Aum Shinrikyo Terrorist Group

Introduction The Aum Shinrikyo is a Japanese ‘New Religious Movement Organisation’ but they are additionally labelled as a agitator organisation in abounding countries beyond the world. The accumulation originated in 1984, in Japan. It started as a band area the architect and leader, Shoko Asahara, promised followers that they would accept the adeptness to hover or bewitch if they joined. Since its enactment in 1984, it has committed at atomic two agitator attacks. The accumulation was accepted in the 1990’s and had abounding associates (10,000 in Japan and about 30,000 in Russia) but afterward the Sarin gas advance on the Tokyo subway, the numbers beneath due to the accumulation actuality targeted by the police. They afflicted the name of the organisation from Aum Shinrikyo to Aleph. History The abominable Band began in 1987 and was founded by Shoko Asahara. Aum Shinrikyo has elements of Buddhism and Christianity although Christians and Buddhists accept no affiliation to the group. The founder, Shoko Asahara, was built-in in 1957 and is partially blind. He spent his activity acceptance acupuncture which is a accepted career in Japan for the blind. He was arrested by the Japanese authorities and captivated in bastille for a abbreviate aeon for affairs abortive medicines to cure diseases, with the affirmation that they accord the user appropriate powers. He afterwards travelled in the Himalayas area he allegedly learnt his all-powerful admiral and was teleported to the year 2006 area he batten to soldiers who had survived Apple War III. Asahara formed the Band in 1987 in a baby yoga flat and assertive bodies that if they abutting they would accept appropriate admiral such as the adeptness to bewitch and they would action in Apple War III, which was to action at the end of the millennium. Asahara grew a bristles aback he started the Band as a way of actualization as a mystic. The acumen the Band was able to recruit so abounding associates was that the accessible approved the acceptance that they could aggregation abnormal admiral and could accomplish a altered activity to the busy, ceaseless alive activity of best bodies in Japan. The Band associates were loyal to Asahara and advised him as a blazon of ‘Christ’. He brainwashed his followers and accomplished a ambit of acute theories such as the doomsday and apocalypse that was his Apple War III. He brainwashed bodies into cerebration that if they larboard they would die in the apocalypse and there were cases of associates abrogation and actuality dead by alternative members, acting on Asaharas orders. In 2000, the name of the organisation was afflicted from Aum Shinrikyo to Aleph. Aleph is the aboriginal letter of the Jewish alphabet. It is somewhat of an bewilderment that they afflicted the name to Aleph as the accumulation is acerb adjoin to Judaism. The acumen for the change of name served to prove to the accessible they had afflicted and were no best Anti-Semitic and to recruit new associates that were blind of the Cult’s antecedent history. The Band still exists today, although abounding countries such as Australia and the USA accept placed Aleph and Aum Shinrikyo on agitator active lists. Interestingly, Japan has not classed Aleph as a agitator organisation, yet and accepted accepted associates as of 2005 is 1,650 according to Japanese government records. Chemical Weapons The Aum Shinrikyo fabricated sarin application over the adverse articles purchased at a chemist and candy themselves. The Aum Shinrikyo maintained ample warehouses area they would advance assumption agents and alternative actinic weapons. The Band alike had a address in Western Australia that was bankrupt at the end of 1993. In Western Australian it is asserted they activated actinic weapons (Sarin gas and VX which is the best baneful assumption abettor created and is classed as a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) by the United States) on 29 sheep. The Band additionally maintained actinic warehouses throughout Japan but in abounding cases, bounded association petitioned for them to move away. Tokyo Alms Sarin Gas Attacks In 1995 the Aum Shinrikyo committed the first, and worst, of their agitator attacks. In the aboriginal morning blitz hour on the Tokyo subway, bristles Aum Shinrikyo associates anniversary appear two accoutrements of the baleful chemical, Sarin and the advance was agitated out at aiguille hour in the alms stations area there was the better cardinal of bodies and greatest abeyant impact. The perpetrators were apprenticed to the appointed alms stations accustomed 2 accoutrements of aqueous Sarin captivated in newspaper. Some wore disguises while others had medical masks (which are absolutely accepted in Japan). All boarded the alms carriages and placed the accoutrements on the floor, biting them with umbrellas afore bent off at the abutting stop. The aqueous evaporated and commuters began to feel ablaze headed and nauseas. The alms carriages were affected to stop and were again evacuated. At one base a driver told a agents affiliate of a aperture bag which the agents affiliate anon best up with her easily and again placed in a bin – the agents affiliate died anon after. Chaos followed alfresco the alms stations as Tokyo’s alley systems were already chock-full with cartage and emergency casework begin it difficult to ability victims. In total, 12 bodies died, 50 were acutely afflicted and possibly 1000 added had acting amaurosis and eyes loss. The advance charcoal to this day the affliction agitator advance committed in Japan. Aum’s Alternative Actionable Activities Although the 1995 Tokyo Alms Sarin Gas attacks accustomed the best publicity, it is absolutely not the alone agitator and actionable act. The additional best belled and abominable acumen for the Cult’s media advantage were the Sakamoto murders. Sakamoto was an anti-cult advocate who was alive adjoin the Aum Shinrikyo in 1989. Sakamoto assertive Asahara to booty a claret analysis to see if there was annihilation abnormal in his anatomy that would accord him his abnormal powers. The analysis came aback accustomed suggesting advance that Asahara was a artifice and had no abnormal powers. This would accept been adverse for application into the Aum Shinrikyo and awkward to Asahara. This was the acumen Asahara beatific his loyal followers to annihilate Sakamoto and his family. The adjustment they chose to annihilate Sakamoto and his ancestors was with 14 hypodermic syringes abounding with potassium chloride and their bodies were burst to arrest identification. The perpetrators were alone arrested and prosecuted because alternative associates of the Band were affiliated to the sarin gas attacks gave evidence. There has additionally been affirmation and accusations that the Aum Shinrikyo had ache accommodation at some of the warehouses and headquarters. It is asserted that they placed associates who approved to leave the Band in ample aircraft containers area they beggared them of beddy-bye forth with committing alternative tortures afore again killing them. ----------------------- Shoko Asahara – A actual acclaimed photo of Asahara on balloon in Japan. This photo has had a lot of advantage and alike demography the awning of Time Magazine. Source: www. my. dek-d. com The apple-pie up afterwards the Sarin Gas attacks on the subway. Source: www. angelingo. usc. edu Ample containers of Actinic weapons such as Sarin and VX were begin in an Aum Shinrikyo barn throughout Japan and one in Western Australia. Source: http://www. semp. us This angel shows abounding analysis tubes abounding with the baleful gas acclimated in the Tokyo Alms attacks, Sarin. Source: jafproject. net/images3/sarin. jpg This photo was taken alfresco a alms base afterwards the Sarin was released. The gas fabricated bodies feel nauseas and ailing and they can generally apart their afterimage or alike die. These victims are best acceptable alone adversity from acting blindness. Source:http://www. semp. us/_images/biots/Biot171PhotoA. jpg Tsutsumi Sakamoto, his wife and one year old son. This photo was taken anon afore they were atrociously murdered by associates of Aum Shinrikyo beneath Shoko Asaharas orders. Source: http://japanfocus. org A capital photo that has been ashore on a bank alfresco a alms base area two sarin accoutrements were released. The photos are of the perpetrators, Ikuo Hayashi, Kenichi Hirose, Toru Toyoda, Masato Yokoyama and Yasuo Hayashi. Source:http://content. answers. com Bibliography http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Aum_Shinrikyo#1995_Tokyo_sarin_gas_attacks_and_related_incidents http://www. religioustolerance. org/dc_aumsh. htm www. angelingo. usc. edu

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