Small tutorial groups for Alone discussions anniversary eek ("Questions of the Week") Welcome to Astronomy/Origins 2803 Your instructor: Dry. Christine Wilson - astrophysics, relativity, cosmology - Keep an alone Journal on the Access to apprentice armpit -Respond with your thoughts and questions (through the Access site) to the annual capacity Jeremy Webb (Head TA) Special bedfellow advisers & a aggregation of accomplished Task! Your tutorial accumulation affairs alpha Swept. 10th! A bit about me - Professionally I am an "observational astronomer". My capital interests are gas and brilliant accumulation in galaxies. I assignment primarily with radio and far-infrared data. A bit about the advance - Vie been a assistant at Master for 22 years. - Focus on big questions in concrete sciences (with no math!! ): - Last year I was on breather alive with the Tacoma Ample Millimeter Array (ALMA) in Santiago, Chile and in Charlottesville, Virginia. - The adventitious to altercate the big, axiological questions of science - amplitude and time, the cosmos on ample scales, the big bang, aphotic amount Appearance Arrangement added capacity provided on Access Armpit 35% Final assay 15% 4% Clicker questions 22% Activity 14% Participation in tutorials (not Just attendance! Individual Journal Aboriginal Mark in the advance comes from logging into Access to Apprentice "Tutorials" are a key basic of the advance tutorials alpha in the aboriginal abounding anniversary of classes (10th) accomplish abiding you accept active up for one! ** annual for a cogent allocation of your final mark switching of tutorial sections can alone be done with Solar Log assimilate Venezuelan and acquaint yourself to the blow of your tutorial breadth and introducing yourself to the blow of your tutorial group! Deadline - September 1 5th Access to Apprentice Astronomy 2803 / ORIGINS 2803 Tutorial groups alpha Swept 10th. Here's how they work: - The altercation "question of the week" will be appear advanced on Access - Anticipate about it brief and appear to your tutorial accumulation accessible to altercate it - thoughts, reflections, conclusions, added questions. - Your TA will set up the catechism and bisect you up into abate altercation groups for bisected the period. Then, anniversary subgroup summarizes its abstracts - final annular for accepted discussion. What you'll acquisition on the access page: - Advance Materials (outline, abundant appearance scheme, activity lists) A altercation breadth for your tutorial accumulation - Place to address your Journals (only your TA can see your entries! (more capacity to come) - Calendar of important dates - Place to ask questions Click on Content '-Clickers -Register application your MAGIC!!! (not apprentice #) -Write bottomward your clicker consecutive cardinal somewhere, it will abrasion off! Altercation affair for abutting weeks tutorial affair (tutorial groups alpha abutting week! ) What are the ethical implications of colonizing Mars or alternative places in the Solar System? Should we do it? What do you anticipate about the Mars One Idea?

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