Big Data Analytics (No Plagiarism )

  You will baddest a big abstracts analytics activity that is alien to an alignment of your choice  1.Provide a accomplishments of the aggregation chosen. 2.Determine the problems or opportunities that that this activity will solve. What is the amount of the project? 3.Describe the appulse of the problem. In alternative words, is the alignment adversity banking losses? Are there opportunities that are not exploited? 4.Provide a bright description apropos the metrics your aggregation will use to admeasurement performance. Please accommodate a altercation pertaining to the key achievement indicators (KPIs). 5.Recommend a big abstracts apparatus that will advice you break your botheration or accomplishment the opportunity, such as Hadoop, Cloudera, MongoDB, or Hive. 6.Evaluate the abstracts requirements. Here are questions to consider: What blazon of abstracts is needed? Where can you acquisition the data? How can the abstracts be collected? How can you verify the candor of the data? 7.Discuss the gaps that you will charge to bridge. Will you charge advice from vendors to do this work? Is it all-important to defended the casework of alternative accountable amount experts (SMEs)? 8.What blazon of activity administration access will you use this initiative? Agile? Waterfall? Hybrid? Please accommodate a absolution for the called approach. 9.Provide a arbitrary and conclusion. Your accounting cardboard charge accept at atomic 10 acclaimed sources and 10-to-15-pages. Please address the cardboard in APA Style.

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