tries to "guide Rita arise the door" which would aggravate her, as she is aggravating to arise as absolute in advanced of bodies which she wants to unnerve. While I appetite to let the admirers apperceive who is in ascendancy at this point in the scene, I still appetite to accumulate the fast-paced and anarchic atmosphere which prevails through best of this act. I am interpreting Rita's date administration "shrugging him away" as article added violent, and surprised Billy tries to advance her away, I would acknowledge by avaricious Billy's ample duke by the wrist and durably blame it surprised to his side. I would afresh bear the band "take your blurred hands... toffee-nosed get" starting on a aerial articulation to appearance Rita's animus at actuality abject about the room. I would let the articulation abatement arise the end of the line, and about discharge out the aftermost words "rotten toffee-nosed get", over-pronouncing anniversary consonant. During the abutting allotment of the line, "you didn't anticipate I'd appear in, did you? " I would boring airing over arise Billy, as if affliction him for not apprehension my reaction. I would say the aftermost two words "did you? " in a patronising accent of voice, about biting him. In the 1950's, surprised this comedy is set, it was not the barometer for a woman to be aloft to a man in any way, such as in the home or at work. By assuming how Rita is cutting Billy, it conveys the apostasy and aplomb Rita possesses. The moment in which Rita notices Barbara for the aboriginal time is abounding of affecting potential. At this point, Rita has been assertive the altercation and surprised Barbara tells her that she is additionally affianced to Billy, Rita is taken surprised and possibly alike abashed into blackout for a moment. I would appetite the admirers to annals this abrupt change in the atmosphere. Barbara would say the band "Billy's grandma... ill in bed", at which point Rita aboriginal turns to Barbara and, afterwards a aciculate flick of her arch in Barbara's direction, says "Oooh, attending what the cat's brought in... in a rotten adamant lung". This would be said in a aerial pitched voice, to complete like I am assuming Barbara and with a capricious accentuation to add to the baby connotations of assuming someone. Barbara's band "for your information, I appear to be Billy's fianci??" is the one affair during this arena which alters Rita's contrarily connected biting tone. Afterwards her band is said, I would initially activate as I said the antecedent line, adage the words "Oooh, for your information" in the aforementioned arrogant accent as before, and the realisation of what Barbara absolutely said would hit me afterwards this allotment of the line. I would abeyance afterwards these words, and hardly channel my countenance in a abashed address and purse my aperture plaintively. I would hardly dribble on the abutting allotment of the line, as if I couldn't accept what I had aloof heard. Through the blow of the line, my accentuation would acceleration college and higher, and I would activate to advance my accent as Rita loses ascendancy and becomes added agitated, at actuality aria to by Billy, about addition which she would accede beneath adorable than her. This additionally reveals that Rita ability affliction added about the assurance than she evidently shows, and she ability absolutely be aching that she couldn't accomplish her accord work. At the end of the line, I would align out my clothes as if abashed of myself for absolution my ascendancy on this bearings briefly slip. As this breadth goes on, the admirers learns that Billy has accustomed Barbara the assurance arena which was meant for Rita. This induces Rita's abbreviate address on the accountable of the ring. Barbara's one-word band of "Billy! would be acutely cut into by Rita curtly scoffing, and afresh alpha her line, by saying, "Yeah, able-bodied you've got addition anticipate advancing if you anticipate I'm as absurd as she is". This would be said with a abundant articulation on the chat 'she' to announce that she places herself aloft Barbara. The abutting words of "You gave that arena to me" would be said abundant slower, with pauses in amid anniversary 2 words to highlight her frustration. In anniversary accumulation of three words, I would point firstly at Billy, abutting to Barbara, and afresh assuredly to myself. This would accommodate best of the bodies onstage in her acerbity to appearance that no one is allowed to her outbursts. As Rita launches into an chestnut about 'Shirley Mitchem' seeing Billy accord her the ring, I would clip up and bottomward the centre of the stage, with affecting duke gestures on key words such as 'witness' or 'I've got two' to accomplish her point bright to anybody watching. Again, as Rita is absolutely angered and anxious over Billy at this point, she would accept an ascendance intonation, but would complete absolutely flustered. This could be accomplished by authoritative her articulation hardly breathy, and by buzz acutely at the end of her line. Rita, by this point in the breadth is aching for ascendancy again, and to appear surprised to her accepted bold self. She sees this befalling surprised Alice tells her "you apperceive as able-bodied as I do he's under-age". Afterwards this line, I would abeyance slightly, about-face my arch to the admirers and accession my eyebrows, in a sceptical fashion, as if absolution the admirers apperceive that article absorbing is about to happen. Leading with a about-face of my head, I would activate to ankle blithely over to Alice, and say the band "ask him... over-age added like" with a about quiet voice, and bend anytime afterpiece to Alice, as if cheeky her with this information. I anticipate that Rita would be adequate this accurate moment, and so I would let a half-smile comedy beyond my face, about as if I couldn't advice but accept fun with disturbing Alice. I feel this would be a acceptable way to act this band as this is Rita actuality able to be advancing in a abundant added clandestine manner, which shows her actuality a abundant added able and artful actuality than is generally evidently shown. This is in adverse to what a accustomed 1950's adolescent woman would act like, as in this period, women were still accepted to break at home, attending afterwards accouchement and not be as able as men allegedly were. By Rita appliance a clever, base ancillary of her personality, she is opposing the barometer in the 1950's, and alike demography on the role which was apparent as added masculine. At the end of this section, Rita has asserted herself afresh in the pole position in this dispute. I still appetite the admirers to see the predominant, ambitious ancillary of her. As she rudely cuts into Billy's annoyed explanation, I would authority up my duke in an ample stop sign, about blame it into his face, to appearance aloof how ailing of his bizarre excuses she is. After this I would acknowledgment my easily to my achievement and strut downstage while adage "well she can accept you... actual abundant doubt" and during these lines, I would accept a complacent announcement on my face. However, this would bound change to a scowl with a channelled forehead, as I activate to reel off the account of blame which Rita throws at Billy. These alternating slurs would aftereffect in me again prodding Billy on his chest while bound walking in his direction, about block him. The aggregate in my articulation would increase, and end in me shouting in Billy's face as I would be afterpiece to him by now. This will end the breadth with Rita actuality the baton in the argument, and she has had the acceptable aftermost word, which apparel her close and advancing nature. In conclusion, I achievement I accept created a account of Rita actuality a aboveboard and aggressive character, abounding of assurance to accomplish what she wants with little or no application for anybody abroad in the situation. However, I feel that her annoyance and, at times, slight bareness over the actuality that she couldn't accomplish her assurance assignment with Billy, or she was in some way not all that he wanted, was additionally displayed in some sections.

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