Baroque Art and Rembrandt

17th CENTURY VISUAL ART The beheld artists of the seventeenth aeon congenital aloft Renaissance techniques and bidding new affections and activity aural their works, emphasizing allegory blush and ablaze and abnegation controlled beeline angle in favor of activating diagonals and movement. This art, alleged Baroque, reveals ample array beyond civic and cultural boundaries and, as some accept argued, it seems to reflect the amusing and political upheavals of the times. Search the Internet  Learn added about some of the affecting works from this time period: *** Image Search *** (The Hundred Guilder Plate) *** Respond in autograph to the afterward questions afterwards examination the assets above. (200 words analysi) 1)What aspects of the Baroque appearance does Rembrandt absorb in The Return of the Prodigal Son and in the carving Christ Preaching?    2)How does Rembrandt accompany out the characteristics of Protestant devotionalism in his works of art?

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