Benefits to Being Multilingual

COMP 090 Respond essay # 01 / Draft # 05 May 4, 2011 Benefits to Being Multilingual According to Marcin Skomial in her article, “Village is More Global, Language is More Vital”, Agnieszka Ossolinska-Jaskowski didn’t have any work experience, no legal contacts, and didn’t have college degree but she was fluent in polish. She was hired by a law firm because they want more polish clients. After a year, her responsibilities increased, as well as her pay rate. Another example is Merari Sanchez-Vega who was an only nurse on her floor at the hospital who speaks Spanish.
She said that patients are more comfortable with those who speak their own language. Therefore, people who speak more than one language have more opportunities because of the global economy. There are a number of benefits to being multilingual. I agree with author who says, “In the global economy, American companies increasingly are realizing the benefits of a multilingual work force”. I am also a multilingual person and it was helpful for me get a job in the United State. First, knowing more than one language can also open a world of opportunity to people.
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It will offers a wider choice of offer in various place such as transportation, law and teaching, translate, marketing, tourism, real estate etc. For example, if two people have the same exact qualifications for a job but one knows a second language, they will get the job and probably earn more. Multilingual people have two or more words for each idea and object that is more advantages for them. Hence, a multilingual person can develop a creative thinking and an ability to think more flexibly.
Second, if a person knows more than one language it will be easy to communicate with the people of different culture and one can know about that particular culture. It will give a people more opportunity to knowing their language and culture more closely. The multilingual enjoy reading and writing in different languages. They can understand and appreciate literatures in various languages. It gets to know different and exciting people, and the things they like to do…. it awesome. I love it.
Knowledge of different languages offers a treasure of traditional and contemporary sayings, idioms, history and folk stories, music, literature and poetry in different cultures. I am majoring in translation and it’s great to be able to help people communicate. Finally, the multilingual people can have some specific advantages in thinking. The multilingual are able to switch between different languages and talk to different people in various languages. It increases a sense of self-esteem.
Being multilingual creates a powerful link in different people from different countries. Therefore, they are more sensitive and accurate to the needs of listener then the monolingual people. In conclusion, there are several advantages of knowing more than one language. It helps to getting job such as in school, in college etc. In the article, Marcin Skomial explain people have second tongue to speak language, it will useful for them to get a job and for their own business, too. Learning a second language it is an excellent skill that wills benefits for people in their life!

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Benefits to Being Multilingual
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