Benchmark – SIOP Presentation

For this benchmark, actualize an in‐depth, 15‐20 accelerate PowerPoint presentation to acquaint alternative agents in your academy commune of the allowances of appliance the SIOP archetypal as a teaching framework. This presentation should busy on the empiric analysis that shows the allowances of the SIOP framework back acclimated with accepted apprenticeship acceptance as able-bodied as with ELLs. Your presentation should include: A abrupt actual overview of some of the above educational behavior that accept shaped ELL instruction. A abrupt description of socioeconomic, political, and acknowledged influences on apprenticeship for ELLs. The eight commutual apparatus of the SIOP model, their application, and a teaching archetype for anniversary component. Include a account for anniversary SIOP basic apropos how it contributes to an agreeable class and acquirements experience. The eight SIOP apparatus are as follows: Lesson Preparation Building Background Comprehensible Input Strategies Interaction Practice and Application Lesson Delivery Review and Assessment Make a case for the accent of agreeable in advancing acquirements apropos avant-garde means to advance SIOP in your teaching. Include considerations about affair ELL needs, such as admission to bookish classes, adapted resources, and advisory technology, while alive collaboratively with alternative academy professionals from the angle of an advocating leader. Include appellation slide, presenter’s notes, and a advertence accelerate that contains 3‐5 sources from the appropriate readings or the GCU Library.

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