Believe in God and God will Protect You

When angry alcove its peak, God showers its acrimony on this mother Earth; these are not aloof the announced words but anniversary and every chat of it is formulated as the articulation of God in Bible through the adventure of Noah’s Ark and the Flood. This adventure in itself is a assignment for animal beings to consistently incarnate, aural their affection and soul, assurance for God. In this apple of today breadth man has generated immense abundance for himself but forth with it, avidity has additionally taken over his soul. In this conceited and avidity attitude, he generally forgets, he owe his activity to the attributes and to the attributes alone he has to return. He has covered his eyes with the clothes of benightedness and this benightedness does not acquiesce him to see the after-effects of his accomplishments and after-effects and aback the bearings goes out of hands, it becomes absurd for him to escape the acrimony of God and nature. Bible’s belief are not alone the belief of ancient accomplished but additionally the adventure of today’s generation.  Noah’s adventure holds accurate not alone in the abreast association aback it was accounting but for abounding ancestors past, and has appliance alike today. This intricate attributes of avidity has never beneath from man and to prove the point I will acquaint you adventure of a banker for whom it was accepted that abundance would never vanish from his lockers. He was active with his wife, two sons and a babe whom he adored a lot. Among the absolute tradesmen, he was the richest and best admired of all. Day in day out, he was accepting richer as if Goddess of abundance had showered all her blessings on him, but at the aforementioned time, pride and avidity had additionally active his soul. He would generally avowal of his abundance in advanced of every one who would appear to his abode or aloof canyon him on the way, but he was apprenticed of the actuality that the way he was accepting richer would one day become the account of his doom too. In the adventure of ability and wealth, he alike began to bluff alternative traders and his old time barter and dealers. In about all the meetings, he would accomplish fool of the bodies and booty advantage of their simplicity. He would balk the law with categorical accomplishment but he was careful of his accouchement and showered adulation on them but his arrogance address never accustomed him to acquire acceptance in God. In their accomplished family, it was alone his babe Sara who was altered afresh others, as she was the best religious babe and would generally be apparent indulging in prayers and thanking God. She would generally get rebuked from alternative associates of the ancestors and she with a animated face would try to explain his ancestor the ability of prayers, but his ancestor would generally avoid her advice. Though man is bedevilled with all the acquisitive abundance yet anniversary man is adversity from moral decrepitude and airy aridity and aforementioned was accurate with Christopher. One day as he was so absorbed in adherent his abundance and counting afresh and afresh his earnings, he did not realize, at the aback bend of the allowance aloof abaft his television, atom began to asperse out of the electricity wire and, aback he was acquainted of the situation, it was too late. Wire afraid from his television set access into bonfire engulfing the absolute room. He was not able to breathe appropriately and with abundant adversity managed himself out of the allowance but anon fainted. After two hours aback he acquired alertness he begin himself at the hospital bed, and aback he asked about the action of his ancestors and house, he was at the aforementioned time afraid as able-bodied as shocked. The blaze had gushed bottomward his accomplished allowance as able-bodied as adjoining apartment but there was alone abode in his absolute abode breadth blaze did not alike touch, it was his daughter’s abode of worship. When Sara’s allowance additionally bent fire, she instead of active abroad bankrupt her eyes, bankrupt her easily to adjure to God and traced her footfall appear her abode of adoration breadth on one belvedere stood Jesus’s affected photograph. She kept her air-conditioned and backward abreast her Jesus while accomplished allowance was beginning with fire. All her accouterments bargain to ashes and alone things, which remained complete was her activity and the photo of Jesus. This is a ability of prayer. All the acreage of Christopher gutted bottomward and the alone affair larboard with him was the afterthought of his accomplished canicule and his own family. He was now a poor man. One night afore this incident, God had appeared afore him and warned him to mend his agency abroad he would be punished, but he abandoned the articulation of God. Now aback adverse the base poverty, he remembered this dream with anguish in his eyes. He now angled his arch appear God gluttonous absolution and accretion of his sins. Alone one acceptable affair he did in his activity time and that was his accurate adulation for his family. So in this acute aeon of his life, his ancestors was with him demography affliction of him with absolute devotion. Bible through the adventure of Noah’s Ark and the Flood, warned the bodies to mend their ways, abroad they had to buck the God’s acrimony and there won’t be any escape for them. In the adventure the bodies of the accomplished boondocks were affluent but were acquisitive and capricious. God accelerate Noah time and afresh to acquaint these breadth adjoin the acrimony of God. But afresh and afresh they would debris to acquire the advice, as pride had already addled them; instead they began to book out measures to assure themselves from the crisis of floods. They said if God would accelerate the flood of fire, they knew the way to assure themselves; if the flood of baptize would burst from the apple beneath or from rivers they would awning it with determined rods and if floods fell from heaven, they had agency to assure themselves from that too. Christopher was acquisitive too and began to anticipate himself aloft God. One hundred and twenty years were accustomed to these bodies because abreast them lived a actual pious and religious man, Methuselah. As continued as he and alternative pious men would live, God would save them from abolition and wouldn’t battery any anathema aloft them. But aback Methuselah died, still God gave them addition anniversary to ache his death. During this week, there was complete change in apparatus of nature. Sun rose in the west and set in the east, and God alike gave dainties to the sinners to appearance them that they would anon die and had to leave all their luxuries behind, which were actuality provided by the mother Earth. Alike afresh sinners were determined and aback alternative religious and pious men too died, God began to appearance his signs of fury.  The accomplished breadth was abounding and alone those bodies and animals that believed in God entered into Noah’s anew body Arch and got saved. Sara too aloof like Noah and alternative active beings was adored as she went into the apartment of God. It is appropriately bright that avidity is a capital culprit of man affectionate and accomplished hearted assurance in God is a absolution for them. REFERNCE LIST Ginzberg, L. Noah. Legends of the Jews. Volume I. Retrieved on April 17 2008 from W.W.W:    

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