BHD404 Module 3 SLP

Module 3 - SLP HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM PLAN, MISSION STATEMENT, GOALS AND INTERVENTIONS Based on the advice you calm in the Module 1 and Module 2 SLPs, altercate the mission statement, the goals, and the objectives of your bloom advance program/intervention. What strategies and types of interventions would you use? What settings would you use for your program? SLP Appointment Expectations Please accomplish abiding that all appointment questions are accurately answered, that your answers are clear, and your cardboard is able-bodied organized. Provide abundant depth, while advantageous absorption to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your cardboard needs to be 2 pages long. Your appointment will not be graded until you accept submitted an Boldness Address with a Similarity Index (SI) account <15% (excluding absolute quotes, quoted appointment instructions, and references). Papers not affair this claim by the end of the affair will accept a account of 0 (grade of F). Papers with a lower SI account may be alternate for revisions. For example, if one branch accounting for alone 10% of a cardboard is cut and pasted, the cardboard could be alternate for revision, admitting the low SI score. Please use the address and your SI account as a adviser to advance the boldness of your work. ALSO REMEMBER YOU HAVE THE MODULE 2 SLP, I HAVE ATTACHED THE MODULE 1 SLP YOU COMPLETED.

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