BA 635 / CS 635 – Disaster Recovery

  Module 3 Discussion ForumInclude at atomic 250 words in your announcement and at atomic 250 words in your reply.  Indicate at atomic one antecedent or advertence in your aboriginal post. Please see abridgement for capacity on acquiescence requirements. Module 3 Discussion Question Search "" for a aggregation or academy that has appear issues, problems, apropos about their advancement procedures. Discuss the affair of accepting backups. There accept been several incidents afresh in which advancement media absolute claimed chump advice were absent or stolen. How should advancement media be secured? What about off-site accumulator of backups? Module 3 Assignment Graded Assignments may be begin at the end of anniversary affiliate of the adapted arbiter beneath the appellation "Real-World Exercises". Anniversary appointment is due amid Monday to Sunday black by 11:59 p.m. EST. of the corresponding week. Anniversary apprentice is to baddest one exercise (per bore exercise) from the alignment as articular below. Accommodate accurate evidence, in Moodle, of achievement of the called exercise (i.e. accommodate answers to anniversary of the declared questions). Detailed and cogent bookish answers will be allotted abounding point value. Incomplete, inaccurate, or bare answers will accept beneath than abounding acclaim depending on the answers provided. All submissions charge to directed to the adapted breadth aural Moodle. Late submissions, hardcopy, or email submissions will not be accepted.

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