Assignment: Scholar Practitioner Project Assignment: Developing an Addiction Treatment Plan

   Required Readings Doweiko, H. E. (2019). Concepts of actinic dependency (10th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage. Chapter 31, "The Analysis of Substance Use Disorders" (pp. 434-436 / "The Analysis Plan") (For review) Prochaska, J. O., DiClemente, C. C., & Norcross, J. C. (1992). In chase of how bodies change: Applications to addictive behaviors. American Psychologist, 47(9), 1102–1114 Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases.  Creating an addiction analysis plan is an individualized, activating action that begins at the aboriginal affair with the applicant and evolves throughout the complete advance of analysis in acknowledgment to alteration needs. An addiction analysis plan addresses the holistic needs of the individual. It includes the client's actual needs while in analysis as able-bodied as abiding needs already he or she allotment to the community. For this Assignment, analysis the assets for this anniversary and accede the methods by which allowance professionals can advance aftercare affairs to anticipate relapse. Use the "Instructions for Scholar Practitioner Project (SPP) Case Study" certificate to advance your own addiction analysis plan application the "SPP Analysis Plan Template". Using the "SPP Analysis Plan Template", actualize a 12-month addiction analysis plan for Marge. Begin with her acceptance into residential analysis ("Counseling Affair 1" media) and advance throughout her break ("Counseling Affair 2" media). Continue for the abutting 12 months as you actuate how her analysis could evolve. Marge's addiction analysis plan should accommodate the following: Course of residential treatment Plans for acquittal from residential treatment Aftercare affairs for the abutting 12 months All aspects of the case administration of Marge's treatment, including counseling/treatment family social vocational legal mental health medical other areas that ability be important to her connected recovery    SPP Analysis Plan Template   INSTRUCTIONS and TEMPLATE for Marge’s Analysis Plan 1. Advance a academic analysis plan for Marge (from the advance media pieces) as you anticipate it would attending at the end of the aboriginal year of her advance of treatment.  2. Begin with her acceptance into residential analysis (Counseling Affair 1). 3. The plan should accommodate Marge’s advance of residential treatment, affairs for acquittal from residential treatment, and aftercare affairs for the abutting 12 months. 4. The plan should accommodate all aspects of Marge’s activity that are accompanying to her accretion and reflect the case administration role of the advisor (e.g., counseling/treatment, family, social, vocational, legal, brainy health, medical).      Identified strengths: Strengths   that will advice applicant accomplish abiding goal(s) (e.g., admiring family).   Client should advice identify. Initially   it may be difficult to advice applicant analyze added than one or two strengths   but as the advance of analysis continues, added should become evident.  Identified   problems/deficits: Factors in client’s   life that may impede acknowledged recovery   Long-term goal(s): Short-term Goals Objectives Strategies  Expected Outcome  (with time-frame)   Stated   as ample adorable aftereffect that will be burst bottomward into concise goals and   objectives. Usually, one abiding ambition will be able for aboriginal year.   Example: John will        remain abstinent from use of heroin and all alternative affection altering        substances and behaviors for one year as approved by abrogating accidental        drug screens and self-report). Series   of time-limited goals that will advance to accomplishment of abiding goal.   Example: John will        successfully complete residential treatment. Statements   of what applicant will do to accomplish concise goal. Stated in measurable,   behavioral agreement   Example: John will        attend and actively participate in all alone and accumulation counseling        sessions.  John will        admit he has an addiction problem. How   objective will be agitated out or accomplished  Example: Schedule one        individual counseling affair and bristles accumulation counseling sessions weekly. John will        complete Step One of the Twelve Steps Objective,   measurable adorable aftereffect with timeframeExample: Staff and        self-report of approved appearance and alive accord in alone        and accumulation counseling sessions (30 days).  Self-report to        counselor and associates of accumulation sessions (30 days).

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