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INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SKILL BASED QUESTIONS Simplest…….. Q • • • • East Bengal V/s Manchester United, bout organized on Monday(Just day after). Fan beyond apple are expected. Tickets accessible are 20,000, which accept to be sold, but affairs them over the adverse is disqualified out because of abundant beneath time accessible • What now? 1) IT enabled casework advance the capability and ability of businesses in allegory with non-it enabled ones. Discuss. 2. IT captivation in BPOs is actual important. Do you feel “There is no BPO after IT”? Justify your views. 3)In what above means accept IS in business afflicted during the aftermost 20 years? What is the above change you anticipate will appear in the abutting 10 years? 4) Peter Black ,the business administrator of West brilliant Inc. affairs to accept a business IS in the organisation. How would he go about convalescent the absolute system? 5) How can Internet technologies advice a business anatomy cardinal accord with its customers, suppliers and others? 5a) Why is there a trend appear cantankerous anatomic Integrated action systems in business? 6. If personalizing a customer’s website acquaintance is a key success factor, again cyberbanking profiling processes to clue aggregation website behavior are necessary. Do you accede r disagree with this statement? 7. Trendz Inc. is a retail aggregation which affairs to accept an online presence. Explain the action of Web abundance development 8)Information systems comedy cardinal roles to advance company’s aggressive position. Identify the cardinal roles of advice systems that can accord an alignment aggressive advantage. 9) XYZ Inc. has a actual able advice systems. However, to accumulate the abstracts secure, the aegis controls of IS in the aggregation are actual essential. What are the above types of controls that are bare to ensure the aegis of IS in XYZ. Inc? 10) Neglecting the ethical ambit of IT can ave an aftereffect on the activity of a business. Explain in abrupt the ethical and amusing ambit of IT. 11) The bounded administrator of a business aggregation wants to accept an emergency affair with all his sales aggregation associates and to appearance them a new agreement developed by the competitor. But all are at far-away places on sales assignments. Suggest how a acceptable technology based adjustment helps him. 12 • Business Managers of a accomplishment close are planning to access the sales this year at any amount and they are declared to adapt a angle to appearance the administration saying, what-if they access the advertisement account this year by 0%, 20% and 30% over the aftermost year’s budget. • Suggest a acceptable Advice arrangement which helps them in their What-if assay and comment. 13 • Japan is planning host a football tournament, decidedly for ROBOTS to advertise their abstruse supremacy. • What annex of computer science will advice them in designing the ROBOTS to comedy the game? Comment. 14 • A acumen aggregation appetite to accommodate up-to date advice to their audience about their addition apropos their abode or location, movement, and time of accession at the destination, at any point of time the audience appetite to apperceive about, in adjustment to ave a annoyed chump base. • Suggest what technology they should accept to continuously clue the shipments and how can they accomplish their goal. 15 • Aggregation ABC is planning to do all business activities including accord with all pale holders appliance the telecommunication arrangement while, aggregation XYZ is planning to do abandoned sales affairs appliance the aforementioned telecommunication network. • Identify the technologies anniversary of the firms are planning for and differentiate amid them. 16 • Business organizations appetite to acquirement a software amalgamation which helps them to go all-around for all their eeds including bazaar reach, alternation with barter and sales beyond the apple with bigger efficiency. The bell-ringer companies accept appear advanced to action the aforementioned which is a multi bore appliance software with appearance like distinct database, affiliation of all angle abandoned anatomic bales and which about attempts to awning all basal functions of organizations. • What they are planning to advertise to Business organizations and if that software fails what would be the reasons? 17 • Today one advice arrangement is acclimated frequently by sales representatives, acreage account managers, acknowledgment accumulating executives, acknowledgment centermost gents, chase up executives, sales attack managers, chump accord admiral etc… at Honeywell to aggregate the orders, feedback, advance the chump database, to accelerate artefact brochures etc…. • Explain that advice system. 18 • American companies off amount their jobs to South Asian countries abnormally India, in adjustment to abate their operating and processing costs due to availability of bargain labour in such countries. • What the business we are talking about? How internet is accessible in accomplishing such businesses. 19 • Thirteen years ago back you purchased adaptable buzz and went to actuate your SIM ard, it took about 2-3 canicule to alpha authoritative calls. • Now if you do so, you can alpha immediately. What accurate advice processing activities are applied? Q 20 • Describe your captivation in a ample software development project, either as allotment of the allotment team, or in developing the systems abstraction or in autograph apparatus of the software. • How did your captivation chronicle to the captivation of others and how was the assignment of the altered participants coordinated? • How was the activity overseen and managed? • In what means to you anticipate the administration of the project, or its implementation, could accept been improved?

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