Bee Biology

Discuss pesticide problems apropos to beekeeping, including symptoms, appropriate from ache and preventing pesticide impact. Developed Parasites: • Varroa Mites o Caused by the abject mite alleged Varroa Destructor (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). o Affection include: actuality of developed mites on developed bees, brood, or accumulate debris; adults accept their abdomens shortened, wings distorted, and legs are deformed; and lastly, developed citizenry and breed breadth declines dramatically, with blotchy breed adjustment (North Carolina State University, 2007). o It can be prevented through application buried basal boards, mite-tolerant stocks, drone-blood trapping, and administration of still dusts (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Varroa mites can be detected application amoroso agitate or ether roll, adhesive board, booze wash, or drone-blood analysis or beheld inspection. o Treatments: Spring (before honey flow) o The use of airy analysis (thymol, formic acid, etc) should not be acclimated for they can account abridgement in the breed area. Appropriate dosage of Apistan or checkmite+ can be acclimated as continued as the mites accept not aforetime developed a attrition (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). Late spring/summer (during/immediately afterward honey flow) ? Actinic treatments should never be acclimated while hone supers are on hives. o Exploit one or added systems of preclusion, for instance, the use of buried basal boards or mite-tolerant banal (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). Autumn (preparing for winter) ? Test consistently for mites, if accessible already a month. o Alternate treatments consistently to abate the absolute acknowledgment of any actinic for mites (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). • Nosema o Caused by the protozoan, Nosema apis o Stress from periods of continued confinement, fast breed build-up, sustenance alterity and bad acclimate are some factors that may account the actuality of Nosema (Stanford, 2003). o Affection abide of amplification of the abdomens and bedridden behaviors of adults. o In adjustment to ascendancy the disease, convenance able administration address while application the antibacterial fumagilin (Fumidil B, Nosem X) (Stanford, 2003). • Alternative developed bee diseases accommodate rickettsial disease, amoeba disease, spiroplasmas, and abounding others. Breed Diseases: • American Foulbrood o Caused by spore-forming bacillus alleged Paenibacillus larvae larvae (Stanford, 2003). o Affection abide of acerb or “of a adhesive pot” odor; broken or alveolate capping; and resultant adhesive atramentous scales (Stanford, 2003). o To anticipate the ache defended aseptic stocks; abstain annexation by befitting colonies strong; abbreviate adjust swapping amid hives; alter three combs in the breed alcove every year with foundation or fatigued combs from honey supers; and antisepticize bee hives or doubtable frames and breed boxes at the NCDA fumigation alcove application ethylene oxide (North Carolina State University, 2007). o If the ache is already present, treatments accommodate afire of all frames and euthanizing of bees; baking or fumigation of abandoned breed boxes, basal boards, close covers, and lids; lastly, acquaintance your bounded Apiary ambassador (North Carolina State University, 2007). • European Foulbrood o Caused by the bacillus Melissococcus pluton and associated flora o Affection accommodate a appropriate odor; attenuate attendance of perforated or alveolate cappings; and a resultant atramentous scale, which is generally askance in its corpuscle (Stanford, 2003). o To anticipate the disease, advance a able and advantageous colony. o To amusement the disease: advance a accumulate apprehension and be acute for re-emergent signs of the disease; for ablaze infections, abate the breadth of the breed nest, alter adulterated combs with foundation, and accumulate the antecedents strong; for added austere infection, amusement with terramycin, augment to colonies in delicate amoroso by blanket on the top of the breed backup (North Carolina State University, 2007). • Alternative breed diseases accommodate chalkbrood, stonebrood, sacbrood, and Purple brood. Pests and Predators: • Wax moth o Affection include: ample larvae tunneling through the wax combs of anemic hives or stored bee equipment; and attendance of cottony cocoons in infested hives or equipments (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Analysis recommendations include: autumn of bare combs with PDB crystals. Never abode crystals on a active colony, as the effluvium are awful baneful to developed bees and brood. In case of abundant infestations, benumb combs for 1-2 canicule afore reusing (North Carolina State University, 2007). • Baby Accumulate Beetle o Affection include: attendance of developed beetles and eggs or larvae; watery, crumbling adjust with baby white grubs bistro the wax; and larvae ample out of the advanced access of the accumulate and burrowing into the clay (North Carolina State University, 2007). o If there are adults, band bisected a band of checkmite+ below a aboveboard of corrugated agenda placed on the basal lath of hive. If larvae are present: alter adulterated combs with foundation, again urn them or benumb them; Apply GuardStar clay deluge about the ambit of the accumulate to annihilate developing pupae in the arena about the accumulate (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Alternative pests in the honey bee colonies accommodate ants, bandit flies, mantids, yellowjackets, and alternative wasps (Stanford, 2003). 2. Describe the bureaucracy of a acceptable honey house, advertence absolute aspects of your arrangement. For the rural areas, Vautier Accumulate is ideal. It allows the bee babysitter to aftermath acceptable affection honey with beneath costs in architecture it. The accumulate is fabricated from adhesive to assure the colonies from bad weather, backcountry fires and predators (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). The abundant weight of the hives will accomplish it adamantine for the thieves to abduct those (Volunteers for Africa Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 2006). The vautier accumulate should be aloft off the arena on rocks or tires. The bee antecedents dwells in a baby aggregate that is needed. At autumn time, aloof accessible the hive, abolish the bonfire that are abounding of honey and alter them with new flames. Close the hives until the abutting harvest(BeesforDevelopment, 2006). The accumulate produces 20-25 kg of honey per year (Volunteers for Africa Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 2006). • Materials needed: o Adhesive o Lumber, bamboo or branches o Wooden mould • The amplitude of the accumulate should be alert than its height. Interior ambit should be smaller. Create an access aperture in the basal of one ancillary (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). Put a belvedere in advanced of access again accomplish a blast aperture at the aback (BeesforDevelopment Inc. , 2007). • The 22 frames should all accept a top-bar and 2 triangles. Any continued and annealed allotment of copse can be acclimated for top-bar. Cut the triangles from a aboveboard or ellipsoidal allotment of wood. Adhesive the triangles beneath the top-bar, authoritative abiding that all the frames are the aforementioned admeasurement (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). • In adjustment to animate the bees to use the frames properly, put wax guides or foundation to the top-bar, centered and active the accomplished breadth of the top-bar, all the way to the edges of the triangles (BeesforDevelopment Inc. , 2007).

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