BIBL 104 Old Testament Character Sketch Bible Study

   Old Testament Appearance Sketch Bible Abstraction Template Name: Date: Section: BIBL 104 - Instructions:  For this assignment, you will be belief the activity of one of the characters from Courageous Faith. You will use a arrangement developed from Chapter 36 of Everyday Bible Abstraction in adjustment to complete this character-sketch Bible study. You will seek to ascertain what can be abstruse from the appearance you accept called back we agilely abstraction his or her activity appliance the address of observation, interpretation, correlation, and application. I. Observation Step One: Choose a being to study. For this character-sketch Bible abstraction I will be studying:  Step Two: Identify and account all the Bible passages on the person. You may acquisition it accessible to use a Bible dictionary, Bible handbook, or a abstraction Bible. Remember that some Old Testament characters are mentioned in the New Testament. Step Three: Read through anniversary passage, authoritative accepted observations based on aboriginal impressions. Account (in complete sentences) at atomic 10 accepted observations from the Bible passages on your character. Step Four: Ask the key questions and beam alternative structural or grammatical  Elements. Observations accompanying to “Who?” Observations accompanying to “What?” Observations accompanying to “Where?” Observations accompanying to “When?” Observations accompanying to “Why?” Step Five: Construct a timeline that capacity the activity of your Bible personality. II. Interpretation Step Six: Determine what Biblical acumen can be acquired from this character. Carefully attending through your accepted observations based on your aboriginal impressions, your added study, and your timeline. What biblical acumen can you accumulate about your character? Write out bristles elements of Biblical acumen that can be accepted from your character. Provide a abridged account of anniversary of these elements. A. B. C. D. E.  III. Correlation Step Seven: Ask, “How does this character’s activity reflect alternative truths begin in the Scriptures?” Account and explain 3 truths from this person’s activity that fit aural all of the Bible. Your account charge agenda how these truths fit the framework of God’s Word. A. B. C.  Step Eight: Ask, “How does this character’s activity point me to Jesus?” Account and explain 3 means the activity of your appearance can point to the being and assignment of Jesus Christ. A. B. C. IV. Application Step Nine: What credibility of appliance can be fabricated appliance the Four Common Questions? Account and explain 1 point of appliance for anniversary of the Four Common Questions. A. The catechism of duty B. The catechism of character C. The catechism of cause D. The catechism of discernment

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