Baumol Model of cash management

Firm's optimum banknote antithesis beneath certainty. It is abundantly acclimated and awful advantageous for the purpose of banknote management. As per the model, banknote and account administration problems are one and the same. William J. Bamboo developed a archetypal (The affairs Appeal for Cash: An Account Theoretic Approach) which is usually acclimated in Account administration & banknote management. Bamboo archetypal of banknote administration trades off amid befalling bulk or accustomed bulk or captivation bulk & the transaction cost. As such close attempts to abbreviate the um of the captivation banknote & the bulk of converting bankable antithesis to cash. Relevance At present abounding companies accomplish an accomplishment to abate the costs incurred by owning cash. They additionally strive to absorb beneath money on alteration bankable antithesis to cash. The Bamboo archetypal of banknote administration is advantageous in this regard. Use of Bamboo Archetypal The Bamboo archetypal enables companies to acquisition out their adorable akin of banknote antithesis beneath certainty. The Bamboo archetypal of banknote administration approach relies on the barter off amid the clamminess provided by captivation money (the adeptness to backpack out orientations) and the absorption foregone by captivation one's assets in the anatomy of non- absorption address money. The key variables of the appeal for money are again the nominal absorption rate, the akin of absolute assets which corresponds to the bulk of adapted affairs and to a anchored bulk of appointment one's abundance amid aqueous money and absorption address assets. Assumptions There are assertive assumptions or account that are analytical with account to the Bamboo archetypal of banknote management: The accurate aggregation should be able to change the antithesis that they own into cash, befitting the bulk of transaction the same. Under accustomed circumstances, all such deals accept capricious costs and anchored costs. The aggregation is able of admiration its banknote necessities. They should be able to do this with a akin of certainty. The aggregation should additionally get a anchored bulk of money. They should be accepting this money at approved intervals. The aggregation is acquainted of the befalling bulk appropriate for captivation cash. It should break the aforementioned for a ample breadth of time. The aggregation should be authoritative its banknote payments at a constant ate over a assertive aeon of time. In alternative words, the bulk of banknote address should be regular. Equations Representations in Bamboo Archetypal of Banknote Management: Captivation Bulk = k(C/2) Transaction Bulk = c(T/C) Absolute bulk = k(C/2) + C(T/C) Where T is the absolute armamentarium requirement, C is the banknote balance, k is the befalling bulk & c Is ten bulk per transaction. Limitations of the Bamboo model: 1 . Lat does not acquiesce banknote flows to fluctuate. 2. Overdraft is not considered. 3. There are uncertainties in the arrangement of approaching banknote flows.

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