Babson & American Culture

Application article ( address a letter to your aboriginal year acquaintance at Babson. Tell him or her what it will be like to alive with you, why you accept Babson, and what are you attractive advanced to the best in college). Type of order: Article Deadline: January 10, 2007 19:44 I am actuality because of the acceptable acceptability of Babson University in Academics, and at the aforementioned time I am additionally absorbed to accept added about American Culture. While acceptance here, I appetite to represent my country, Saudi Arabia and my Adoration (Islam) the appropriate way. Especially afterwards the contest that happened in 9/11, bodies started to attending at Islam and Saudi Arabia in a abrogating way. I accede this letter as an befalling to actual this angel and say that we, the Islamic Bodies of Saudi Arabia are adjoin Terrorism. “Islam, one of the three above apple religions, forth with Judaism and Christianity, that acknowledge monotheism, or the acceptance in a distinct God. In the Arabic language, the chat Islam agency “surrender” or “submission” to the will of God. A addict of Islam is alleged a Muslin, which in Arabic agency “one who surrenders to God”. The Arabic name for God, Allah refers to the God admired by Jews and Christians. Islam’s axial teaching is that there is alone one all-powerful, all alive God. And this God created the Universe. This accurate monotheism, as able-bodied as the Islamic Teachings that all Muslims are according afore God, provides the base for a aggregate faculty of adherence to God that transcends class, race, nationality, and alike differences in religious practice. Thus, all Muslims accord to one community, the “umma”, irrespective of their indigenous or civic background. Code: 31436039 Page 2 Source: Dailal, Ahma, S. “Islam” Microsoft Encarta 2006 (DVD). Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2005 This is additionally an befalling for me, that for bodies who looks at “Islam” and Saudi Arabia in a abrogating way will at atomic accept a additional adventitious of alteration their minds. Back “Islam” is additionally adjoin terrorism. And agitation accept annihilation to do with religion, because “Islam” is for peace. I achievement I will be an apparatus to appearance them, back I will be a apprentice like them and will appearance them that I am a accord admiring person. I will be like aloof anybody else, who looks at activity positively.

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