1. You can accept a absolute or apocryphal alignment as your case abstraction organization, which will represent area I am the CIO/President and to which you will be presenting as a Abstracts Scientist. 2. Accept at atomic one dataset as that which was provided to you by my organization. 3. You may use or actualize any abstracts you like, but actuality are some assets that may be accessible to you in assay a dataset. The dataset should be accordant to my alignment (i.e., your case abstraction alignment or vice-versa). Examples: (feel chargeless to use any dataset of your choice) 4. You will additionally charge to baddest a Big Abstracts Analytics apparatus band-aid that your aggregation proposes to use to accommodate allusive assay of a ample set of data. Many Big Abstracts Analytics accoutrement are accessible in a balloon version. Examples: (feel chargeless to use any apparatus of your choice) 5. Your paper/presentation should accommodate the afterward components: • A accepted account of what abstracts science and big abstracts analytics is • The type(s) of abstracts in your abstracts set • How the abstracts is housed and any proposals for potentially accumulation it • How the abstracts was or will charge to be prepared • The big abstracts analytics software band-aid your aggregation is proposing to use including appearance it offers (time series, decomposition, “What if” analysis, alternate reports, etc.) • How your called big abstracts analytics software differs from its competitors and why you chose it. • A archetypal acclimated in your abstracts assay of the case abstraction alignment data • You will charge to aback up your claims with the antecedent material, at atomic bisected of which should be bookish peer-reviewed articles.

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