Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Individual Assignment: Antithesis Area and Assets Account Commentary About traded companies are entities that are acquiesce for the alms of its registered securities. This allows them to become traded over a one banal barter or over the adverse market. This action allows for companies to barometer how abundant the aggregation is absolutely account compared to alternative companies in the aforementioned acreage or overall. This gives some inherent advantages over some of the abreast traded ones such as actuality able to ability debt markets and the affairs of approaching equity. However, this additionally takes abroad from the all-embracing ascendancy from the majority of its owners and aggregation founders. There are abounding altered types of companies that abatement beneath this category. They ambit from anywhere amid trucking to retail and annihilation in between. These companies are traded consistently with their stocks activity up and bottomward based on how bodies feel about the company. The four areas that are focused in this cardboard are manufacturing, trucking, retail (grocery), and mortgages. AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI) is a accomplishment aggregation that develops means to amalgamation altered things. The aggregation prides itself on the artificial is creates and uses for this process. This aggregation is actual agnate to that of Riordan Manufacturing. Both companies accept advance their own artificial abstracts that are acclimated for altered things. According to the Antithesis Sheet, The shareholders’ disinterestedness biconcave in 2011 and rose acutely in 2012. This is best acceptable do to the access of assets and liabilities. In the Assets Statement, the all-embracing gross accumulation added from 2011 to 2012 by over 50,000. The net assets additionally about angled from 2011 to 2012. Though the barter bulk of this company’s banal has alone to . 1 beneath the accumulation line, the aggregation has connected to appearance advance from year to year. AMERCO (UHAL) is a aggregation that specializes in trucking/transporting items beyond any distance. It gives best of its ability to the individuals who appoint the aggregation giving them the ability to ascendancy back and area they are aircraft their materials. All-embracing the aggregation is attractive at a profit. It is currently at 1. 67 and rising. The company’s Assets account shows that the aggregation is boring but steadily continuing its growth. It acquired about 100,000 gross accumulation aftermost year and does not appearance signs of slowing down. The all-embracing net assets came to about 21,000 in one year. The antithesis area additionally shows that the absolute assets and liabilities accept developed and that it has added the all-embracing disinterestedness of the aggregation for the shareholders. Arden Group Inc. is a captivation aggregation that operates seventeen full-service supermarkets in Southern California. The aggregation itself carries both decaying and grocery products. The aggregation is currently absent about 2. 20 today. According the Antithesis Statement, the assets of the aggregation from 2011 to 2012 alone by about bisected the amount, the better account seems to be the abbreviate appellation investments. The abbreviate appellation investments in 2011 area 30, 413 and in 2012 it is 1,759. That is about 80% in one year. It seems that bodies accept absent abroad from this aggregation back it comes to abbreviate appellation investments. This acquired the disinterestedness of the aggregation to be cut in half. In the Assets statement, on the alternative hand, shows a abiding advance of profit. The aggregation is authoritative money alike after the abbreviate appellation investments. Nationalstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. is the nation’s arch mortgage service. It offers its food anon to the consumers. According to the Antithesis Sheet, the aggregation has developed leaps and bounds. In 2011, the aggregation was attractive at little beneath 2 actor absolute assets, but in 2012 that cardinal grew to over 7 million. The aggregation is growing acutely and based on the antecedent 2 years does not assume to be slowing down. The accountability and the disinterestedness has developed in affiliation with the assets. The Assets Account shows additionally an absorbing access in net income. The aggregation is growing and authoritative a lot of money with it. The 2011 net assets was 20,887. This cardinal ballooned to 205,287 absolute net income. In conclusion, these four companies are about traded and are actual acknowledged in their own way. Nationstar has developed the greatest and seems to be able to abide to abound in the mortgage field. Arden and AEP are both growing aggregation possibly activity through growing pains and will be able to appear out stronger. Finally, AMERCO is a able aggregation based in the appropriate acreage and will abide to grow. References AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bs? s=AEPI+Balance+Sheet&annual AEP Industries Inc. (AEPI). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/is? s=AEPI+Income+Statement&annual AMERCO (UHAL). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bs? =UHAL+Balance+Sheet&annual AMERCO (UHAL). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/is? s=UHAL+Income+Statement&annual Arden Group Inc. (ARDNA). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bs? s=ARDNA+Balance+Sheet&annual Arden Group Inc. (ARDNA). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/is? s=ARDNA+Income+Statement&annual Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. (NSM). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/bs? s=NSM+Balance+Sheet&annual Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc. (NSM). (2013). Retrieved from http://finance. yahoo. com/q/is? s=NSM+Income+Statement&annual

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