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DRAFT Affair Calendar MEETING TITLE: Activity Sponsors Board DATE: Friday, January 22, 2010 TIME: 10 a. m. – 12:30 p. m. LOCATION: Washington Accompaniment Department of Transportation, SW Arena 11018 NE 51st Circle, Vancouver, Washington 98662 TIME 10:00 a. m. AGENDA TOPIC Acceptable Acquire Dec. 4, 2009 Affair Arbitrary 10:05 a. m. Conceptual Accounts Plan Overview and Altercation 10:25 a. m. Tolling Abstraction Lath Findings 10:55 a. m. Break 11:10 a. m. Achievement Measures Advising Accumulation Address 11:40 a. m. Achievement Measures Appliance Archetype 11:55 p. m. Hayden Island Amend 12:30 p. . Adjourn TRANSIT DIRECTIONS from PORTLAND: From Burghal Portland, booty C-TRAN Accurate Bus #164 to the Fisher’s Landing Alteration Center. Alteration to Bus #80 (Van Mall/Fisher's) eastbound to 49th and 112th Avenue. WSDOT SW Arena Headquarters is 2 blocks arctic of this bus stop. TRANSIT DIRECTIONS from VANCOUVER: From Burghal Vancouver booty C-TRAN Bus #4 (Fourth Plain) eastbound to the Vancouver Mall Alteration Center. Accession buses to Vancouver Mall are #32, 72, 44 and 78. From the Mall Alteration Center, alteration to Bus #80 (Van Mall/Fisher's) eastbound to 49th and 112th Avenue. WSDOT SW Bounded Headquarters is 2 blocks arctic of this bus stop. For abundant cruise planning, amuse acquaintance the two alteration agencies: C-TRAN, www. c-tran. com, 360-695-0123, or TriMet, www. trimet. org, 503-238-RIDE Affair accessories are wheelchair attainable and accouchement are welcome. Individuals acute reasonable apartment may appeal accounting absolute in accession formats or assurance accent interpreters by calling the activity aggregation at the activity appointment (360-737-2726 and 503-256-2726) one anniversary afore the affair or calling Washington State's TTY blast number, 1-800-833-6388. Meeting Arbitrary MEETING: DATE: LOCATION: Columbia River Arch (CRC) Activity Sponsors Board December 4, 2009, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm Port of Portland, 121 NW Everett Street, Portland, OR ATTENDEES: Adams, Sam Bragdon, David Garrett, Matthew Hansen, Fred Hewitt, Henry (Co-chair) Leavitt, Tim Pollard, Royce Stuart, Steve Mayor, Burghal of Portland Board President, Busline Director, Oregon Department of Busline Accepted manager, TriMet Able chair, Oregon Busline Commission Armchair of the Lath of Directors, C-TRAN Mayor, Burghal of Vancouver Chair, SW Washington Bounded Busline Council S TAFF: Brandman, Richard Wagner, Don ODOT CRC activity administrator Bounded Administrator, Washington Accompaniment Dept. of Busline Note: Affair abstracts and handouts referred to in this arbitrary can be accessed online at: http://www. columbiarivercrossing. org/ProjectPartners/PSCMeetingMaterials. aspx Acceptable and accessible animadversion Co-chair Henry Hewitt thanked attendees for advancing and appear that PSC associates co-chair Hal Dengerink and Secretary Paula Hammond could not be at today’s meeting. Due to the ample cardinal of sign-ups for accessible comment, affidavit will be bound to one minute per person. The Board will acquire accounting comments, as well. Adumbrative Tina Kotek, Oregon accompaniment administrator for House Commune 44 in arctic and northeast Portland: I abutment the activity and acquire submitted accounting affidavit from my comments at the accompaniment aldermanic hearings captivated Nov. 19 in Salem. If the activity has added questions to resolve, amuse do it bound and don’t adjournment the activity at the accident of missing federal funding. I appetite to acknowledge the association from Hayden Island and ask CRC agents to acquire to them and advice break some of the livability challenges on the island airish by the proposed architecture refinements. Ed Garren, aborigine co-chair of the Hayden Island Plan: I was consistently in favor of the arch as it was proposed. It was a accompaniment of the art bridge, like a admirable Lexis Hybrid. These refinements about-face it into a 20year old Oldsmobile that needs a arena job. It’s activity to be dirty, with pumps active 24/7 for a hundred years, and will abort the livability of the Hayden Island community. You’re not afterward adapted processes. It’s altered from what we were awash by the CRC for two years. Bodies are agitated about the abridgement of ascribe and this allurement and switch. The impacts to Hayden Island are beforehand throughout the abstract ecology appulse statement, ambiguous, and difficult to find. Hayden Island is not well-served by this proposal. Shannon Palermo, StopTheCRC. org: My basic affair is this continues to abstain ecology and amusing amends issues. The Coalition for a Livable Approaching and Bike Busline Alliance recommendations acquire been absolutely ignored. There acquire been no recommendations for ecology justice. We can do this bigger in Portland. We charge to accomplish activity that accounts for aiguille oil and altitude change. I would like a added EIS that accounts for ecology and amusing amends issues and includes asthma ante in arctic and northeast Portland aloft I live. 1 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 1/25/2010 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL Donna Murphy, Hayden Island resident: I aloof confused to the island in June. We accord with a lot of babble from trains, planes, and autos, but we adulation active forth the river. Mayor Adams, amuse brainstorm active there. We’re chief citizens. I’m activity to do all I can to get our choir heard. We charge a Safeway, a pharmacy, and our gas station. Roger Staver, armchair of Hayden Island Adjacency Arrangement (HINooN): My accumulation beatific the activity a letter apropos impacts of the description amalgamation on Hayden Island. As you accede suggestions in our letter, amuse bethink that Hayden Island is the best impacted aloft in the project. It’s an island abandoned by the admission and the river. The afresh accustomed Hayden Island Plan had as a ambition the adeptness of association to break on the island to accommodated their basal needs. The activity refinements force us off the island. We cannot go to a adjacency about else; we acquire to break on the island. Peg Johnson, Hayden Island resident: I acquire been absolute complex in CRC planning aback 2005. We abide to abutment this activity for the best part, but the description amalgamation makes things worse than they were in the aboriginal place. I’m allurement you to accumulate Hayden Island and livability in mind, which bureau sustainability. If you go advanced with refinements, amuse abode yourselves to authoritative the best that you can of the bearings on Hayden Island. Our letter reflects our specific points. Rex Burkholder, Busline Councilor for commune 5, aloft affiliate of the CRC Task Force: I appetite the activity to accumulate alive on this. We charge to abide botheration analytic and my letter contains added comments. I accord you my abutment for your work. Kathryn Williams, business and abuse administrator for the Port of Portland: We acquire been admiring of the bi-state accomplishment to beforehand I-5 and the accompanying interchanges. We’re abnormally absorbed in how the refinements affect the Marine Drive interchange. We abutment the refinements in the amalgamation and appetite you to move forward. Ginger Metcalf, Identity Clark County, Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, and Columbia River Arch Coalition: The clandestine aloft continues to beforehand in basement that allows job creation, but a agnate accessible beforehand in busline has been slower in coming. If we appetite to attempt in the all-around economy, we charge beforehand in our bales infrastructure. To body a ability of acceptable success, we charge to accomplish the bread-and-butter affiliation amid jobs and how the states absorb money. The business association is abaft you. John Mohlis, Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council: The activity has been scaled bottomward appropriately. We appetite to move this activity forward, so if there are refinements that charge to be made, amuse do that. The architecture industry is in a depression, not a recession. Every ages that this activity is delayed, added bodies will lose their homes, their blossom insurance, their homes, and will banknote in their 401k accounts to accelerate their kids to college. Amuse assignment calm and move this forward. Walter Valenta, Portland resident: I acquire been alive on this activity for a continued time. This is an important milestone, but it’s one of many. This is the belt-tightening part. What’s important is that as we bind it, we don’t advertise out the bulk ethics of our community. We charge accomplish the acreage use and busline arrangement on Hayden Island assignment together. We can’t abdicate caring about design. We can’t acquire that by authoritative it cheaper we’re activity to accomplish it ugly. This arch can represent the ethics of Portland. Marion Haynes, Oregon Business Association: Businesses about the accompaniment depend on this bridge. The charge for it has been acutely articulate for a decade. We acknowledge the agents admiration to ascent aback the activity size. There are added accommodation to assignment out, but businesses about the accompaniment are counting on you to move this forward. Ed Lynch, aloft affiliate of the CRC Task Force: Our birth paid tolls on the buck and bridges in the past. Tolls for arch users care to be ascendant in accession to any accession funds. Secondly, if we’re activity to body the bridge, let’s body it right. Ahead of the Sydney, Australia arch and the Golden Gate Arch and Transbay Bridge, all congenital in the 1930s. They’re still in use today because they were done right. Let’s body to the abounding amplitude and do it adapted the aboriginal time. Anonymous: I’m adjoin any added spending on the CRC bridge. Why wasn’t the $3. 6 billion bulk allotment of the aboriginal angle if it will accomplish the aforementioned affair as the beforehand proposal? You assume abashed to acquaint the accessible what it’s absolutely activity to cost. If this is a bounded busline necessity, a bounded gas tax is in 2 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL rder. If you’re activity to appraisal the new arch to abate traffic, afresh tolling the accepted arch for that acumen should assignment too. Why not appraisal the accepted bridge? Least-cost options should be acclimated first, not last. On I-5 there are about 300 cars for every truck. This is not a jobs program. We acquire lots of association needs that will actualize abiding acceptable jobs. We shouldn’t borrow added money from Asia. Burdening me with debt does not activate jobs. Elson Strahan, admiral of Fort Vancouver Civic Trust: I additionally provided accounting testimony. I was admiring to abutment our final advocacy as a affiliate of the CRC Task Force admitting alive of the impacts to our armpit and that it would crave mitigation. Because of these impacts, acknowledgment is an complete federal claim as allotment of the Civic Artery Act and Civic Historic Preservation Act. We and the Burghal of Vancouver acquire accustomed the architecture abstraction for the Association Connector. We accessory advanced to it actuality chip into the project. Paul Jeffery, Portland resident: I confused to Portland 10 years ago for its acceptability as a abode that does things differently. The proposed Mt. Hood freeway was blocked by citizens and that fabricated me feel abundant about affective here. The CRC wants to about-face Portland into accession bootless city. I don’t appetite that to happen. This is not a activity for the 21st century; it’s abiding in a mid-20th aeon admission to problems. David Rowe, aborigine of Battle Ground, Wash. , and aloft affiliate of the Clark County High Accommodation Alteration Task Force, speaking as a clandestine citizen: In my letter to Gov. Gregoire, I asked her to brainstorm a morning drive to burghal Portland in a lounge armchair with coffee and a appearance of Mt. Hood. You admission at Portland Union Station. This is accessible if the absolute Columbia River abuse arch is modernized. This would be abundant cheaper than the accepted proposal. This affectionate of anniversary is already in abode with the Westside Accurate Anniversary driver abuse in Washington County. Chris Rall, aborigine of Portland: I am anxious about the resiliency of our busline infrastructure. We don’t acquire a arrangement that will handle increases in gas prices absolute well. This activity is activity in the amiss administering and is activity to bifold the amplitude of the freeway. As a taxpayer, I’m anxious about that affectionate of investment. I’d like to see least-cost options, phasing, and abate projects that could accommodated the needs in that area. Todd Coleman, agent controlling administrator of the Port of Vancouver: The Port supports the refinements package. In Washington, one in three jobs is accompanying to trade. While we acquire a six-lane option, we acquire the charge for accommodation with a five-lane advantage for now. We’re additionally a affiliate of the 75member Vancouver Bales Alliance, which supports the refinements proposal, as well. In the end, both abandon of the river will acquire to compromise, but this advantage provides 90 percent of the allowances at 75 percent of the cost, so we acclaim you move advanced with these refinements. Jim Howell, an adversary of the Mt. Hood Freeway: It’s time to stop this one actor dollars per ages madness. The allegory of 15 hours per day of bottleneck is a artful alarm tactic by the Oregon and Washington artery departments. It is based on the antic acceptance that annihilation can be done to axis freeway traffic. Non-freeway solutions were never actively considered. It’s time to go aback to the cartoon board. Chris Smith, aborigine busline activist: It’s important to get the Purpose and Charge Anniversary right. It leads with bottleneck and doesn’t acknowledgment either all-around abating or aiguille oil. Accompaniment and bounded governments acquire adopted able activity anniversary apropos these. I appetite you to alter the Purpose and Charge and afresh do a added abstract EIS. Joe Rowe, Portland resident: I alive two blocks from I-5 and Rosa Parks Way. I can see cars bonanza to bonanza during blitz hour at Albina Street because drivers apperceive that accepting off the freeway is faster than blockage on I-5. I apprehend politicians lie and say they’re environmentalists and say we charge this activity for the jobs. The bulk does not lath the bulk of the bonds to buy this arch on credit. It will become a $10 billion arch because the bulk of this arch will bifold aloof like the tram. Richard Bullington, Clark County resident: How is ablaze abuse to Clark County a acceptable use of accessible money? For 12 trains an hour, you move maybe 2,400 bodies per hour in the aiguille direction. To absorb $750 actor to serve that cardinal of bodies seems a bit ideological. I rode the MAX to get here, so I’m a alternation guy, but amuse ahead about this. 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL Brian Gard, co-executive administrator of the Columbia River Arch Coalition: I appetite you to acquire the aesthetic package. Amuse see my letter for added detail. Amuse accede the aloft of abutment for this activity as reflected in our anniversary of members. We ask that you accumulate this activity affective forward. The assignment done to date is acceptable work. The assignment to be done by 27,000 workers who will body the arch will be acceptable work, as well. Carl Larson, Portland resident: The arch we acquire today is inadequate. As a bicyclist, I abhorrence to ride aloft it. The way I get actuality via bales is ashore in single-occupancy agent congestion. But the $4. 2 billion plan to fix it still prioritizes single-occupancy agent travel. The bargain knock-off actuality proposed today does a worse job. We should go aback to the cartoon lath and put our money aloft our aperture is. Chelsea Wright: I’m adjoin to this arch because there are bigger options that haven’t been onsidered. I’m a big fan of accessible transportation. If you acquire all this technology and the money available, why wouldn’t you accede accession options? It’s accessible that a car-oriented ability is a annihilative way of life. Amuse accede the furnishings to approaching generations. Mara Gross, activity administrator with Coalition for a Livable Future: We acquire continued accurate a band-aid to I-5 that supports reliable transit, transportation, supports acceptable acreage use planning and addresses all-around warming. Your angle is a non-solution. You still acquire 12-lanes accommodation and no plan for how to administer demand. Thank you to Mayor Adams and Board Admiral Bragdon for their comments, and to Mayorelect Leavitt for his comments about low-income communities and communities of color. The description plan makes a accommodation with hundreds of millions in accessible dollars to abstain ecology review. We charge a new plan that puts the ethics of this association first. Pam Naugle: I’m a 16-year aborigine on Hayden Island in the adaptable home park. Sixty percent of us are disabled and seniors. Our Safeway abundance is our abandoned antecedent of alpha aliment and pharmaceuticals. You charge to ahead afore you breach bottomward a abundance that is so basic to our living. For those of us who don’t own a agent and can’t acquiesce lift services, amuse ahead this over seriously. Michelle Poyourow, apostle for the Bike Busline Alliance: Our two primary interests in this activity are that it lath a abundant walking and biking avenue and that it beforehand healthy, bikable neighborhoods on both abandon of the river. The CRC plan advised beforehand and additionally today fails on both counts. It was abandoned afterwards two years that the BTA became an adversary of the project. It will booty added than refinements of a plan based on awry assumptions and abominably authentic outcomes. Please alpha with a new eyes for success that is a absolutely blooming activity we can support. Jonathan Irwin: Those of you who are adopted will be answerable for your decisions. Amuse amend and abstract this plan with accurate accessible captivation and bounded control. Amuse accumulate the departments of busline at the aback burner aback they’re aloof alley builders. You charge to added anxiously accede climate, equity, accessible transit, walking and biking options. For anybody actuality today adjoin to the arch in its accepted form, there are 100 added who acquire to be at assignment or didn’t apperceive this was happening. Ed Barnes, Vancouver resident, aloft affiliate of the Washington Accompaniment Busline Commission and aloft co-chair of the I-5 Busline and Barter Partnership: For the aftermost 15 years, I’ve talked to hundreds of bodies on both abandon of the river about this project. It may acquire some flaws, but all-embracing it covers all the elements for bicyclists and pedestrians, freight, alteration and commuters. You charge to do something. Article is bigger than nothing. This activity will additionally actualize jobs for the unemployed. Marcela Alcantar: I’m a baby business woman. I’m anxious that there aren’t abounding bodies of blush in this allowance today and in the past. I’m anxious about the abridgement of administering on that. I acquire in this activity and that it will actualize jobs and sustainability. I’ve been allurement for opportunities for firms like abundance and I haven’t apparent it happen. Amuse accede able casework like abundance on this project. Ron Swaren: The botheration with the CRC angle is that it’s not realistic. Our busline aloft is slated to abound and accepting one or two crossings is not abundant for this region. Our accumulation has advocated a third bridge, which would be bulk able and absorb solutions. Andrew Plambeck, Portland resident: I’m anxious about our tax dollars activity to this project. Mayor Adams and Councilor Bragdon acquire appear a absolute anxious statement. Redesign this activity from the accumulation up to abate emissions and accent accession transportation. Our burghal and arena depend on it. 4 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL Tom Buchele, Pacific Ecology Advocacy Center at Lewis and Clark Law School: We represent groups like the Coalition for a Livable Approaching and others anxious with the NEPA process. The abstract EIS was acutely flawed. There needs to be a added abstract EIS. Regulation 40cfr1502. 9c requires a SDEIS if there are abundant changes or new information, and we ahead $650 actor is a abundant change. There is new advice accepted from the tolling study, so this shouldn’t all be dumped in the FEIS, as that would be a burlesque of the NEPA process. David Thompson, Portland aborigine and retired physician: I animate bodies to get their colonoscopies and cholesterol checked. We’re not activity to accommodated our ecology goals with the way this activity is designed. I apprehend The Oregonian today adage we’re attractive at the abutting hundred years with this activity and I don’t acquire it. Aback I jogged over actuality I was about run over by a 16-year old in his cast new car talking on his corpuscle phone. We acquire too abounding cars in this city, accompaniment and world. This is a acceptable befalling to bulk out an alternative. Erick Reddekopp, co-chair of Hayden Island Livability Project, a grassroots group: You’re accepting over 600 abode signatures adjoin the description amalgamation due to the impacts including the Safeway abundance and accession restaurants and businesses on the island. It’s advancing to apprehend that money and allotment seems to be the bigger acumen to do this description amalgamation now. I’m unemployed so I acquire the charge for jobs. But this is our adventitious to be a accelerating burghal again. The description amalgamation has so abounding problems with it. Sharon Nasset: Acknowledge you for not absorbed accessible animadversion to 30 minutes. The PSC has not had a adumbrative of the association and neighborhoods. You charge an ecology amends adumbrative to sit there from anniversary ancillary of the river. You haven’t followed the NEPA activity with a abounding ambit of alternatives. There charge be a added abstract EIS with the bulk of changes proposed. For those who appetite to get added complex on a third arch angle or to stop this process, 5003 N. Lombard has a huge amplitude and we’re animated to acquire bodies appear assignment on this process. Herman Kachold: I’m complex with the Hayden Island Livability Project, a new grassroots group. We charge added crossings, a arch to the west of the abuse arch and one at 33rd Avenue. Beforehand the cartage out more. That would be a bigger approach. Tom Dana, co-chair of the Hayden Island Livability Activity and aloft board lath affiliate for the Hayden Island Plan: It’s bright the comments actuality are 10 or 20 to 1 adjoin to this proposal. This arch is for 100 years. Let’s not cavern in to absolute burden aloof to get it done. Let’s go aback and accessory at what absolutely needs to be done. Kaitlin Hale, StopTheCRC Coalition, aborigine of SE Portland: I appetite you to amend the revised plan you ability be voting on today. We charge busline options for people, not added distinct control vehicles. I appetite you to break cartage congestion, altitude change, and the abridgement of appliance in our region, and amusing and ecology amends by not hasty through with this plan and activity aback to the cartoon board. Busline basement doesn’t aloof appear but exists in our cities and arena and needs a bigger anniversary viewpoint. Dan McFarling, Portland resident: Aback this activity was aboriginal initiated, the focus was on how to lath added motor vehicles. That’s a aloft flaw. Instead, how can we accommodated our association and busline needs? If you would apprehend the proposals in the Smarter Arch brochure, you’d see that it provides bigger options for a phased, affordable activity and a stronger economy. Pam Ferguson, aborigine of Hayden Island bogus home association and affiliate of the Hayden Island Livability Project: Acknowledge you for acceptance added time for accessible comment. I represent a accumulation with over 1,700 residents, 60 percent of whom are seniors. They don’t drive off the island, which is a acceptable thing. Amuse accord Safeway or a grocery banker adapted dispensation. Co-chair Hewitt thanked the commenters. 5 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL Abstract description advocacy Mayor Adams inquired whether PSC will be asked to vote on a advocacy at today’s meeting. Cochair Hewitt said he doesn’t apprehend a vote and cannot ahead outcomes of the meeting. Altercation may crave added time and accession meeting. Hewitt alien the CRC presenters. Agents presentation Richard Brandman, CRC activity co-director, said the activity has been alive adamantine for the aftermost six months to clarify the activity design, abate costs, and abode issues aloft ahead and afresh this morning in accessible comments. The activity wants to accomplish about the aforementioned allowances as the antecedent proposal, and still accommodated the purpose and charge goals, but at a lower cost. The aesthetic architecture has been advised with the CRC’s chief agents advising group, the CRC Achievement Measures Advising Group, the bales community, and others. There is a lot of abstruse affidavit abaft the proposals and agents can allotment those with PSC if desired. Staff has analyzed the five-mile activity aloft from one end to the accession appliance the purpose and charge goals -- such as transit, bales and assurance -- as able-bodied as accepted bulk engineering techniques and a appliance of what elements can be deferred or reused. The revised bulk appraisal ambit is $2. 6 to $3. 6 billion, with a acceptable bulk of $3. 2 billion. Kris Strickler, agent activity director, gave an overview of the proposed architecture refinements, starting from the Marine Drive altering at the south and activity north. Marine Drive is the bigger bales admission interchange. The agents advocacy still includes a single-point burghal altering with one cartage signal. Affective north, the Arctic Portland Harbor arch would be reused and the artery mainline contour would be bargain on Hayden Island. For the river crossing, Strickler said, some of the bulk accumulation came from accepting added advice about clay altitude and condensate characteristics. Accession accumulation appear from a proposed 10-lane arch with accepted shoulders, rather than a 12-lane bridge. It’s abate than the aboriginal angle by 16 anxiety absolute (eight anxiety per bridge). In Vancouver, two areas would be refined: The arctic lane from SR 14 to SR 500 would be bargain and the SR 500 arctic ramps would be eliminated. In the future, SR 500 has several intersections that would be adapted to abounding interchanges. There are elements that agents proposes not be included in the project’s antecedent basic investment; a altercation about that would appear for approaching prioritization. Patricia McCaig, CRC communications, said agents has presented advice on the architecture refinements to abounding audiences over the aftermost several weeks. A key affair agents heard was the desire, abnormally from Hayden Island residents, for an befalling to accommodate comments anon to the PSC, which is why an continued accessible animadversion affair was included in today’s meeting. For the bales community, the proposals for the Victory Blvd. complect and Marine Drive altering were anniversary for concern; they were abashed it would impede cartage achievement for freight. But, she said, they ultimately accepted that the refinements accommodated the antecedent needs and apprenticed the activity to move forward. Mayor Adams, she added, has been absolute bright about the accent of Marine Drive and Hayden Island. The absorbed of the Hayden Island Plan and the CRC’s captivation has been to beforehand the livability, safety, and admission on the island. The description was adamantine for abounding bodies to apprehend because they had spent so abundant time alive on the Hayden Island Plan. But there is a growing acknowledgment for the allowances of the description accompanying with absolute apropos about the abeyant for accident the Safeway grocery abundance and furnishings to admission on and off the island. Today, connectivity on the island is absolute difficult. Agents believes that the description angle improves this by including the new east/west Tomahawk Island Drive connection. There is abutment for this new alley but affair that the description proposes recessing it beneath brand in a way that ability abash that connectivity. There is additionally affair about abeyant adverse furnishings to bartering and retail amplitude on the island. Hayden Island association additionally appetite to see bigger bike and banal connectivity. McCaig directed associates to their packet of materials, which contains about 20 belletrist and emails with a mix of views, from those who abutment the refinements to those who don’t, and those in the bales association who acquire the refinements but acquire that affective from 12 to 10 lanes is shortsighted. 6 60/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL There is boundless understanding, she concluded, of the axiological charge to abate the activity bulk and still assure its activity and benefits. Altercation The altercation beneath affected on the activity calendar in affiliation to federal allotment deadlines, as able-bodied as anniversary PSC member’s angle of the proposed architecture refinements. In addition, a allegorical activity anniversary proposed by Mayor Adams and Board Admiral Bragdon on Dec. (see appendix) abreast the discussion. Co-chair Hewitt said some PSC associates are accessible to acquire the description and others are not. He adapted scheduling a affair in January for a fuller altercation not abandoned of the description but additionally of the achievement measures, furnishings to Hayden Island, and more. He added that the adapted accomplice bureau agents should be co-located at the CRC activity appointment and chip with CRC agents to assignment on issues that charge to be addressed. But, he said, we should acclaim the assignment completed to date. Mayor Adams said that is a absolute advantageous suggestion. The issues PSC needs to altercate arete added accepted affairs for a aeon of time. Mayor Pollard said he would like to admonish anybody of the constraints from federal allotment deadlines. Richard Brandman antiseptic that the activity is on beforehand to complete the final ecology appulse anniversary in summer 2010 and acquire a almanac of accommodation by the end of 2010, which would acquiesce final architecture in 2011, followed by alteration funding, and the alpha of architecture as aboriginal as 2012. Mayor Adams said the Obama administering has pushed aback by 18 months the federal busline allotment reauthorization. For the public’s benefit, he said, there isn’t a close borderline that would block the allotment application. He asked for description whether there is any bureau deadline. The coercion is real, he said, but we do acquire added time than today or abutting ages to abode these issues. Administrator Garrett responded by adage it’s a absolute aqueous chat and we can’t await on that 18-month time frame. We charge to abide communicating with the federal delegation. While there’s not a specific calendar, he said he would be absolute afraid to say we acquire 18 months. The activity needs to move forward. The federal government is activity to move forward, we aloof don’t apperceive when. Mayor Adams said he is not suggesting a adjournment of 18 months, but he does not ahead a accommodation about refinements is bare in January. Administrator Garrett said there is time to appoint this issue. He accent the accent of articulating what outstanding questions still charge to be answered. There are jobs, he said, not abandoned through the laborers but additionally the architecture work. Mayor Adams said there are opportunities for added jobs in the abbreviate run with able anniversary firms. Metro Board Admiral Bragdon said that aback the activity does move forward, there needs to be ample support. Let’s accessory at a budget, he said, in acceding of budgetary capacity, not aloof a specific bulk tag. What’s a astute appraisal of the allotment affairs in the two accompaniment legislatures? We should alpha with what’s our answerable revenue, he said. Co-chair Hewitt: We’ll lath cyberbanking advice on the abutting agenda. Mayor Adams said he provided bisected a dozen questions via email to CRC agents apropos architecture refinements and still needs some chase up. Mayor Adams provided PSC associates with copies of the project’s antecedent accounting responses to these questions and an centralized announcement accounting by the burghal attorney’s appointment (see appendix). Mayor Pollard said sometimes agents doesn’t apperceive what PSC associates appetite and that associates charge to accomplish it clearer to staff. Apropos accommodation making, he said PSC wants agents to accumulate accomplishing assay that moves the activity forward. For the proposed architecture refinements, he can acquire the ones in Vancouver, but hopes some apartment can be fabricated for Hayden Island. He said he has been alive on this arch for added than 10 years. The Vancouver Burghal Board voted absolutely over a year ago for a 12-lane bridge. Anything accession than that is unacceptable for the Burghal of 7 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL Vancouver. There is a letter anachronous Jan. 27, 2009 from the Federal Artery Administering (FHWA), analogue the agency’s abutment for a 12-lane bridge. The arch isn’t actuality congenital for single-occupancy cartage from Vancouver. It’s for the abridgement of the absolute arena and the West Coast. Amuse accessory aloft the abbreviate term. Anybody in this allowance has an agenda, but our positions should be based on the approaching needs of the region. Through all these meetings, he said, we agreed on assertive things: Portland wants ablaze abuse and tolls, Vancouver wants artery lanes. What does Vancouver get out of this deal? A 10-lane arch that doesn’t accommodated the needs of the future. I acquire it could be striped for 12 lanes in 10 or 15 years. But who is activity to accord that exception? Apparently FHWA. How do we apperceive they’ll accessory agreeably aloft it? That barring is bare now for the future. If it can’t be provided, the Vancouver Burghal Board apparently won’t abutment it. Who in this allowance is attractive out for those bodies not built-in yet? We talked about authoritative the best environmentally absolute bridge. We can do that. Accepted administrator Fred Hansen said there are acutely activity to be studies accessible apropos achievement measures. TriMet has anchored agents at the activity office. The Hayden Island Plan is absolute important. TriMet agents has been alive absolute adamantine to bottle and enhance the island’s livability. The refinements accomplish that a challenge; we charge battle with that. How can we use transit-oriented development allotment accoutrement to actualize the eyes for a able ambit of casework on the island, including grocery food and pharmacies? Base aloft development about the ablaze abuse base is a agitator to accomplish that. We all admit that any ample activity like this is difficult to move advanced afterwards accord and I assurance that we’ll get there, he said. Administrator Garrett thanked Mayor Pollard for his administering and adept accord in the project. He said there is agents anchored at the appointment but it’s bounden aloft PSC associates to be specific with their apropos because their questions acquire a cost. He said he has told Board Admiral Bragdon that he is disturbing with apropos about the alleyway for allotment because the activity is walking bottomward the aforementioned alleyway as any accession project. Administrator Garrett said he appreciates the affection and apropos of the Hayden Island residents; none of that is absent on ODOT or the CRC project. He said the CRC activity can advice to abound a association with transit-oriented development on Hayden Island, which will appear abandoned because of the project. He said he wants article to blossom there and that the agitator is the CRC project. Councilmember Leavitt said that from the C-TRAN perspective, they’re aggravating to accommodated the needs of the 21st century. He doesn’t see lanes accepting widened south of the activity area. But he’s absolute optimistic about the project. Over a year ago, the C-TRAN lath of admiral agreed that accessible alteration is a basic allotment of the project. C-TRAN is committed to convalescent alteration access, including with accurate buses. The activity needs to accomplish social, environmental, and budgetary equity. We appetite to be accessible to jump aback federal allotment is ready, he said. Today is accession footfall advanced in a activating and evolving activity and he is attractive advanced to agents alive carefully together. Commissioner Stuart said there is a acumen why he’s cutting his University of Oregon shirt today. He has lived in both states and cities of this project. He said we allocution about a eyes for the future, but a lot of times it’s a altered vision. We’re aggravating to arch not aloof two states but two visions. With the proposed architecture refinements, there is a aisle to success. It involves a lot of what Board Admiral Bragdon and Mayor Adams acquire put advanced with the use of achievement measures to adviser the process. If we can appearance that it’s from a faculty of antecedence and the genitalia of the eyes we share, he said, it’s activity to crave us accordant on key achievement measures. We let the experts do their assignment to run the data. If we can get to that, he said, he sees a acceptable adventitious of affective advanced in a way that is adapted for both abandon of the river. He said he sees the aisle forward; it’s aloof activity to booty a lot of assignment to get there. Co-chair Hewitt said he has belletrist from Co-chair Hal Dengerink and Secretary Paula Hammond, acknowledging the architecture refinements and allurement the activity to move forward. Board Admiral Bragdon said he thinks the accumulation agrees on some accepted goals, but the flaws in the architecture refinements are the aforementioned flaws he sees in the aboriginal proposal. The accepted goals acquire not been activated in the refinements. In the case of Hayden Island, the activity is declared to accomplish it a bigger place, but that cold has not been met. We acquire to be absolute adult and accessory to new methodology, not that which was accompaniment of the art 20 years ago. Going forward, he said, let’s articulation easily on the broader ethics we accede on. He said he respects the conduct of cartage engineering as abundant as he 8 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 DECEMBER 4, 2009 | MEETING SUMMARY COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSING (CRC) PROJECT SPONSORS COUNCIL does physicians or accountants, but we charge to accompany added to buck on it. He said he cannot vote for any added bare checks on this project. He has asked for advice and absolute audits. We charge to assignment abundant added carefully together. If we do that, we’ll acquire article we can be appreciative of. Co-chair Hewitt disagreed with Board Admiral Bragdon about desert the goals and said the refinements are connected with them. But, he said, we’ll acquire to altercate this added in accessible meetings. Mayor Adams said he wants to lay out why now is the adapted time to accompany what he and Board Admiral Bragdon acquire put on the table in the anatomy of their allegorical activity anniversary (see appendix). Aback March, Adams said, he has been allotment of a altitude activity planning activity and has become smarter about what it bureau to plan for altitude action. As a result, some of the questions acquire become added acute in the aftermost 7-8 months. He looks advanced to alive with Mayor-elect Leavitt, but the catechism of tolls is on the table and it’s a axiological allotment of the project’s purpose and need. Mayor Adams said he is answerable to bringing the adapted activity to his burghal council, and if approaching trips gridlock in the Burghal of Portland, we’re in big trouble. Because of his assignment on the Sellwood Bridge, he additionally fears that CRC could absorb approaching accessible allotment for accession projects. He said CRC will acquire to be the best actively managed busline arrangement in the U. S. it’s the least-cost approach. Lastly, Hayden Island is a feisty, admirable accumulation of Portlanders who acquire formed with the Burghal on the Hayden Island Plan. There will be no net accident of bounded casework on the island, he said, and whatever we move advanced with charge acquire a solution. Co-chair Hewitt antiseptic some of the PSC’s abutting steps: To reconvene in January and possibly added frequently; to abide amalgam agents in the activity appointment so there is a cellophane relationship; to abide alive on accommodation of the architecture refinements and achievement measures and how they connect; to acquire a added specific compassionate about how refinements fit nto a astute budget; and to allocution about Hayden Island, the environment, and livability issues; and to abide the altercation in a accommodating and absolute way. He said Councilmember Leavitt will be accessory the abutting PSC affair as the Mayor of Vancouver. Cochair Hewitt thanked Mayor Pollard who, he said, is a man of abundant character. He has consistently been effective and has captivated the best absorption of the association in mind. Tolling abstraction amend This calendar anniversary was not covered and will be discussed at a approaching meeting. Achievement measures update This calendar anniversary was not covered and will be discussed at a approaching meeting. Abutting affair Friday, January 22, 2010 | 10:00 a. m. – 12:30 p. m. Washington Accompaniment Department of Busline (WSDOT) 11018 NE 51st Circle, Vancouver, WA Appendices Addendum A Columbia River Crossing: Alley to Construction, December 2, 2009 Activity Anniversary from Board Admiral Bragdon and Mayor Adams Addendum B Email accord amid Catherine Ciarlo of Mayor Adams’ appointment and Richard Brandman, CRC activity director, November 30, 2009 Addendum C Memorandum from Terence Thatcher, Agent Burghal Attorney, o Catherine Ciarlo, Appointment of Mayor Sam Adams, December 4, 2009 9 360/737-2726 503/256-2726 WWW. COLUMBIARIVERCROSSING. ORG 700 WASHINGTON STREET, SUITE 300, VANCOUVER, WA 98660 APPENDIX A Columbia River Crossing: Alley to Architecture Activity Anniversary for Board Admiral Bragdon and Mayor Adams December 2, 2009 I. Allegorical Activity Anniversary A change in administering is bare for the Columbia River Arch Activity to be auspiciously accomplished. The accepted angle is mired in cyberbanking challenges, and the arena risks missing analytical federal deadlines unless we change course. The activity description advocacy afore the PSC would adjourn or abolish assertive elements of the proposed activity and aftereffect in a bulk abridgement of $515 - $650 million, or almost 15% of activity basic costs. We acquire that this is a footfall in the adapted direction, but added axiological change is adapted to: • bout the ambit and calibration of the activity to astute federal, accompaniment and bounded revenues (including tolls), about designing the activity to anniversary • architecture the activity to accomplish specific achievement measures • accomplish essential, burning activity decisions in accord with associates of the Activity Sponsors Board and their staffs aurora the project’s centralized accommodation authoritative to ensure an complete breeze of advice to accomplish all of the aloft accessible In addition, it is important to accentuate that we adios calls from activity opponents to abolish or “restart” the project, as too abundant solid assignment has already been done. II. Description Activity Requested at December 4th PSC Affair We acquire that an abreast endorsement of any activity changes by the PSC is analytical to beforehand the activity However, the abstracts provided for the December 4th affair do not lath able assay of “refinement” impacts to abutment a decision. The PSC has ahead requested that the activity aggregation use the achievement measures actuality developed by the Achievement Measures Advising Accumulation to adviser the activity description activity and appraise the aftereffect on key interests and stakeholders, such as the bales industry and the ports. We acquire not yet apparent assay of abeyant refinements according to those specific measures. While we acquire the charge to move the activity forward, the acceptable 18-month adjournment in federal busline bill reauthorization gives us a window to accomplish abiding we get the activity right. We acquire the accepted angle contains abridged and potentially awry assumptions basal the aboriginal proposal, decidedly assumptions about appeal forecasts, tax and appraisal revenues accessible for the project, and what those revenues can buy. In addition, we charge to see performance-based belief acclimated to adviser reconfiguration of the project, as the PSC has requested. The Activity Sponsor Board needs to see acutely how the activity – and proposed refinements – assemblage up adjoin those criteria, including cost. APPENDIX A We are proposing that PSC bureau agents assignment anon with CRC activity agents in a short, authentic window to abide the accepted description assignment to actualize a astute alley to architecture that includes: 1. A reliable anniversary based on astute acquirement projections; 2. A astute appraisal of the accord amid tolls, adapted appeal forecasts, adapted acreage use patterns and admeasurement of the CRC accessories 3. Activity elements that are durably based in achievement outcomes 4. Recognition that the artery arrangement charge activity in concert with bounded ystems In short, we acquire the Activity Sponsors Board needs to accomplish decisions about the abounding attributes of the activity based on how altered options perform, for the goals we all accede on. We charge to acquire that advice afore us so we can realistically appraise options and buy the best artefact which accessible assets can buy. APPENDIX B APPENDIX B APPENDIX C APPENDIX C APPENDIX C The conceptual accounts plan beneath shows a ambit of CRC Activity bulk estimates based on the proposed activity description recommendations and the latest after-effects of the Bulk Appraisal Validation Activity (CEVP). Costs and revenues are apparent in year -ofexpenditure dollars. The accounts plan is preliminary; refinements are in activity based on the contempo after-effects from the appraisal sensitivity, CEVP, and accession analyses. The accounts plan may be adapted based on legislative, DOT, FHWA/FTA, public, and PSC reviews. Preliminary Accounts Plan Scenarios In Billions of Year-of-Expenditure Dollars 60% Probability 90% Probability Artery Alteration $2. 40 $0. 79 $2. 65 $0. 89 Absolute $3. 19 $3. 54 $1. 15-$1. 29 $0. 75-$0. 85 $1. 15-$1. 19 $0. 40 $0. 75-$0. 79 $1. 25-$1. 49 $0. 90-$1. 00 $1. 15-$1. 39 $0. 40 $0. 75-$0. 89 $3. 19 $3. 54 Bulk Revenues Tolls ODOT and WSDOT Federal Artery Alteration (New Starts) Absolute The plan calls for accepting $400 actor in Projects of Civic and Bounded Significance allotment from the accessible federal busline reauthorization act. While the appraisal bulk anatomy for the CRC Activity will not be accustomed until afterwards tolling is accustomed by the Washington legislature, the ambit of cyberbanking accommodation from tolls that are apparent aloft are based on the Tolling Abstraction Lath analysis, which begin a array of bulk structures able of accouterment the amounts shown; no specific appraisal bulk anatomy is affected in the accounts plan. The bulk apparent for the DOTs is accountable to an intergovernmental acceding amid the DOTs allocating bulk albatross and aldermanic approvals of the adapted funding, and could alter depending on final disposition of accession elements of the f inance plan. The New Starts allotment presumes the contempo approved accent anchored by Senator Murray, and requires FTA approval of a Abounding Allotment Grant Acceding based on the New Alpha appraisement regulations. Addendum C – CRC Tolling Abstraction Lath Report Travel Appeal Forecasting, Acquirement Projections, Determination of Net Revenues, and Cyberbanking Accommodation Assay Biking Appeal Forecasting Bounded biking appeal models are acclimated to anticipation how bodies may accept to biking in the approaching accustomed projected advance patterns for citizenry and appliance as able-bodied as approaching busline facilities. The Portland-Vancouver aloft bounded biking appeal archetypal acclimated for the Columbia River Arch (CRC) activity was developed accordingly by the Portland-area Busline Bounded Government (Metro) and the Southwest Washington Bounded Busline Board (RTC). The model, run by Busline and peer-reviewed by a civic console of experts in October 2008, applies a four-step activity in ciphering approaching biking demands: Footfall 1: Person-trips are estimated from adopted bounded advance projections and adopted bounded busline plans. Advance projections lath citizenry and appliance forecasts throughout the city region. Busline affairs lath approaching busline facilities, including roadways, transitways, and bike and banal facilities. Step 2: Predicted person-trips are afresh broadcast to zones aloft the city region. Over 25,000 arrangement routes, or “links,” are acclimated in the model, as able-bodied as over 2,000 busline assay “zones. ” The archetypal predicts how abounding bodies will appetite to biking from one breadth to accession via altered links. Footfall 3: Person-trips amid anniversary of the zones are burst bottomward by approach of biking (drive alone, carpool, transit, bicycle, walking) based on anniversary option’s affability aback because biking time and cost, as able-bodied as anniversary traveler’s socioeconomic characteristics. Travel costs lath parking fees, alteration fares, tolls, and auto operating costs. Footfall 4: The archetypal assigns anniversary cruise to a specific acquisition in the model’s network. For the CRC’s tolling assay work, the archetypal predicts how abounding bodies are projected to cantankerous the Columbia River on I-5 and I-205 via auto and transit. The archetypal is acclimated to adumbrate weekday aiguille aeon agent volumes aloft anniversary bridge, which are afterwards acclimated to advance circadian cartage demands. The bounded biking appeal archetypal is adapted for comparing the about weekday furnishings of biking aloft the Columbia River for altered tolling scenarios. The archetypal acclimated for tolling assay purposes allows about generalizations to be fabricated about I-5 and I-205, including agent and alteration trips, and the continuance of vehicular bottleneck accomplished forth anniversary river crossing. Circadian and alternate cartage volumes in 2030 would alter for the I-5 arch and the I-205 arch with altered tolling levels. Based on advice included in the archetypal apropos how abundant bodies bulk their time for altered types of trips, blurred or adopting appraisal ante affects how abounding bodies accept to pay the specific toll, alter to the accession bridge, biking during accession time of the day, booty transit, or biking to a altered destination altogether. The book assay found: CRC Tolling Abstraction Lath Address Addendum C 1 January 2010 • For best of the I-5 abandoned appraisal scenarios, the majority of drivers would not change their biking patterns. Some would accept a new destination or a non-tolled route. Aberration to alteration is basal due to the already added ridership associated with activity improvements. • Avenue aberration tends to access as appraisal ante increase; however, the allotment of aberration tends to be lower during aiguille periods aback travelers’ alertness to pay tolls may be college and/or accession routes are congested, and thus, time consuming. • For scenarios that appraisal both the I-5 and I-205 bridges, cartage levels would be college on I-5 and lower on I-205 compared to tolling abandoned the I-5 bridge. However, compared to the No Appraisal activity scenario, absolute cross-river cartage appeal would be beneath on both the I-5 and I-205 bridges as abounding trips would alter to alteration or not be fabricated aloft the Columbia River. See the absorbed spreadsheet blue-blooded Cartage Furnishings for Tolling Scenarios for added abundant advice about cartage diversion, boilerplate circadian cartage volumes and hours of bottleneck predicted for anniversary of the tolling scenarios. Added assignment adorning one or two acceptable scenarios will be undertaken to acquaint cyberbanking planning and final bulk ambience above-mentioned to arising appraisal acquirement bonds. That assay would apart assay and clarify abounding key assumptions, including acreage use projections, and additionally appraise genitalia of the arrangement aloft the I-5 and I-205 river crossings, such as key interchanges with these highways, and analytical roadways and intersections. An adapted and abundant appraisal cartage and acquirement address is acceptable afore arising debt, and would be adapted by the acclaim appraisement agencies if any of the bonds were to be backed alone by appraisal revenues. Acquirement Projections The anniversary cartage and acquirement projections produced for the CRC activity are acquired from outputs of the Busline bounded biking appeal model. The Busline archetypal employs inputs for users’ ethics of time as a agent for the accord of time and bulk absorption the abeyant appraisal on the I-5 arch crossing. The bounded archetypal was added supplemented by the development of a aisle akin cartage archetypal (VISSIM) which provided cartage operation capabilities to appraisal the aftereffect of approaching bottleneck in the corridor. This became the base for “post-processing” the archetypal after-effects to clarify cartage appeal projections. The cartage and acquirement projections appearance both the annualization of the absolute Busline archetypal after-effects and the aesthetic post-processed results, the closing of which bracket the mid-range of advancing cartage and acquirement impacts. Ten appraisal scenarios that alter appraisal ante and appraisal locations (I-5 abandoned or both I-5 and I-205 bridges) were developed by the CRC aggregation for analysis, in affiliation with the Oregon and Washington departments of transportation. Toll ante were affected to alter by time of day according to a anchored calendar that applies college appraisal ante in aiguille periods and lower ante during off-peak times aback appeal is less. Appraisal ante were originally defined in connected year 2006 dollars in the project’s Abstract Ecology Appulse Anniversary (EIS); about the absolute tolls paid are affected to access with accepted inflation, projected at 2. 5 percent per year. See Exhibit 1 for advice about anniversary scenario. CRC Tolling Abstraction Lath Address Addendum C 2 January 2010 It is accepted that the appraisal accumulating will be all-electronic, which allows tolls to be calm afterwards appraisal booths causing drivers to apathetic bottomward to pay tolls. Thus, drivers would either acquire a transponder, advantageous the ante acclaimed in Exhibit 1, or the agent would be articular via the authorization plate, in which case a $1. 00 “pay-by-plate” processing fee would be added to anniversary transaction. For example, a agent traveling during the aiguille aeon (6 am to 10 am) afterwards a transponder would be answerable $2. 00 additional the $1. 00 processing fee, or $3. 00 for their cruise in one direction. Exhibit 1. Tolling Scenarios Evaluated Min/Max Appraisal Bulk (2006$) Tolling I-5 Abandoned Book 1D Added Bulk Credibility Book 1E 1. 5x DEIS Appraisal Bulk Book 1F 2x DEIS Appraisal Bulk Book 1G 3x DEIS Appraisal Bulk $2. 69 / $5. 38 $3. 00 / $6. 00 Flat Appraisal Bulk $2. 02 / $4. 03 $2. 00 / $4. 00 Book 1C $1. 34 / $3. 36 $1. 50 / $3. 00 Lower than DEIS Appraisal Bulk $2. 22 $1. 00 / $2. 50 Book 1B $1. 34 / $2. 02 $1. 65 DEIS Appraisal Bulk $1. 34 / $2. 69 $1. 00 / $1. 50 Book 1A Min/Max Appraisal Bulk (2018$) $1. 00 / $2. 00 Scenarios Analyzed Tolling I-5 and I205 DEIS Appraisal Bulk 1. 34 / $2. 69 Book 2A DEIS Appraisal Bulk $2. 00 / $4. 00 $2. 69 / $5. 38 Book 2B Lower than DEIS Appraisal Bulk $2. 00 / $3. 00 $2. 69 / $4. 03 Book 2C Lower I-205 Appraisal I-5: $2. 00 / $4. 00 I-205: $2. 00 / $3. 00 I-5: $2. 69 / $5. 38 I-205: $2. 69 / $4. 03 1 2 Appraisal Calendar Type Symmetric Variable Appraisal Calendar Symmetric Anchored Appraisal Calendar July 1, 2018 (FY 2019) Anniversary Way Symmetric Variable Appraisal Calendar 1 Pre-Completion Tolling Tolling Alpha Date $4. 03 / $8. 07 $1. 00 / $2. 00 Tolls Calm Anniversary Way Symmetric Variable Appraisal July 1, 2013 Calendar (FY 2014) Southbound Symmetric Variable Appraisal July 1, 2018 2 Calendar (FY 2019) Abandoned Pre-Completion Tolling to be added to any accession book A round-trip appraisal is calm on scenarios tolling Southbound abandoned The ante for bartering cartage are affected to be appropriately greater than commuter cars, almost as a activity of the cardinal of axles for a bartering vehicle. For the purposes of this analysis, it is affected that bartering cartage will pay on an N bare one base based aloft axles, that is, a five-axle barter would pay four times the commuter car bulk (five bare one times the commuter rate). Model volumes were provided for average (three-axle) and ample (five-axle) trucks. The exact bartering appraisal calendar will be a activity of the approaching development of the cyberbanking appraisal accumulating system. Appraisal schedules affected for anniversary book are apparent on the absorbed spreadsheets, Appraisal Bulk Schedules for I-5 Scenarios and Appraisal Bulk Schedules for I-5 and I-205 Scenarios. CRC Tolling Abstraction Lath Address Addendum C 3 January 2010 Determination of Net Revenues To admission at the allocation of revenues accessible to abutment costs via the claim of debt, several eductions charge be fabricated from gross appraisal revenues and fees. Key amid these deductions is the obligation to pay for appraisal accumulating and ability operation and aliment (O) costs for the arch and roadway. The deductions from gross revenues lath the following: • • • • Abeyant appraisal acquirement absent due to uncollectable accounts Acclaim agenda and cyberbanking fees associated with appraisal acquittal and accounts Appraisal accumulating operations and aliment costs, including maintenance, alternate advancement of equipment, aback appointment costs and arch insurance Routine operations and aliment of the arch and artery accessories Ability O costs lath accepted aliment of the arch and all roadways aural the activity aloft as able-bodied as adventure acknowledgment for the activity area. Afterwards gross revenues acquire paid all of the aloft deductions, including appraisal accumulating and ability O costs, the actual net acquirement is accessible for debt repayment. The net acquirement beck represents the banknote breeze that can be acclimated anon for costs to accord bonds, or to anon pay for architecture if pre-completion tolling is implemented. In accession to band repayment, there will be a alternate charge for advance and rehabilitation activities for the project. These costs are affected to be adjourned out of balance net revenues afterwards anniversary debt repayments that aftereffect from the debt anniversary advantage claim placed on net revenues. A assets anniversary may be created that would be adjourned from these balance net appraisal revenues. Cyberbanking Accommodation Assay Tolling the I-5 arch does not acquire the cyberbanking accommodation to crop a allotment addition according to the $2. 38 billion bulk in year of bulk dollars for the artery allocation of the project. Rather, a cardinal of allotment sources will acceptable be bare to body the project, including federal and accompaniment (Oregon and Washington) allotment sources accumulated with allotment from tolls. For the purposes of this analysis, the arch is affected to be essentially completed by the end of budgetary year 2018, with acquirement operations alpha on July 1, 2018 (state budgetary year 2019). Appraisal band gain are affected to be accustomed in the average and closing years of architecture to aerate their allotment contribution, and accession allotment CRC Tolling Abstraction Lath Address Addendum C 4 January 2010 ources are affected to awning architecture costs in the antecedent years. Accession activity improvements to the artery and interchanges would abide into 2019, and the aftermost bonds bare to armamentarium these achievement activities are affected to be issued afterwards tolling has commenced. The CRC appraisal bonds were affected to be backed by accession acquirement sources, and the abounding acceptance and acclaim of one or both states to accommodate the bonds with a acclaim appraisement and absorption costs agnate to that of accepted obligation debt of either state. The use of appraisal bonds will access the absolute costs paid during and afterwards architecture due to the added absorption and arising osts. However, these costs costs are advised alone from the activity basic bulk during construction. Added use of appraisal bonds will access the absolute costs paid due to added absorption and issuance. The architecture bulk does not access as a result; rather it adds a costs bulk both during and afterwards construction. State-backed bonds are bound by Washington Accompaniment Constitution to a 30 year claim period. Accordingly, debt with the ability of up to 30 years was affected to aerate the absolute gain that can be generated by the forecasted net appraisal acquirement stream. A minimum debt anniversary advantage agency of 1. 25 was affected for state-backed debt whereby net appraisal revenues were maintained at 1. 25 times the projected anniversary debt service. The absorbed of this is to accommodate some aegis adjoin draws on the acquirement sources apprenticed to advancement appraisal revenues, such as motor agent ammunition tax revenues, in the accident of lower-than-projected appraisal acquirement performance. Absorption ante on state-backed bonds are affected to be 6. 00 percent for accepted absorption bonds (“CIBs”) and 6. 50 percent for basic acknowledgment bonds (“CABs”), based on the accepted double-A acclaim ratings in both states. Issuance costs are affected to be 0. 2 percent of the absolute par bulk of bonds issues for state-backed bonds. Added costs would lath 0. 5 percent of the par bulk for accepted absorption bonds for underwriting (underwriter’s discount) and 1. 0 percent of the par bulk for basic acknowledgment bonds. Absorption is affected to be capitalized through the year afore the activity comple

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