Assignment: Practicum – Weeks 9 & 10 Journal Entries and Journal Submission

 Submit your Practicum Journal entries for Weeks 9 and 10.     Develop diagnoses for audience accepting psychotherapy Analyze acknowledged and ethical implications of counseling audience with psychiatric disorders Analyze how nursing and counseling theories guided claimed convenance in psychotherapy The Learning Objectives are accompanying to the Practicum Journal Assignments presented in Weeks 9 and 10. Week 10 Journal Entry Reflect on your all-embracing practicum acquaintance in this course. Then, abode the afterward in your Practicum Journal: Explain whether your ameliorative access has afflicted as a aftereffect of your practicum experiences. Recall the theories you called in Anniversary 1. Explain how you chip the ameliorative approaches from this advance in your analytic practice. Include how this helped you accomplish the goals and objectives you developed in Anniversary 1. Explain how you ability appulse amusing change through your assignment with audience who accept brainy bloom issues. Support your access with evidence-based literature.  You accept anniversary 9 and anniversary 10 You can use any earlier applicant for anniversary 9 I download sample for you, if it will help Rubric:   Quality of Assignment Submitted: The admeasurement of which assignment meets the assigned belief and assignment reflects alum akin analytical and analytic thinking.-- Excellent 27 (67.5%) - 30 (75%)Good 24 (60%) - 26 (65%)Fair 21 (52.5%) - 23 (57.5%)Poor 0 (0%) - 20 (50%) Quality of Assignment Submitted: The purpose of the cardboard is clear.-- Excellent 5 (12.5%) - 5 (12.5%)Good 4 (10%) - 4 (10%)Fair 3.5 (8.75%) - 3.5 (8.75%)Poor 0 (0%) - 3 (7.5%) Written Expression and Formatting Paragraph and Sentence Structure: Paragraphs accomplish bright credibility that abutment able-bodied developed ideas, breeze logically, and authenticate chain of ideas. Sentences are acutely structured and anxiously focused--neither continued and circuitous nor abbreviate and defective substance.-- Excellent 5 (12.5%) - 5 (12.5%)Good 4 (10%) - 4 (10%)Fair 3.5 (8.75%) - 3.5 (8.75%)Poor 0 (0%) - 3 (7.5%) 

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