Bending: Second Moment of Area and Solid Edge

BEAM BENDING The angle of beams is one of the best important types of accent in engineering. Angle is added acceptable to be a analytical accent than alternative types of accent - like tension, compression etc. In this laboratory, we will be free the Modulus of Elasticity E (also alleged Young's Modulus) of the assorted abstracts and application Solid Edge to actuate the Second Moment of Breadth for the altered cross-sections. Equations Use units: Force (N), Breadth (mm), Accent (MPa) E = Young's Modulus or Mod of Elasticity (MPa) I = 2nd Moment of Breadth or Breadth Moment (mm4). Can account application SolidEdge sketch. BENDING [pic] In our case, we charge aboriginal catechumen the accumulation to Newtons (N). W = kg * 9. 81 L is the p breadth in (mm). I is the Second Moment of Breadth in (mm4). We can account this for a rectangle application a simple formula; For alternative shapes it is not so simple. We charge to account these application a affairs such as Solid Edge (see below). Free the amount of E in MPa. From the aloft equation, Angle   z = W * L3 / (48 * E * I) so E =  W * L3 / (48 * z * I) Free Accent in MPa. From the aloft equation, Angle Moment  (Nmm)   M = W*L / 4 and Best Accent (MPa)    f = M * y / I breadth y = ambit from centroid to the basal (or top) of the beam. This is artlessly bisected the abyss for all the balanced beams except the channel. To acquisition the centroid for the approach you charge to use Solid Edge afresh (same as the Ixx window) Laboratory Load addition axle assimilate the rig. Adjust punch barometer to ensure it is affecting the beam. Aught the punch face by alternating the lense and locking in place. Apply anniversary amount and almanac the angle measurement. . Check you accept all recordings: Axle material, axle cross-sectional dimensions, p length, angle readings, masses. Make estimates of the errors associated with anniversary measurement. E. g. Parallax error, mis-alignment, automated play, incorrect deflections etc Repeat for abutting beam... Report 1. Use Solid Edge to account Ixx for anniversary beam. Additionally actuate the weight on CAD. Draw up the array (either in allotment  mode or as a draft). While you are still in the contour account (i. e. afore activity to a solid) go to top menu: Audit > Area... gt; Bang "Area Information" button in Ribbonbar > (click central the breadth you appetite to inspect) > Bang on the blooming arrow in Ribbonbar. > You should see a table like this... [pic] Ixx is the Second Moment of Breadth in angle with a vertical load. Write a abbreviate  report on the axle angle results. Anniversary axle charge accept at atomic 3 weights. Make abiding the angle does not beat the biking of the punch indicator (if so, use a lighter weight). Using the equations above, account the amount of E. Compare these ethics to the ethics acquired from the internet. E. g. Matweb. Show the alive for 1 archetype calculation, but alone accord the blow of the answers in a table. Use Excel to do your calculations. Determine the best accent  for anniversary accumulation (load) added to the beams. Discuss any sources of absurdity in the agreement - esp abstracts - and how they ability affect the results. Specify an all-embracing absurdity for your adding of E.  Application the punch barometer to admeasurement angle in the axle while beneath a amount of 500g. [pic] [pic] The face of the punch barometer can be rotated to aught the scale.

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