Bibliography Paper (for Hifsa Shakaut)

   For this bibliography, address a (6-page, bifold space, 12 pt. font) cardboard that is a aberration of a book review; alone in this case you are reviewing 4 to 5 books or professional/academic accessories alternative than the abstracts in my textbooks. For an archetype of this access see the absorbed Bibliography on "Retention and Recruitment" as able-bodied as alternative able journals, area sometimes three or added books on the aforementioned accountable are reviewed. In this case, I am allurement you to booty an HRM contemporary theme, e.g., achievement appraisal, and acquisition 4 or 5 assets that you anticipate are admired on this accountable and appraisal them. (NOTE: General administration capacity are not adapted here, e.g., "organization culture," "leadership" or "performance management" which are covered in alternative EMPA courses.) You should draw your affair from the affair of “Job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection”. The adapted commendation architecture for this cardboard is APA. Your account sources should be from acclaimed able and/or bookish journals, finer from the journals cited beneath in Additional Reading Sources paragraph. The adapted commendation architecture for this cardboard is APA; this architecture is accessible in abounding autograph books, e.g., Diana Hacker, A Writer's Reference, St. Martins Press.  The affair for my cardboard is Job Analysis & Design Other assets with link: Job and Work Analysis: Methods, Research, and Applications for Human Resource Administration 2nd Edition Human Resource Management: The Public Service Perspective, Read Chp 6 and 7

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