Benchmark Assignment—Technology Trends Proposal Presentation

Resources: Week Two Technology Trends Angle Part l, Week Three Technology Trends Angle Part ll, and Week Four Technology Trends Angle Part lll assignments. Imagine you appointment for a bloom affliction alignment and accept been asked to advance a angle on how the alignment ability accept a technology trend to advance the affection of bloom affliction delivery. Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to present your analysis and recommendations to the Board of Directors of the bloom affliction organization. Use the agreeable from the Technology Trends Angle appointment in Weeks Two through Four and analysis the educational and training needs for the called technology to advice you advance your presentation. Discuss the afterward in your presentation: Analyze the types of technology trends you researched. Technology trend I called was EHR and Optical Imaging What are the types and uses of technology beyond the bloom affliction industry? Which technology trend did you select? Why? Analyze the appulse of the technology trend you selected. I called (EHR) cyberbanking bloom almanac and Optical Imaging. What appulse does the trend accept on the bloom affliction organization? What are the allowances of the called technology that abutment affection initiatives? Analyze the aegis risks and aloofness safeguards accompanying to the technology trend you selected. Which was Telehealth for the technology trend. What are the aloofness risks and aegis safeguards of the called technology? How do these aegis risks and aloofness safeguards chase accompaniment and federal regulations? How ability you abbreviate the risks and aerate the safeguards? Examine strategies to appraise arrangement capability of the technology selected. I called Tele Bloom as my technology trend. What strategies will be acclimated to appraise arrangement capability of the called technology? Why did you baddest the strategies? Analyze the charge for apprenticeship and training on the use of the called technology trend.  What are the educational and training needs for the use of the called technology? How ability the apprenticeship and training needs alter by the employee's role in the organization? How would you actuate if apprenticeship and training are bare alfresco of the organization? Include a appellation slide, abundant apostle notes, and a references slide. Cite 3 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or agnate references to abutment your assignment. Format your references according to APA guidelines in the apostle addendum and the references slide.

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