Aztec and City

Jarrett Barber Mr. Slaughter 11/16/12 Tenochtitlan Tenochtitlan was the basic burghal and basic of the Aztec empire. The burghal was founded in 1325 back the Aztec emperor told some of his tribes to attending for a atom for their new basic city. He told them that the atom for the burghal would be begin back they saw an hawkeye bistro a snake on top of a cactus. This attribute is now on the Mexican covering of accoutrements and on the Mexican banderole (King). The tribes wondered about in what is now present day Mexico City, attractive for this aberrant site. They assuredly came to the atom breadth they saw the scene. It happened on a baby island in the average of Basin Texacco. All of the surrounding breadth of the basin was all swamp land, but because they saw the hawkeye there, that’s breadth the burghal was to be built. The architecture of Tenochtitlan took abode beneath the aphorism of four altered Aztec kings. They laid out the architecture affairs for the burghal on a grid, authoritative the architecture of the burghal abundant easier and run smoother. The burghal was affiliated to the acreage by three aloft causeways; the three altered causeways acicular north, west, and south. The aloft causeways had bridges in the average of them to acquiesce canoes and alternative cartage underneath; the bridges could additionally be aloft up in case of an attack. The burghal had two aqueducts that were 2. 5 afar continued to accumulation beginning baptize from the springs of Chapultepec, admitting best of this baptize was acclimated for bathing, abrasion dishes, and alternative assorted affidavit (Stearns). Best of the Tenochtitlan citizenry bathed alert every day, but adjudicator Montezuma was accounted to bath as abounding as 4 times a day. The bodies adopted their bubbler baptize from the adjacent abundance springs, as it was abundant cleaner. Back it was at its better point, Tenochtitlan covered a little added than bristles aboveboard miles. And at the acme of its existence, Tenochtitlan’s citizenry was about 150,000 bodies (closely commensurable to the admeasurement of the citizenry of the burghal of Cordoba). Tenochtitlan was the better burghal in Mesoamerica, but additionally one of the better in the apple (Tenochtitlan). The alone two cities beyond than this at the time were Paris and Constantinople which had populations of 300,000. The accent of the burghal was Nahuatl, it was announced throughout the Aztec empire. The bodies additionally accomplished Aztec religion, the adoration consisted of animal cede and religious festivals. Gods of altered elements were admired and accustomed sacrifices. Animal sacrifices were accustomed to the sun god in abhorrence that the sun ability not acceleration the abutting morning (Stearns). Templo Mayor was the better temple in Tenochtitlan, it was rebuilt 6 altered times (King). The temple aboriginal went beneath architecture in 1325, in assumption with the blow of the city. Each time it was rebuilt, it grew hardly larger. The temple was committed to 2 altered gods, Tlaloc, god of rain and agriculture, and Huitzilopochtli, god of war. Each god had its own abstracted temple at the top. In 1427 Aztec emperor Ahuitzotl sacrificed tens of bags of bodies in the p of 4 canicule in account of the temple.. The alignment of the burghal was that of a city-state, with an organized axial region. Agronomics was a advancing convenance in Tenochtitlan. Because there was no allowance for it in the city, chinampas were developed. Chinampas were fields created on amphibian platforms on the lake’s surface. Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes visited the burghal in 1519 and was amazed. Cortes and his men were in awe at the afterimage of the city. They were greeted by the Aztecs with ability and food. Despite the hospitality, Cortes challenged the Aztecs and took emperor Montezuma hostage. The Aztecs declared war and collection the Spaniards out in 1520. Cortes led after attacks on the burghal but best of the citizenry was wiped by diseases that the Spaniards had brought. The burghal assuredly fell to the Spaniards in 1521. The burghal was burst and rebuilt to what is now Mexico City. There are still charcoal of Tenochtitlan that can still be apparent today in axial Mexico City. Works Cited Stearns, Peter et al. Apple Civilizations. 3rd ed. New York. Pearson Longman, 2000. “Tenochtitlan. ” Retrieved from https://www. courses. psu. edu/anth/anth008_cmg149/aten. html King, Heidi. “Tenochtitlan”. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. (October 2004) Retrieved from http://www. metmuseum. org/toah/hd/teno_1/hd_teno_1. htm (October 2004)

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