Best Practice

What is a best practice? 1. It is the best able abundance and affection 2. A ahead acknowledged adjustment 3. labor/appropriate use of abstracts 4. Money goes up (owner) 5. Replicable (everyone) 6. Defines ambition (making money while advancement bedfellow satisfaction) 7. Aerial bedfellow achievement 8. Able 9. Ethical Stake Holders Employer/Owner Employee Bedfellow Environment BONUS QUESTION: Jay Westerweld in 1987, invented Green Washing which is a deceptively acclimated adjustment to arise “eco-friendly” to access profits or accretion political abutment STOP: Standard Operating Procedure (Used by corporations) QPI: Affection Achievement Indicators ROI: Return of Investment Q: What is the aberration amid an absolute and accumulated chain? (INDEPENDENT HOTELIERS SHARE BEST PRACTICES by ERIC STOESSEL) Independent: * They are not branded and as able-bodied accepted * Barter acquaint the Absolute hotels if article is wrong, not the cast * “Can do what they appetite back they want” * Biggest Challenge: Online Travel Agencies – bargain ante and aerial agency = accident money but you get acknowledgment * 25% amount for artefact purchasing while accumulated pay beneath than 17% * BP: “Capture and Keep” barter from OTA BP: Using online websites for aggregate articles such as Alibaba. com or Amazon. com * BP: Loyalty Program * BP: Call alternative acreage owners for admonition * BP: Incentives for advanced board agents of 20% - 50% agency for every allowance upgrade, aboriginal analysis in or basin canyon awash instead of hiring a administrator of sales * BP: ? Charge guests acreage tax in times of agitation INDEPENDENT HOTELS: The drake hotels, Windsor Arms Hotel, Hotel Victoria What are best administration practices for accustomed ability conservation? (29 BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND CASE STUDIES AT NRPA. ORG/CONSERVATION) * Rain Barrels: Attention apprenticeship and fun with a 1,000 gallon rain butt * Rain Gardens: Can apathetic stormwater, conserve water, and actualize a agrarian activity abode and mural adorableness * Wind and Solar Energy (WESTIN HOTEL IN TORONTO: GREEN ENERGY, ONLY HOTEL WHO’S LOBBY RESTAURANTS ARE POWERED 100% GREEN ELECTRICITY, FOR RECYCLING: ALL ORANIC WASTE MATTER IS SENT TO A COMPOST OF SITE. HOTEL IS EQUIPPED WITH RECYCLING BINS IN ALL AREAS & FOUR SEASONS INTERNATIONAL PARTICIPATES IN TREE PLANTING DAY) Best convenance in Hospitality Maintenance BP: Administration can admonish housekeeping agents of the three basal rules: Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize * Cleaning: Clean apparent from one ancillary to another, and clay removed aboriginal afore disinfection. * Brazier of band-aid should be afflicted frequently eg. Every 3 rooms. * Back Cleaning adamantine floors, use two brazier blue techniques * Use a cleanser adapted for assorted surfaces * Dilution Ascendancy saves time and money- aggregate * Shiny floors and vases – use metal brightness circadian * Provide incentives to agents who aces up trash, ambit corridors, clean counters and tables (BEST PRACTICES IN HOSPITALITY MAINTENANCE – H2E CORNER) ARUBA MARRIOT CARRIBIAN RESORT PROVIDES HOUSEKEEPING STAFF A FULL WEEK OF FUN WITH BREAKFASTS, DINNERS, GAMES AND PARTIES ON AND OFF PROPERTY TO SHOW APPRECIATION AS AN INCENTIVE) Q: Name bristles altered means of actuality able to acquaint whether you accept pests 1. Gnaw Marks 2. Droppings 3. Wall Marks 4. Smell 5. See the Animal 6. Skin Q: What do you do to annihilate them? 1. More air breeze area there the air makes the flies go out 2. Fly Lights – sodium lights which accumulate them off instead of killing them 3. Automatic or spinning doors 4. Weather stripping (the affair at the basal of the door) 5. Gravel barrier or a abrade because pests don’t like asperous surfaces 6. Training agents to accept the accent of closing the aperture abaft them such and annoyance ascendancy Best convenance of baptize administration * EPA - began a characterization alleged Baptize Sense that helps the end user analyze water-saving products. * Managers actuality accomplished and acquainted of authoritative abiding alone the best back affairs the articles * Utilize the account of achievement contractors * Minimize baptize decay and amount has started to become on the best practices.

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