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As you abstruse in this module, biologic corruption and actionable drugs affect millions of bodies physically, mentally, and socially. Acknowledgment the afterward questions in your account apropos the furnishings drugs can accept in these aspects of our lives. Physically The use of anabolic steroids in contest is a actual arguable topic. What aftereffect do you feel steroid use has on able sports? Do you anticipate some anatomy of ergogenic biologic accessory should be acceptable in sports? Why? Mentally As apparent in the textbook, bore videos, and the Indianapolis Star article, addiction is absolute and powerful. Describe how drugs affect the brain. What analysis methods are accessible for those absorbed to drugs? Which methods do you feel are best able and why? Socially Recall the Accompaniment Marijuana Laws map from the acquirements activities in this module. There are abounding states that accept legalized marijuana either for alleviative and/or recreational use. Do you anticipate added states will follow? Do you anticipate alternative drugs may one day be legalized from accompaniment to state? If so, what alternative drugs do you anticipate will become legalized and what reason(s) do you adduce for your answer? Do you anticipate people’s attitudes against biologic use is changing? Discuss what happens back an actionable biologic becomes legal. Who do you anticipate allowances from the use of acknowledged drugs? Who suffers? Why? Reflection: In 3 – 5 sentences, reflect on biologic use and corruption by answering the following: Accept you anytime acclimated drugs? What factors that accept contributed to you alone actuality a biologic user or non-drug user?

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