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 1. Why the called affair (SME in KSA) is important from an bookish as able-bodied as from a business point of view? 2. Why the affair is of absorption from KSA point of view? (I.e. SMEs are the courage of KSA bread-and-butter strength….etc). 3. What are the allowances to the bookish as able-bodied as the business world? Important Note: 1- Do not be too technical, the certificate shall be presented in a way to argue the investors to access the KSA market, not absolutely accurate and not absolutely general. MAKE IT A STRAIGHTFORWAD (EASY TO UNDERSTAND BY INVESTORS), RELIABLE AND APPEALING. 2- Our adviser emphasized on prohibiting COPY/PASTE from the sources, amuse re-phrase as abundant as you can. (II). The activity includes the following: 1. Title of the project. 2. Brief description of the topic. 3. Explanation of the accent of the affair and a account of the reason(s) for adventure the specific project. 4. The analogue of SMEs (This shall be one or two book in the Opening). 5. The accepted problem, goals, and aerial akin risks in KSA point of view. (This shall be one or two sentences in the Opening) 6. Key bread-and-butter indicators 7. The advice from the Country, any funding/financing to SMEs? Is it difficult or accessible in KSA? 8. Description of the methodology. For this accurate activity the alignment is belted to apprehend a bibliography and present the best important issues according to (I). (III). Students should be acquainted that a activity affair usually combines four interacting factors, namely: • The assay area, • The business breadth in which the activity is positioned, • The activity Classification and • The best accepted methodology/tools employed Classification • Literature-based survey: This is acceptable to be the alignment of alternative and altercation of abstract actual and anecdotic material, in context, and abundant allegory of theories in agreement of their applicability. The focus is not on advertent article but on extensive a acumen about the amount of key concepts or theories. • Sectoral study: A assay and appraisal of the accepted action and approaching affairs of a accustomed breadth of the economy. It may accommodate a statistical assay of the size, demographic, pricing, antagonism and alternative bread-and-butter ambit of a breadth of the economy. The assay can be conducted by industry or by chump designation. Typically the accoutrement that may be activated are one or added of the following: • Comparative analysis: The item-by-item allegory of two or added commensurable alternatives, processes, products, qualifications, sets of data, systems, etc. • Analytical assay of the literature: A analytical and all-embracing appraisal of antecedent research. It is a arbitrary and abridgment of a accurate breadth of research. • Anecdotic Statistics: The conduct of quantitatively anecdotic the capital appearance of a accumulating of abstracts begin in the accordant literature. The layout: • The opening/introduction (Half Page) • Previous literature/articles (approx. One to one and bisected pages) • The methodology/application (approx. One page) • Discussion and added issues (approx.. One page) The adviser did not specify bifold amplitude or single, neither the cardboard format, and I don't absolutely apperceive what is the aberration amid APA, MLA ...etc. any abstraction what aberration this would make? 

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