Answer the beneath questions in a Word Document and upload it here.   1. Discuss how you ability use business analytics in your claimed life, such as managing, budgeting, sports, and so on.  Be artistic in anecdotic opportunities.  2. A bazaar has been experiencing continued curve during aiguille periods of the day. The botheration is acutely worse on assertive canicule of the week, and the aiguille periods sometimes alter according to the day of the week.  There are usually abundant workers on the job to accessible all banknote registers. The botheration the bazaar faces is alive back to alarm some of the workers who are stocking shelves up to the advanced to assignment the checkout counters.  How ability business analytics advice the supermarket?  What abstracts would be bare to facilitate acceptable decisions?  3. Suggest some metrics that a auberge ability appetite to aggregate about their guests?  How ability these metrics be acclimated with business analytics to abutment decisions at the hotel?  4. Suggest some metrics that a administrator of a fast-food restaurant, such as McDonald’s or Chipotle, ability appetite to collect.  Describe how the administrator ability use the abstracts to facilitate bigger decisions.

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