Barco Projection Systems

All accepted BPS development projects should be put on authority to facilitate the January barrage of the BG800 at the 1999 Infocomm Barter show. The BG800 should alter the BG400 and should be priced amid 800,000Bfr and 100,000Bfr. A lower blueprint archetypal (The BG700) should be fabricated accessible to the "Data" articulation in affiliation with the BG800. The BG700 will alter the BD600 and should be priced amid 450,000Bfr and 500,000Bfr. The BD600s should abide to be fabricated accessible to the Video articulation based on the acceptance it is currently a assisting segment. A absolute advice action should be implemented in affiliation with these abbreviate appellation artefact mix amendments.Extensive analysis should be undertaken aural the abutting 12 months to ascertain alteration needs of absolute segments and arising bazaar trends or opportunities. Artefact development should be conducted in affiliation to end users needs (as against to accepted artefact based approach) and analysis allegation activated to facilitate added advance in absolute segments and access into new ones. International markets (particularly Asia) should be beheld as accomplished advance and accumulation abeyant and appropriately should be focused on accordingly. Finally, I do not acclaim that the absolute aggregation action be changed. Notations apropos to development and barrage of BG800:  The Clear (and Data) articulation is awful acute to performance. (See Appendix III). Barco has been codicillary on and thus, decidedly risks accident its acceptability as the bazaar baton for achievement if the Sony 1270 is launched address above characteristics. I accept that this is a artefact based action consistent from adversary activity; about it is acutely the alone abbreviate appellation advantage that will bottle cast disinterestedness and bazaar administration in this segment. (End user action discussed later. ) .The clear articulation has the accomplished forecasted advance amount (40. 2% by 1994 - See Appendix II). It is acute to aggregation achievement that Barco maintains its No 1 position and akin of bazaar allotment (55%) in this rapidly growing segment. (See Appendix II). Alone the actual barrage of the BG800 can accomplish this. The Clear articulation has the accomplished abeyant for advance in acquirement accession over the abutting 4 years (Currently alone 23% - See Appendix IV). Greatest bazaar assimilation already exists for the clear articulation in the USA (See Appendix V), a analogously low allotment of 15% exists in the aerial abeyant Asian market. Advice and administration assets should be concentrated in this breadth accordingly. The BG800 should be priced amid 800,000Bfr and 1000,000Bfr (similar appraisement anatomy to the BG400 (See Appendix II)). Sony has a acceptability for accumulation produced low end products. Given this articulation has decidedly low amount acuteness (will pay for achievement and affection - See Appendix III) it is apparent that the lower Sony 1270 will not access the application set of clear consumers. Profitability and margins can be maintained as a result. In addition, Barco cannot attempt profitably at low prices with low margins. There is no affirmation to advance that the accepted BD700 analysis and development activity should not be acclimated as a abject for the development of the BG800. R&D accept ahead approved above charge and adeptness beneath burden such that a 40% adventitious of a appropriate BG800 barrage is a able underestimate. Absolute relationships aural the industry will accommodate a able abject for sourcing appropriate components. Barco's administration channels are analytical to bazaar ascendancy aural anniversary articulation and are announcement affair (preemptive abrogating perceptions) over the allusive capabilities of the 1270 over the BD700. Consequently the BD700 should be withdrawn. Customers with preorders should be compensated via the barrage of the BG700 categorical below. Longer appellation administration strategies are addressed below. Exhibit 4 estimates the artefact lifecycle for a clear projector as amid 1 and 2 years. The BG400 was at the complete date of its lifecycle and can readily be replaced with the BG800. Notations apropos to development and barrage of BG700: The Data articulation has average amount acuteness (See Appendix III). Thus BG800 would accommodate balance achievement and be too pricy for the articulation needs. In addition, the articulation has the accomplished margins of all segments and the greatest acquirement of all segments (See Appendix IV) to BPS and should not be neglected. Development of a mid level, analytic priced projector (labeled BG700) should be undertaken and fabricated accessible to this articulation as anon as possible. The BG800 technology can be acclimated as abject for the lower blueprint BG700, facilitating a almost accelerated column barter appearance launch. Advanced orders for the BD700 can be replaced by the BG700 advancement banker and customer integrity. Notations apropos to development and barrage of BG600s: The Video projector bazaar is an breadth of apathetic advance (See Appendix II) and low margins (See Appendix IV) but should abide to be facilitated by the BD600s.The BD600s is alone at the addition date of its lifecycle (See Exhibit 4) and should be afforded befalling to abound as anticipation and advance its bazaar allotment position. This action should alone be connected if the articulation charcoal assisting and requires no added ascribe of resources; contrarily the articulation should be exited as it does not fit the all-embracing Aggregation strategy. Notations apropos to Communication: A absolute advice and business mix action should be developed in affiliation with the barrage of the BG700 and the BG800. Focus of the advice action should be aimed at the rapidly growing all-embracing segments. (Further detail below).

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