Beers and Cutler Company

The Beers and Cutler Aggregation provides accounting and consulting casework for alternative organizations, institutions, or alternative admirers that ability crave their services. (“Firm Profile,” 2008) The aggregation primarily acts as an accounting firm, but alternative tasks and roles agitated out by Beers and Cutler accommodate tax and auditing, and alike above business-related operations and processes such as cardinal planning and consultancy for alternative business processes. (“Industry Profile: Accounting Services,” 2008) However, the closing above casework provided by Beers and Cutler are alone accessible in Washington, D. C. (Sarath, 2008) The aggregation has been about back 1967 operating primarily for the absolute acreage industry. However, the aim of Beers and Cutler aggregation to aggrandize and add bulk to the its reputation, image, and capabilities motivated it to adventure into new fields and areas and apparatus a added ambit of casework that are awful benign to best organizations or institutions. At the moment, Beers and Cutler is able to awning the needs and demands of assorted fields such as the “automotive, construction, hospitality, retail and technology” (Sarath, 2008) industries. To added its capabilities and advantages, Beers and Cutler accept become a affiliate of The Baker Tilly International which facilitates communication, networking, administration or resources, and such amid accounting firms and business organizations about the world. (Sarath, 2008) Beers and Cutler considers the accomplishment of assorted goals and objectives in assorted and assorted organizations as the company’s mission. The aggregation aims to accomplish this mission by allowance business organizations accomplish their accumulated goals and objectives by accouterment above casework appropriate and efficiently. (“Firm & Profile,” 2008) Moreover, the application of awful knowledgeable, skilled, and competent individuals is one of the company’s strategies in accepting aggressive advantage. Career opportunities fabricated accessible by the aggregation accommodate job openings for students, beginning graduates, as able-bodied as accomplished professionals. For students, the aggregation is analytic for individuals who ability fit jobs beneath the fields of Assurance and Tax, and Consulting. (“College Recruiting,” 2008) For accomplished professionals, Beers and Cutler is attractive for individuals that ability accomplish roles beneath the areas of Assurance and Tax, Consulting Practice, and Practice Administration and Support. (“Experienced Professionals,” 2008) For the acceptable of its advisers and members, Beers and Cutler offers reasonable bacon bales and benefits. Reviewing accessible career opportunities that the aggregation is offering, the bacon bales that Beers and Cutler are alms ambit from $60,000 to $150,000 annually. However, as the absolute bulk of the bacon amalgamation increases, the cardinal of bare individuals or advisers decreases. For instance, the career befalling that pays $150,000 a year alone offers one distinct aperture for the said position. (“Beers Cutler Jobs in Washington, D. C. ,” 2008) On the alternative hand, the allowances provided by the aggregation to its advisers are aggressive enough, adopting abounding advantage for the contributions of its constituents. For instance, individuals who get assassin for a position in the aggregation are provided with the account of a four-week breach or vacation from work, with payment. This acceptable amalgamation for advisers is motivated by the company’s acuteness to accouterment a composed alive ambiance for its associates in adjustment to advance creativity, productivity, and aerial affection assignment outputs. (“Microsoft Web Developers: BEERS and CUTLERS,” 2008) Basically, the business plan of Beers and Cutler follows the abstraction of direct-to-person business or claimed acquaintance with admirers or consumers. The close utilizes agency or accoutrement of business that acquaint anon to end users or individuals. Beers and Cutler advance absolute commitment systems to accelerate advisory letters to individuals, seminars to abduction the absorption of a ample admirers at the aforementioned time, and claimed referrals or chat of mouth. (“Industry Profile: Accounting Services,” 2008) References “Beers Cutler Jobs in Washington, D. C. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Indeed. Website: http://www. indeed. com/q-Beers-+-Cutler-l-Washington,-DC-jobs. html “College Recruiting. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Beers and Cutler PLLC. Website: http://www. beersandcutler. com/careers/college-recent-graduates/opportunities/ “Experienced Professionals. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Beers and Cutler PLLC. Website: http://www. beersandcutler. com/careers/experienced/opportunities/ “Firm Profile. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Beers and Cutler PLLC. Website: http://www. beersandcutler. com/firm/profile/ “Industry Profile: Accounting Services. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Hoover’s Inc. Website: http://premium. hoovers. com/subscribe/ind/fr/profile/basic. xhtml? ID=74 “Microsoft Web Developers: BEERS and CUTLERS. ” (2008). Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Yahoo! Inc. Website: http://hotjobs. yahoo. com/job-J7ZN5I1Q0Y8? rec=2 Sarath, P. (2008). Beers and Cutler PLLC. Retrieved November 24, 2008, from Hoover’s Inc. Website: http://premium. hoovers. com/subscribe/co/factsheet. xhtml? ID=rysfhtfshyhhhyy

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