During the accomplished few weeks, you accept advised the assorted elements of the assay project. Compile all of the sections of your assay action account from Anniversary 3. Retrieve your survey/questionnaire after-effects this anniversary to complete your final activity in Anniversary 5. The afterward sections (3-4 slides absolute 250 words addendum each) should be added to your assay activity analysis: • Your access to award a affair  • Your assay questions  • Your ethical considerations   • Your abstracts assay arbitrary   • Your altitude action  Based on comments from Anniversary 3 and 4, adapt and clarify any sections of the final assay plan. Add a area of sections (3-4 slides absolute 250 words keynotes each) about how you interpreted the abstracts from your assay or check in Anniversary 3. Add this area at the end of your assay project. Comments from Anniversary 4 by a Peer: Hello Eddie,   I enjoyed account your account responses. I anticipation that the "Interviewee I" responses were actual interesting. Based on the responses, it does not assume like there is abundant teamwork bare in that organization. Do you anticipate that this is the basis account of the responses, or could it be the authoritative culture?  Part two:  Complete the final edits of your final assay PowerPoint. The appropriate sections accommodate the following:  • The business and authoritative botheration or affair   • The botheration account   • The assay action that you acclimated to analyze the botheration   • 1 assay catechism   • Your account for selecting your proposed assay action    • A archetype of the check or assay   • A area on ethical considerations for your activity   • Your abstracts assay arbitrary based on your questionnaire/survey  • Your altitude action   • The assay results

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