Baroque Architecture Characteristics


The Bizarre aeon took the humanist Roman appearance of Renaissance architectonics and showed it in a new rhetorical, affected and sculptural appearance they bidding the celebration of absolutist abbey and state. The capital appearance of Bizarre architectonics was added anxious about color, ablaze and shade, sculptural ethics and acuteness which could be apparent in its characteristics. Bizarre is authentic periods in abstract as able-bodied as music; about critics perceived it to be unstructured, over ornamented, affected and grotesque. Although abounding things afflicted the Bizarre aeon it was additionally afflicted by adoration as able-bodied as the countries politics. Architects were absorbed in the amplitude of the advance cosmos as able-bodied as the apparatus of the apperception and attempted to portray passions of the body through facial expressions.


The appearance of the bizarre era showed long, attenuated naves that were replaced by a broader, or occasionally with annular forms. It displayed affecting use of ablaze that could be either able light-and-shade adverse (known as chiaroscuro)effects; or they acclimated compatible lighting by agency of several windows. Addition affection was abundant use of ornaments (puttos fabricated of copse (often gilded), adhesive or stucco, marble or faux finishing), they acclimated all-embracing beam frescoes and Baroques alien façade is generally characterized by a affecting axial projection, about the autogenous is generally no added than a carapace for painting and carve which was apparent in the backward Bizarre period. Bizarre appearance additionally board apparent furnishings like trompe l’oeil and the aggregate of painting and architectonics and in alternative countries such as Bavaria, Czech, Polish, and Ukrainian the Bizarre appearance contained, pear domes that were are ubiquitous.


The capital characteristics for the Bizarre era were energy, abundant amounts of astriction and a faculty of movement from the buildings. Its painting, carve and architectonics acquired from affectation and bankrupt abroad from the rules of abreast architecture, they accepted abandon to plan, architectonics and adorn their barrio with what they wanted. Columns had askance shafts which were placed in advanced of pilasters amidst by cornices and covered with arced and burst pediments. They independent “over the top” and generally clashing capacity with carved decoration. Interiors had gilded sculptures generally in awkward poses; the architectonics was acclaimed for its arced lines. Abounding of Baroques additions were accomplished in bronze, marble, gold and silver. Bizarre had a activating attending and feel to its design; it was a advantageous allocation for isolating the tendencies and articles of stylistic change. It was apparent as spacious, brilliant, theatrical, passionate, sensual, ecstatic, opulent, extravagant, able and virtuoso. It was an age of amplification afterward on an age of discovery, its amplification led to still added analysis about architectural architectonics and decoration.

Section A: Interiors

S.Maria Della Salute (1631-1682)

The autogenous of S.Maria Della Salute is a actual acceptable archetype of Bizarre Architectonics and design. It displays the Bizarre aspect in a way but is not absolutely over bizarre nor does it board any clashing details. Marble is mainly acclimated in the columns and the abject appears to be gilded in bronze. Sculptures are carved from marble and angle aerial in the annular of the dome. An chantry can be apparent and one ability accept it is additionally gilded in bronze. It is an artwork in a way but it is not “over the top” in any way which can be apparent from this appearance point.

S.Pietro (1656 – 1667)

The S.Pietro is addition abundant archetype of Bizarre architectonics and design. In this photo we can see the brownish chantry that stands aloof in advanced of the apse, we can see paintings that are busy with gold boarders, marble columns and aerial walls, the domes board gold ceilings. Walls are busy with sculptures in chargeless continuing positions in the walls additionally fabricated of marble. Ablaze is accustomed through aerial continuing windows and the capital arch from aloft through a sky light.

Versailles (1660 – 1685)

The Alcazar of Versailles is the best able-bodied accepted allotment of Bizarre Architectonics and architectonics accepted to date. It defines what the bizarre aeon was about. It was extravagant, sensual, dynamic, amorous (paintings), able and opulent. Decorations were not argent but authentic gold. Soft fabrics, ablaze colours and admirable sculptures busy the interiors of the Palace. In the Hall of Mirrors as apparent in amount 8 sculptures themselves were casting in gold aerial windows offered ablaze and bottle chandeliers afraid from a beam busy in painting and gilded gold boarders. In the Queens Chambers as apparent in amount 7 one can acquaint that not alike the bedrooms were kept simple. Gold was additionally acclimated and to an admeasurement it was ever used. The focus of ones eye is led to the gold adornment and not the architectural ethics of the building. The exoteric as apparent in amount 6 one can see that the balustrade railings were gilded in gold adornment as the sun makes this accessible to see. Marble is additionally acclimated on the façade of the architectonics but it is mainly busy in gold. Rich active colours can be apparent throughout the alcazar as apparent in amount 7 of the Queens Chambers.

Section B: Autogenous Design

Although the Bizarre era contributed to the abundant barrio we see today, one cannot balloon about the interiors. Although abundantly busy the interiors are actual able-bodied advised to board assertive aspects. Architects charge to anticipate like that in adjustment to access a acceptable faculty of what works and what does not. I accept autogenous architectonics does absolutely adumbration about it forth the lines. We architectonics what we anticipate the applicant would like and again get an abstraction if the applicant brand it of not, if not we artlessly accomplish a few changes to get a bigger feel and a bigger appearance of what they want. It is the aforementioned now as it is then. Autogenous designers architectonics the amplitude in which the applicant will be in every day. It requires a abundant accord of acumen and a ability about a person, one ability accede account your applicant by talking to them, back you do that you can get bigger ideas. Simple designs generally accomplish bigger designs in these canicule about in the accomplished if it was big, ample and independent abundant decorations it was classified as good.


So from attractive at the bizarre architectonics one can say that it played a abundant role in the architectonics of barrio today. Abounding bodies who access an over and aloft bacon sometimes accept one or two apartment that accord afterthought to the bizarre style. It was absolutely lavish, activating and “over the top” decorations were absolutely a bit abundant for today’s avant-garde society.


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