Consider the afterward scenario: 

Due to an access in cardiovascular ache and blight afterlife in the United States, the Center for Ache Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Blight Institute (NCI) accept formed a collective assignment force and has tasked you with developing an educational presentation on one of these capacity to allotment with your community. Due to the public's abridgement of ability on these topics, it is your job to actualize a presentation that is advisory and educational apropos your called topic.

Research your affair application online sources such as the FDA, CDC, NCI, and bounded sources for agreeable on your affair for this presentation.

Choose ONE of the afterward topics:

  • Coronary avenue disease
  • Congenital affection disease
  • Congestive affection failure

Create a 15- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with adapted images to be presented to your community.

Include the afterward points:

  • Provide a abrupt accomplishments on your called disease.
  • Identify how this ache develops or how individuals arrangement the disease.
  • Identify means of preventing this disease.
  • How could a fettle or exercise program, if any, advice anticipate this disease?
  • Explain how to amusement this ache application accepted anesthetic and commutual and another anesthetic (CAM), contrarily accepted as holistic medicine.
  • Identify the comestible needs of the alone with this disease, as able-bodied as what their diet should be to accommodated the comestible needs.
  • Make recommendations for area your admirers ability chase for added advice apropos this disease.
  • Include aboveboard sources for the advice (e.g. not Wikipedia). This will be in accession to the 15-18 slides.
  • For Bounded Campus students, these are articulate presentations accompanied by Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations.
  • For Online and Directed Study students, the basic presentation can be created as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with audio files affiliated to anniversary slide, podcast, webcast, teleconference, or any alternative basic advice tool.


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