Assignment Questions

Chapter 4 Brenda loaned her son Bart $250,000 to acquirement a new home. Brenda did not allegation absorption on the loan. Brenda was appropriate to admit accustomed absorption assets and Bart had accustomed home mortgage absorption bulk that he deducted as an itemized deduction. Would Brenda’s and Bart’s accumulated absolute assets taxes acceptable access or abatement as a aftereffect of the accustomed interest? #23. On July 1, 1998, back Betty was 65 years old, she purchased an accomplishment arrangement for $108,000. The accomplishment was to pay Betty $9,000 on June 30 anniversary year for the butt of her life. Betty died on March 31, 2011. What are the furnishings of the accomplishment on Betty’s gross assets and taxable assets for 2011? #31. Al is a medical doctor who conducts his convenance as a sole proprietor. During 2011, he accustomed banknote of $280,000 for medical services. Of the bulk collected, $40,000 was for casework provided in 2010. At the end of 2011, Al had accounts receivable of $60,000, all for casework rendered in 2011. In addition, at the end of the year, Al accustomed $12,000 as an beforehand acquittal from a bloom aliment alignment (HMO) for casework to be rendered in 2012. Compute Al’s gross assets for 2011” a)Using the banknote base of accounting. b)Using the accretion base of accounting. c)Advise Al on which adjustment of accounting he should use. #34. Color Paint Shop, Inc. (459 Ellis Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17111), is an accretion base aborigine that paints automobiles. During the year, the aggregation corrective Samuel’s car and was to access a $1,000 acquittal from his allowance company. Samuel was not annoyed with the work, however, and the allowance aggregation banned to pay. In December 2011, Color and Samuel agreed that Color would access $800 for the work, accountable to final approval by the allowance company. In the past, Color had appear to acceding with barter alone to access the allowance aggregation accommodate an alike bottom amount. In May 2012, the allowance aggregation advised the affirmation and paid the $800 to Color. An IRS abettor thinks that Color, as an accretion base taxpayer, should abode $1,000 of assets in 2011, back the assignment was done, and again abstract a $200 blow in 2012. Prepare a announcement to Susan Apple, a tax accomplice for whom you are working, with the recommended analysis for the acknowledged income. #36. Marlene, a banknote base taxpayer, invests in Series EE U. S. Government accumulation bonds and coffer certificates of drop (CDs). Actuate the tax after-effects of the afterward on her 2011 gross income. a) On July 1, 2011, she purchased a CD for $10,000. The CD matures on June 30, 2013, and will pay $10. 816, appropriately acquiescent a 4% anniversary return. b) On December 31, 2011, she cashed in a CD and accustomed $11,025. She purchased the CD on January 1, 2010, and the crop to ability was 5%. c) On September 30, 2011, she cashed in Series EE bonds for $10,000. She purchased the bonds in 2011 for $7,025. The crop to ability on the bonds was 4. 5%. #38. Freda is a banknote base taxpayer. In 2011, she adjourned her bacon for 2012. Her employer offered to pay her a absolute of $250,000 for the year. Freda countered that she would access $10,000 anniversary ages for the 12 months in 2012, and the actual $130,000 in January 2013. The employer accustomed Freda’s acceding for 2012 and 2013. a)Did Freda absolutely or constructively access $250,000 in 2012? b)What could explain Freda’s alertness to advance her bacon over a best aeon of time? Fran, Gary, and Heidi anniversary access a one-third absorption in the basic and profits of the FGH Partnership. Anniversary accomplice had a basic anniversary of $50,000 at the alpha of the tax year. The affiliation profits for the tax year were $240,000. Changes in their basic accounts during the tax year were as follows: Fran Gary Heidi Absolute Alpha balance$50,000$50,000$50,000$150,000. Withdrawals(25,000)(35,000)(10,000)( 70,000) Added contributions -0- -0- 5,000 5,000. Allocation of profits 80,000 80,000 80,000 240,000. Ending antithesis $105,000 $95,000 $125,000$325,000. In accession at the $240,000 of affiliation profits, the affiliation deducted $1,800 ($600 for anniversary partner) in premiums paid for accumulation appellation activity allowance on the partners. Fran and Gary are 39 years old, and Heidi is 35 years old. Alternative advisers are additionally acceptable for accumulation appellation activity allowance according to their anniversary salary. These premiums of $10,000 access been deducted in artful the affiliation profits of $240,000. Computer anniversary partner’s gross assets from the affiliation for aftermost year. #49. On June 30, 2011, Ridge adopted $62,000 from his employer. On July 1, 2011, Ridge acclimated the money as follows: Interest-free accommodation to Ridge’s controlled association (operated by Ridge on a part-time basis)$31,000 Interest-free accommodation to Tab (Ridge’s son) 11,000 National Coffer of Grundy 5% CD ($14,700 due at maturity, June 30, 2012) 14,000 National Coffer of Grundy 5. 5% CD ($6,678 due at maturity, June 30, 2012) 6,000 $62,000 Ridge’s employer did not allegation him interest. The applicative Federal bulk was 5% throughout the accordant period. Tab had an advance assets of $800 for the year, and he acclimated the accommodation accretion to pay medical academy tuition. There were no alternative outstanding loans amid Ridge and Tab. What are the furnishings of the above-mentioned affairs on Ridge’s taxable assets for 2011? #51. Vito is the sole actor of Vito, Inc. He is additionally active by the corporation. On June 30, 2011, Vito adopted $8,000 from Vito, Inc., and on July 1, 2012, he adopted an added $4,000. Both loans were due on demand. No absorption was answerable on the loans, and the Federal bulk was 8% for all accordant dates. Vito acclimated the money to acquirement a boat, and he had $1,100 of advance income. Actuate the tax after-effects to Vito and Vito, Inc. in anniversary of the afterward situations: a)The loans are advised employer-employee loans. b)The loans are advised corporation-shareholder loans #52. Tess retires afterwards 30 years of anniversary with her employer. She is 66 years old and has contributed $37,800 to her employer’s able alimony fund. She elects to access her retirement allowances as an accomplishment of $3,000 per ages for the butt of her life. a)Assume that Tess retires in June 2011 and collects six accomplishment payments this year. What is her gross assets from the accomplishment payments in the aboriginal year? b)Assume that Tess lives 30 years afterwards retiring. What is her gross assets from the accomplishment payments in the twenty-ninth year? c)Assume that Tess dies afterwards accession 180 payments. She calm six payments in the year of her death. What are Tess’s gross assets and deductions from the accomplishment arrangement in the year of her death? Chapter 5 Homework: #7. Lime Finance Aggregation requires its barter to acquirement a acclaim activity allowance action associated with the loans it makes. Lime is the almsman of the action to the admeasurement of the actual antithesis on the accommodation at the time of the customer’s death. In 2010, Lime wrote off as uncollectible a $5,000 anniversary receivable from Wally, which included $1,500 of accrued interest. Back Wally died in 2011, the activity allowance action was still in force, and Lime accustomed $3,500. Is the $3,500 of activity allowance accretion accustomed by Lime included in its gross income? #13. Melba’s employer provides a adjustable spending plan for medical and dental costs not covered by insurance. Melba contributed $1,500 during 2011, but by the end of December 2011, she still had $300 actual in the account. Melba advised to get new eyeglasses but was too active during the anniversary season. Is Melba appropriate to amount the antithesis in her adjustable spending account? #23. In 2011, Montgomery Canton accomplished a account surplus. The Canton is because application a allocation of the surplus to abatement allotment of the absolute acreage taxes paid by canton absolute acreage owners. What would be the assets tax after-effects to the absolute acreage owners of accepting the abatement in 2012? #25. Molly is a banknote base taxpayer. In 2011, she becoming alone $6,500, which was beneath than the accepted answer and claimed exemption. In January 2012, Molly’s employer bent that he had blurred her December 2011 account and that she should access accustomed an added $1,000 of advantage in 2011. The employer paid Molly the $1,000 in 2012. If Molly had accustomed the $1,000 in 2011, it would not access resulted in any tax accountability because her gross assets would still access been beneath than her accepted answer and claimed exemption. In 2012, Molly had over $30,000 in taxable income. Does the tax account aphorism administer to Molly’s situation? Explain. #28. Ed, an agent of the Natural Color Company, suffered from a attenuate ache that was actual big-ticket to treat. The bounded media ran several belief about Ed's problems, and the ancestors accustomed added than $10,000 in ability from individuals to advice pay the medical bills. Ed’s employer-provided hospital and medical allowance for its employees, but the action did not awning Ed’s illness. Back it became credible that Ed could not pay all of his medical expenses, the hospital canceled the $25,000 Ed owed at the time of his death. Afterwards Ed’s death, his above employer paid Ed’s added $12,000 in “her time of need. ” Ed’s added additionally calm $50,000 on a accumulation appellation activity allowance action paid for by Ed’s employer. What are Ed’s and his wife’s gross income? What is the taxpayer’s gross assets in anniversary of the afterward situations? a)Darrin accustomed a bacon of $50,000 in 2011 from his employer, Green Construction Associates, Inc. In July 2011, Green gave anniversary agent $2,500 as a account for beyond the account sales goals. b)Megan accustomed $10,000 from her employer to advice her pay the academy costs of her daughter. c)Blake accustomed $15,000 from his asleep wife’s employer in “recognition of her 30 years of affectionate anniversary to the company. ” d)Clint calm $50,000 as the almsman of a accumulation appellation activity allowance action for which his asleep wife’s employer had paid the premiums. Ray and Carin are ally in an accounting firm. The ally access entered into an arm’s breadth acceding acute Ray to acquirement Carin’s affiliation absorption from Carin’s acreage if she dies afore Ray. The bulk is set at 120% of the book bulk of Carin’s affiliation absorption at the time of her death. Ray purchased an allowance action on Carin’s activity to armamentarium this agreement. Afterwards Ray had paid $45,000 in premiums, Carin was dead in an auto accident, and Ray calm $800,000 of activity allowance proceeds. Ray acclimated the activity allowance accretion to acquirement Carin’s affiliation interest. a)What bulk should Ray accommodate in his gross assets from accepting the activity allowance proceeds? b)The allowance aggregation paid Ray $16,000 absorption on the activity allowance accretion during the aeon Carin’s acreage was in administration. During this period, Ray had larboard the allowance accretion with the allowance company. Is this absorption taxable? c)When Ray paid $800,000 for Carin’s affiliation interest, priced as defined in the agreement, the fair bazaar bulk of Carin’s absorption was $1 million. How abundant should Ray accommodate in his gross assets from this arrangement purchase? #36. Leigh sued an agitable bill beneficiary and accustomed the afterward settlement: Accident to her auto the beneficiary attempted to repossess$ 3,300 Physical accident to her arm acquired by the beneficiary 15,000 Blow of assets while her arm was healing 6,000 Punitive amercement 80,000 a)What aftereffect does the adjustment access on Leigh’s gross income? b)Assume Leigh additionally calm $25,000 of amercement for aspersion to her claimed acceptability acquired by the bill beneficiary misrepresenting the facts to Leigh’s employer and alternative creditors. Is this $25,000 included in Leigh’s gross income? #39. The UVW Abutment and HON Association are negotiating arrangement terms. Assume the abutment associates are in the 28% bordering tax bracket and all allowances are provided on a abstract basis. Write a letter to the UVW Abutment associates answer the tax after-effects of the options discussed below. The union’s abode is 905 Spruce Street, Washington, DC 20227. a)The aggregation would appoint a $100 deductible on medical allowance benefits. Most advisers access added than $100 anniversary year in medical expenses. b)Employees would get an added paid anniversary with the aforementioned anniversary assets (the aforementioned pay but beneath work). c)An agent who did not charge bloom allowance (because the employer’s apron works and receives ancestors coverage) would be accustomed to access the banknote bulk of the coverage. #52. Tonya, who lives in Virginia, affiliated a $10,000 Accompaniment of Virginia band in 2011. Her bordering Federal tax bulk is 35%, and her bordering accompaniment tax bulk is 5%. The Virginia band pays 4% interest, which is not accountable to Virginia assets tax. She can acquirement a accumulated band of commensurable accident that will crop 6% or a U. S. government band that pays 5. 6% interest. Tonya does not catalog her deductions. Which advance will accommodate the greatest after-tax yield? Chapter 6 Homework #7 Nanette is a third-grade teacher. Potential deductions are accommodating contributions of $520, claimed acreage taxes on her car of $225, and assorted food purchased for use in her classroom of $225 (none reimbursed by her school). How will these items affect Nanette’s assets tax return? #11 Mary Kate owns a architecture that she leases to an alone who operates a grocery store. Hire assets is $10,000 and rental costs are $6,000. On what Form 1040 agenda or schedules are the assets and costs reported? #20 Gordon anticipates that actuality absolutely perceived by the alone who is adopted ambassador will be benign for his business. Therefore, he contributes to the campaigns of both the Democratic and the Republican candidates. The Republican applicant is adopted mayor. Can Gordon abstract any of the political contributions he made? #25 Are there any affairs beneath which taxpayers can hire their claimed abode and not be appropriate to abode the hire assets received? Does this access an aftereffect on the deductions allowed? #37 This has not been a acceptable year for Betsy. During the year, she had losses from the afterward sales: Claimed use sailboat$ 6,000. Claimed residence$30,000. Rental house$12,000. Orange, Inc. stock$ 4,000. City of James bonds$ 2,000. a)What is the bulk of Betsy’s deductible losses b) Classify the deductible losses as deductions for or from AGI #45 Vermillion, Inc. , a about captivated association (not a TARP recipient), pays the afterward salaries to its executives: Retirement Plan SalaryBonus Contribution CEO$2,000,000$100,000 $80,000. Executive carnality admiral 1,800,000 90,000 72,000. Treasurer 1,600,000 -0- 64,000. Marketing carnality admiral 1,500,000 75,000 60,000. Operations carnality admiral 1,400,000 70,000 56,000. Distribution carnality admiral 1,200,000 60,000 48,000. Analysis carnality admiral 1,100,000 -0- 44,000 Controller 800,000 -0- 32,000. Vermillion commonly does not pay bonuses, but afterwards reviewing the after-effects of operations for the year, the lath of admiral absitively to pay a 5% account to called executives. What is the bulk of these payments hat =Vermillion may deduct? #47 Terry catholic to a adjoining accompaniment to investigate the acquirement of two accouterments stores. His costs included travel, legal, accounting, and assorted expenses. The absolute was $52,000. He incurred the costs in June and July 2011. Beneath the afterward circumstances, what can Terry abstract in 2011? a)Terry was in the accouterments abundance business and did not access the two accouterments stores. b)Terry was in the accouterments abundance business and acquired the two accouterments food and began operating them on October 1, 2011. c)Terry did not access the two accouterments food and was not in the accouterments abundance business. d)Terry acquired the two accouterments food but was not in the accouterments abundance business back he acquired them. Operations began on October 1, 2011. #58 The Robin Association is endemic as follows: Isabelle26% Peter, Isabelle’s husband19% Sonya, Isabelle’s mother15% Reggie, Isabelle’s father25% Quinn, an different party15% Robin is on the accretion basis, and Isabelle and Peter are on the banknote basis. Isabelle and Peter anniversary loaned the Robin Association $40,000 out of their abstracted funds. On December 31, 2011, Robin accrued absorption at 7% on both loans. The absorption was paid on February 4, 2012. What is the tax analysis of this absorption expense/income to Isabelle, Peter, and Robin? #59 For anniversary of the afterward absolute transactions, account the accustomed accretion or blow to the agent and the adapted base to the buyer. a)Bonnie sells Parchment, Inc. banal (adjusted base $17,000) to Phillip, her brother, for its fair bazaar bulk of $12,000 b)Amos sells acreage (adjusted base $85,000) to his nephew, Boyd, for its fair bazaar bulk of $70,000. c)Susan sells a tax-exempt band (adjusted base $20,000) to her wholly endemic association for its fair bazaar bulk of $19,000 d)Ron sells a business barter (adjusted base $20,000) that he uses in his sole cartel to his cousin, Agnes, for its fair bazaar bulk of $18,500. e)Martha sells her affiliation absorption (adjusted base $175,000) in Pearl Affiliation to her developed daughter, Kim, for $220,000. #61 Lee incurred the afterward costs in the accepted tax year. Indicate, in the spaces provided, whether anniversary bulk is deductible for AGI, from AGI, or not deductible. DeductibleNot Costs Item For AGI From AGI Deductible a) Lee’s claimed medical expenses. ____________________ b) Lee’s abased daughter’s medical costs _____________________ c) Absolute acreage taxes on Lee’s rental acreage _____________________ d) Absolute acreage taxes on Lee’s claimed abode _____________________ e) Absolute acreage taxes on daughter’s claimed abode _____________________ f) Lee’s accompaniment assets taxes _____________________ g) Absorption on Lee’s rental acreage mortgage _____________________ h) Absorption on Lee’s claimed abode mortgage _____________________ i) Absorption on daughter’s claimed abode mortgage _____________________ j) Absorption on Lee’s business loans. _____________________ k) Lee’s accommodating contributions. ____________________ l) Abrasion on Lee’s rental acreage _____________________ m) Abrasion on auto acclimated in Lee’s business _____________________ n) Abrasion on Lee’s claimed use auto _____________________ o) Abrasion on daughter’s claimed use auto _____________________ Chapter 7 Homework: student’s name #7Many years ago, Jack purchased 400 shares of Canary stock. During the accepted year, the banal became worthless. It was bent that the aggregation “went under” because several accumulated admiral embezzled a ample bulk of aggregation funds. Identify the accordant tax issues for Jack. #22Green Association fabricated all-encompassing modifications to a allocation of a architecture so that it could be acclimated to conduct artefact research. Discuss whether the modification costs would authorize as analysis and beginning expenditures. #29Monty loaned his acquaintance Ned $20,000 three years ago. Ned active a agenda and fabricated payments on the loan. Aftermost year, back the actual antithesis was $11,000, Ned filed for defalcation and notified Monty that he would be clumsy to pay the antithesis on the loan. Monty advised the $11,000 as a nonbusiness bad debt. Aftermost year Monty had no basic assets and taxable assets of $12,000. During the accepted year, Ned paid Monty $5,000 in achievement of the debt. Actuate Monty’s tax analysis for the $5,000 accustomed in the accepted year. #32Mary, a distinct taxpayer, purchased 10,000 shares of §1244 banal several years ago at a amount of $20 per share. In November of the accepted year, Mary accustomed an action to advertise the banal for $12 per share. She has the advantage of either affairs all of the banal now or affairs bisected of the banal now and bisected of the banal in January of abutting year. Mary will access a bacon of $80,000 for the accepted year and $90,000 abutting year. Mary will access abiding basic assets of $8,000 for the accepted year and $10,000 abutting year. If Mary’s ambition is to abbreviate her AGI for the two years, actuate whether she should advertise all of her banal this year or bisected of her banal this year and a bisected abutting year. #35Heather owns a two-story building. The architecture is acclimated 60% for business use and 40% for claimed use. During 2011, a blaze acquired above accident to the architecture and its contents. Heather purchased the architecture for $800,000 and has taken abrasion of $150,000 on the business portion. At the time of the fire, the architecture had a fair bazaar bulk of $900,000. Immediately afterwards the fire, the fair bazaar bulk was $200,000. The allowance accretion on the architecture was $600,000. The capacity of the architecture were insured for any blow at fair bazaar value. The business assets had an adapted base of $220,000 and a fair bazaar bulk of $175,000. These assets were absolutely destroyed. The claimed use assets had an adapted base of $50,000 and a fair bazaar bulk of $65,000. These assets were additionally absolutely destroyed. If Heather’s AGI is $100,000 afore because the furnishings of the fire, actuate her itemized answer as a aftereffect of the fire. Also, actuate Heather’s AGI.

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