Benchmark Data collection – Lost Revenue due to failure of implementing Telehealth Services for the company

The  purpose of this appointment is to conduct centralized and alien analysis  to actuate applicable solutions that could be implemented to break an  identified problem. For this assignment, you will actualize an Excel  spreadsheet that summarizes the abstracts accumulating you accept completed. The  spreadsheet should announce the date on which accurate abstracts were  collected, the antecedent of the abstracts collected, the blazon of abstracts  (qualitative or quantitative), and a one- or two-sentence arbitrary of the  data findings. Name the Excel spreadsheet as follows:  lastname.firstname.datacollection.xlsx. Please agenda that as allotment  of the analysis process, demography the activity to allege with administration  and afresh requesting and reviewing business metrics and operations  reports will acquiesce you to acquisition the abstracts you charge for the activity while  also assuming your employer that you can be proactive and use analytical  thinking to break problems aural the organization. Part 1: The  first footfall in abstracts accumulating is to conduct research. You are attractive  for specific, assessable abstracts (statistics and numbers) accompanying to how  the botheration is affecting the organization. This advice should be  recorded in the anatomy of a blueprint or blueprint that presents the abstracts so key  decision makers can see the "cost" of declining to abode the problem.  Use the abstraction abstracts for abetment with creating Excel graphs and  charts that can be acclimated to allegorize your findings. Part 2: Next,  conduct added analysis to apprentice what has already been done to  address this botheration aural the organization. Ask questions and  interview individuals who assisted with the accomplishing of antecedent  solutions acclimated to abode the problem. Above-mentioned to affair with  individuals, advance a account of questions about antecedent solutions.  Consider factors such as chump importance, efficiency, quality,  employee satisfaction, and amount effectiveness. You will appetite to accomplish  sure you ask questions that acquiesce you to accumulate assessable abstracts and  include advice about how acknowledged antecedent band-aid options were  in acclamation anniversary of the problems. When you accept completed your  research, the allegation should be abbreviated in an analogy application at  least one blueprint or blueprint that represents the abstracts you accept collected.  Use the abstraction abstracts for abetment with creating Excel graphs and  charts that can be acclimated to allegorize your findings. Part 3: The  last footfall in free abeyant solutions is to conduct alien  research. Application Internet and industry resources, analysis means alternative  companies accept addressed this affair or one actual agnate to it. Look for  specific advice accompanying to the chump response, efficiency,  quality, agent satisfaction, and amount capability of solutions  others accept implemented. Acquisition at atomic bristles abeyant solutions you can  consider for analytic the botheration you accept identified. Your ambition in  conducting this analysis is to acquisition applied examples and assessable  data accompanying to how alternative companies, and accompanying industries, accept  resolved the aforementioned botheration or one actual agnate to it. When you accept  completed your research, the allegation should be abbreviated in an  illustration application at atomic one blueprint or graph, apery the abstracts  you accept collected. Use the abstraction abstracts for abetment with creating  Excel graphs and charts, as this will advice allegorize your findings. Submit  the abstracts accumulating Excel spreadsheet and the three abstracts arbitrary  charts/graphs you accept created from the analysis conducted to your  instructor. The three charts/graphs you actualize will be acclimated afresh  in your Business Proposal Presentation in Topic 7, as able-bodied as aural the  Final Business Proposal you will abide in Topic 8. Evidence of  revision from adviser acknowledgment will be adjourned on the final business  proposal. General Requirements: While  APA appearance is not appropriate for the anatomy of this assignment, solid  academic autograph is expected, and affidavit of sources should be  presented application APA formatting guidelines, which can be begin in the APA  Style Guide, amid in the Student Success Center. This  assignment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha  the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged  completion. You are not appropriate to abide this appointment to LopesWrite. Benchmark Information This criterion appointment assesses the afterward programmatic competencies: BS Applied Management  2.1 Analyze qualitative and quantitative methods of research. 2.2 Advance abstracts accumulating affairs for activity analysis in organizations.  

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