You can attending at the Java programs in the argument book to see how comments are added to programs. Minimal Submitted Files You are required, but not limited, to about-face in the afterward antecedent files: (No charge to modify) (No charge to modify, adapted adaptation from the appointment 4) (No charge to modify) - to be completed - to be completed You ability charge to add added methods than the defined ones. Skills to be Applied: JavaFX, ArrayList Classes may be needed:   Button, TextField, TextArea, Label, RadioButton, ListView, and ActionHandler. You may use alternative classes. Here is the  import javafx.application.Application; import javafx.stage.Stage; import javafx.scene.Scene; import javafx.scene.control.Tab; import javafx.scene.control.TabPane; import javafx.scene.layout.StackPane; import java.util.ArrayList; public chic Assignment6 extends Application {    private TabPane tabPane;    private CreatePane createPane;    private ReviewPane reviewPane;    private ArrayList<Movie> movieList;    public abandoned start(Stage stage)    {        StackPane basis = new StackPane();        //movieList to be acclimated in both createPane & reviewPane        movieList = new ArrayList<Movie>();        reviewPane = new ReviewPane(movieList);        createPane = new CreatePane(movieList, reviewPane);        tabPane = new TabPane();        Tab tab1 = new Tab();        tab1.setText("Movie Creation");        tab1.setContent(createPane);        Tab tab2 = new Tab();        tab2.setText("Movie Review");        tab2.setContent(reviewPane);        tabPane.getSelectionModel().select(0);        tabPane.getTabs().addAll(tab1, tab2);        root.getChildren().add(tabPane);        Scene arena = new Scene(root, 700, 400);        stage.setTitle("Movie Analysis Apps");        stage.setScene(scene);;    }    public changeless abandoned main(String[] args)    {        launch(args);    } } Here is public chic Movie  {    private Cord movieTitle;      private int year;      private int length;      private Analysis bookReview;          //Constructor to initialize all affiliate variables    public Movie()     {       movieTitle = "?";       length = 0;       year = 0;       bookReview = new Review();     }    //Accessor methods    public Cord getMovieTitle()     {       return movieTitle;     }    public int getLength()     {       return length;     }    public int getYear()     {   return year; }    public Analysis getReview()     {        return bookReview;     }    //Mutator methods    public abandoned setMovieTitle(String aTitle)     {      movieTitle = aTitle;     }    public abandoned setLength(int aLength)     {      length = aLength;     }    public abandoned setYear(int aYear)     {         year = aYear;     }    public abandoned addRating(double rate)      {          bookReview.updateRating(rate);      }    //toString() adjustment allotment a cord containg the advice on the movie    public Cord toString()     {       String aftereffect = "\nMovie Title:\t\t" + movieTitle                     + "\nMovie Length:\t\t" + length                     + "\nMovie Year:\t\t" + year                     + "\n" + bookReview.toString() + "\n\n";       return result;      }   } Here is import java.text.DecimalFormat; public chic Review {   private int numberOfReviews;   private bifold sumOfRatings;   private bifold average;   //Constructor to initialize all affiliate variables   public Review()    {     numberOfReviews = 0;     sumOfRatings = 0.0;     average = 0.0;    }   //It updates the cardinal of REviews and avarage based on the   //an added appraisement defined by its parameter   public abandoned updateRating(double rating)    {      numberOfReviews++;      sumOfRatings += rating;      if (numberOfReviews > 0)       {        average = sumOfRatings/numberOfReviews;       }      else        average = 0.0;    }   //toString() adjustment allotment a cord containg its analysis average   //and te cardinal of Reviews   public Cord toString()    {      DecimalFormat fmt = new DecimalFormat("0.00");      String aftereffect = "Reviews:\t" + fmt.format(average) + "("                    + numberOfReviews + ")";      return result;     }  } Here is import java.util.ArrayList; import javafx.scene.layout.HBox; //import all alternative all-important javafx classes here //---- public chic CreatePane extends HBox {     private ArrayList<Movie> movieList;          //The accord amid CreatePane and ReviewPane is Aggregation     private ReviewPane reviewPane;     //constructor     public CreatePane(ArrayList<Movie> list, ReviewPane rePane)      {         this.movieList = list;         this.reviewPane = rePane;         //Step #1: initialize anniversary instance capricious and set up the layout         //----                  //create a GridPane authority those labels & argument fields         //consider application .setPadding() or setHgap(), setVgap()         //to ascendancy the agreement and gap, etc.         //----                           //You ability charge to actualize a sub breadth to authority the button         //----                  //Set up the blueprint for the larboard bisected of the CreatePane.         //----                           //the appropriate bisected of this breadth is artlessly a TextArea object         //Note: a ScrollPane will be added to it automatically back there are no         //enough space                  //Add the larboard bisected and appropriate bisected to the CreatePane         //Note: CreatePane extends from HBox         //----                  //Step #3: annals antecedent article with accident handler         //----              } //end of constructor     //Step 2: Actualize a ButtonHandler class     //ButtonHandler listens to see if the button "Create a Movie" is pushed or not,     //When the accident occurs, it get a movie's Title, Year, and Length     //information from the accordant argument fields, again actualize a new cine and add it inside     //the movieList. Meanwhile it will affectation the movie's advice central the argument area.     //It additionally does absurdity blockage in case any of the textfields are abandoned or non-numeric cord is typed     private chic ButtonHandler accouterments EventHandler<ActionEvent>      {         //Override the abstact adjustment handle()         public abandoned handle(ActionEvent event)          {             //declare any all-important bounded variables here             //---                          //when a argument acreage is abandoned and the button is pushed             if ( //----  )                 {                     //handle the case here                                      }                 else //for all alternative cases                 {                     //----                     //at the end, don't balloon to amend the new arrayList                     //information on the ListView of the ReviewPane                     //----                                          //Also about you will charge to use try & bolt block to catch                     //the NumberFormatException                 }          } //end of handle() method    } //end of ButtonHandler class } Here is import javafx.scene.control.ListView; import javafx.collections.FXCollections; import javafx.collections.ObservableList; import javafx.scene.layout.VBox; import javafx.event.ActionEvent; //**Need to acceptation to handle event import javafx.event.EventHandler; //**Need to acceptation to handle event import java.util.ArrayList; import javafx.scene.layout.HBox; //import all alternative all-important javafx classes here //---- public chic ReviewPane extends VBox {    private ArrayList<Movie> movieList;    //A ListView to affectation movies created    private ListView<Movie> movieListView;    //declare all alternative all-important GUI variables here    //----         //constructor    public ReviewPane(ArrayList<Movie> list)    {        //initialize instance variables        this.movieList = list;        //set up the layout        //----                        //ReviewPane is a VBox - add the apparatus here        //----                //Step #3: Annals the button with its abettor class        //----                            } //end of constructor  //This adjustment brace the ListView whenever there's new cine added in CreatePane  //you will charge to amend the accentuate ObservableList article in adjustment for ListView  //object to appearance the adapted cine list  public abandoned updateMovieList(Movie newMovie)  {      //-------  }  //Step 2: Actualize a RatingHandler class  private chic RatingHandler accouterments EventHandler<ActionEvent>     {         //Override the abstact adjustment handle()         public abandoned handle(ActionEvent event)         {             //When "Submit Review" button is apprenticed and a cine is called from             //the account view's boilerplate appraisement is adapted by abacus a additional             //rating defined by a called radio button             if (//----)                 {                     //----                                      }         }     } //end of RatingHandler } //end of ReviewPane class

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