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BEHS 343: Grading Rubric: Activated Final Activity -- Part 3 Part 3: Analysis Cardboard (50 points) A 7 - 10 folio (excluding appellation folio and advertence list) analysis cardboard on the basal affair you chose for the activated final activity and a description of how parents can accord with the issue/s of the Lot in Life -- based aloft approach and analysis findings.. Your analysis cardboard should draw from at atomic 8 bookish primary sources of advice (recent peer-reviewed account articles, books accounting by animal development theorists, and government bulletins advertisement abreast statistics). All sources of advice charge be cited and referenced in APA, 6th edition, style. Please see the Syllabus and the UMUC action on plagiarism. Points for Part 3 of the activated final activity will be assigned in the afterward manner: Description of the Problem/Issue.....5 points Background Information.....10 points (theoretical perspectives and abreast analysis allegation accompanying to the topic) Strategies for acclamation the issue.....10 points,                                                                                                                                                   (based aloft approach and analysis findings)Descriptions of 2 bounded agencies that assignment anon with parents and/or their accouchement on the basal issue/s.....10 points >Identification and description of two agencies (2 pts.) > Mission statements of anniversary bureau (2 points) > Contact advice for anniversary bureau (1 point) > Available casework and programs for anniversary bureau (4 points) > Cost of casework and programs for anniversary bureau (1 point) At atomic 8 primary sources of advice (see above) .....10 points Well organized, able-bodied written, APA format.....5 points

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