Benchmark – Patient’s Spiritual Needs: Case Analysis

Read the instructions above-mentioned to bidding, please. In accession to the affair abstraction materials, use the blueprint you completed and questions you answered in the Affair 3 about "Case Study: Healing and Autonomy" as the base for your responses in this assignment. Answer the afterward questions about a patient's airy needs in ablaze of the Christian worldview. In 200-250 words, acknowledge to the following: Should the physician acquiesce Mike to abide authoritative decisions that assume to him to be aberrant and adverse to James, or would that beggarly a boldness of a patient's autonomy? Explain your rationale. In 400-500 words, acknowledge to the following: How affliction the Christian anticipate about affection and health? How should a Christian anticipate about medical intervention? What should Mike as a Christian do? How should he acumen about dupe God and alleviative James in affiliation to what is absolutely anniversary the attempt of alms and nonmaleficence in James's care? In 200-250 words, acknowledge to the following: How would a airy needs appraisal advice the physician abetment Mike actuate adapted interventions for James and for his ancestors or others complex in his care? Remember to abutment your responses with the affair abstraction materials. While APA appearance is not adapted for the anatomy of this assignment, solid bookish autograph is expected, and affidavit of sources should be presented application APA formatting guidelines, which can be begin in the APA Appearance Guide, amid in the Student Success Center. This criterion appointment assesses the afterward competencies: BS Nursing (RN to BSN)r responses in this assignment.  5.2: Assess for the airy needs and accommodate adapted interventions for individuals, families, and groups. 

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