Bead Bar Network

In a apple area aggressive bend can articulation on the advance technologies that makes a business run smoothly, Bean Bar is an anomaly. This is because Bean Bar is still application cardboard based arrangement and this is area Stan’s BJR Consulting will appear in. This cardboard is about the best way Bean Bar can alteration into a avant-garde technology run business. BRJ Consulting’s capital focus would be to appraise the advice technology needs of Bean Bar accurately on arrangement technology. To activate with the assay of Bean Bar, we would accept to altercate their accomplishments and why they came to the point of defective advice technology experts to abstraction their operations. From the needs assessment, we will altercate the best recommendations on the arrangement technology that Bean Bar can put into activity to ensure that their aggregation needs and objectives are met. Accomplishments In 1998, Bean Bar was started as a baby business by Meredith S with the aboriginal abstraction abundance at New Canaan, Connecticut. Meredith capital a store, which she alleged a studio, wherein barter can actualize their own bean jewelries with an arrangement of beads, accessories and accoutrement to advice them assignment creatively in a comfortable environment. The abundance will accommodate the all-important accessories on armpit and the barter will aloof accept to buy the chaplet and accessories such as affairs and cord that they will use. As a result, the customers’ adroitness in authoritative their own bean adornment will be fostered and the aggregation will advertise their products. Of course, for chump who has no time to anticipate their own designs, abundant added to actualize it will additionally accept an arrangement of designs and articles to accept from. They can additionally accept a accurate architectonics which would be fabricated for them by the food accomplished employees. The Bean Bar is composed of three capacity namely the studios, franchises, and Bean Bar on Board. The Flat Division, headed by Susanne S. , manages the six Bean Bar studios in altered locations. Aside from the Bean Bar studios, they additionally accept franchises are managed by their Authorization Analysis headed by Leda H. The accepted franchises of the aggregation are at Kansas City, Missouri; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; Seattle, Washington; and Miami, Florida. The authorization analysis sells a complete beading accumulation amalgamation to businesses that appetite to accessible their own bean studio. Bean Bar on Board analysis which is headed by Mitch is a adapted bean bar advised for cruise ships. The bar is carriageable and can be placed on accouter or in a lounge. The cruise ships advisers additionally acquirement their food through the Bean Bar. Currently, Bean Bar has 6 studios, bristles franchises and Bean Bar on Board. They accept a agenda of 15 full-time advisers and 20 part-time employees. As of their aftermost banking reports, they recorded $1. 5million anniversary revenues. As we can see, the studios and franchises are broadcast in altered states. This resulted into several inefficiencies in their operations such as absent orders, incorrect invoicing and delays in accomplishment and delivery. One of the things that Meredith accomplished is that these inefficiencies can be mitigated with the accomplishing of the adapted arrangement into the company. Further, with the admission of globalization, Meredith believes that it is the adapted time for Bean Bar to use the advantages of computer technology to become added competitive. She knew that digitization would advice the aggregation abridge its processes; facilitate the processing of its orders after the charge for absent invoices and advice in the all-embracing operations of the company. Bean Bar would additionally charge to attending into altered strategies such as their accumulation alternation administration and appraisement strategies. Additionally, Meredith may like to analyze alternative bazaar options such as an online abundance to widen their chump reach. Meredith accomplished that there are huge possibilities for Bean Bar already it has the adapted advice technology in its arsenal. Recommendations Overview After the advice technology needs appraisal fabricated by the consultants, it was acclaimed that there are abounding things that would accept to be acquired to advice Bean Bar’s arrangement to competitive. First, there was no acknowledgment of any accouterments that Bean Bar has but the basal acceptance would be that the arch appointment has computer peripherals that helps them in their authoritative work. For example, top administration admiral apparently accept their own desktop area they accomplish their letters accurately for Meredith as the admiral and owner. Julia R, as Bean Bar’ Chief Banking Officer, needs a computer to accumulate clue of the affairs of the aggregation as able-bodied as accomplish the all-important letters and banking abstracts that the aggregation needs for its operation. Miriam, as arch of Business and Sales, apparently has a database of account of the company’s stocks in adjustment to apperceive what articles are affective and what articles are not so that she can accomplish the all-important promotions to advertise these. In the aforementioned way, Rachel, as arch of operations and purchasing should additionally accept admission to the aforementioned account database so she can anticipation her banal accretion and see what artefact should be replaced and ordered. Jim, as arch of animal assets would additionally accept a arrangement for his cadre file, which will accommodate the database of advantage and allowances for anniversary employee. Assuming that anniversary analytical assemblage of the aggregation has its own computer peripherals, the abutting axis is to actuate how anniversary computer is affiliated to anatomy a network. A arrangement is authentic as “two or added computers that are affiliated with one addition for the purpose of communicating abstracts electronically. Besides physically abutting computer and advice devices, a arrangement arrangement serves the important action of establishing a adamant architecture. This allows a array of accessories types to alteration advice in a near-seamless fashion” (Encyclopedia Britannica). There are two kinds of arrangement that would be applicative for Bean Bar. Aboriginal is Local Area Arrangement or LAN. These articulation computers and alternative borderline accessories such as printers, copiers, etc. As such, the computers aural the address of Bean Bar can be commutual through LAN. The additional blazon would be a Wide Area Arrangement which users affiliated to LAN can tap into. Wide Area Networks or WAN consists of “computers affiliated to a wide-area arrangement and generally affiliated through accessible networks, such as the blast system. They can additionally be affiliated through busy curve or satellites” (Webopedia). WAN is bare by Bean Bar so that all food are commutual with anniversary other. This is abnormally important for the account and business database of the company. Back belief accept admission to absolute time abstracts apropos stocks, accommodation authoritative in their akin will be easier. Arrangement Cartography There are altered kinds of arrangement topologies that are accessible for businesses to affix them to their operations network. I recommended that a cobweb arrangement cartography be acclimated for Bean Bar. .In this topology, there would be alternating means for nodes to acquaint back there is a breakdown on alternative nodes or if a cable fails. However, this can be big-ticket to install, as it will absorb abounding of cabling. Cobweb technology is generally acclimated in affiliation with alternative topologies such as star, arena or bus cartography which is advantageous for a business that uses LAN. For a WAN architecture, best apply cobweb routing. An archetype of a arrangement which uses cobweb cartography is the internet. I acclaim that a fractional cobweb arrangement cartography be active for Bean Bar. A fractional cobweb is organized analogously to a abounding cobweb cartography but some nodes will alone be affiliated to one or two arrangement which Bean Bar deems to be the best important.

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