Assignment: Parenting, Sexuality, and High Risk Behavior

  PSYC 2002: Human Development: Childhood and Adolescence  The anticipation of teenagers accepting sex makes abounding adults uncomfortable. The abeyant aftereffect of abundance is generally not adorable in an automated society. In the United States, the abundance amount has been steadily crumbling over the accomplished decade but the abundance amount is still amid the accomplished in Western societies. Consider the afterward academic example: Sally is your babe who is in her aboriginal teens. She has been a acceptable student. She has had a abutting accord with you and a acceptable accord with her dad. She currently is absorbed in backroom and is on the apprentice council. She is alive in abounding academy contest and is accepted by all of the adults in her action to go to college. As her mother, you activate to doubtable that she may be agreeable in animal activity. She stays out after than her curfew, and she has a abiding boyfriend. There accept been a few times back you apperceive she had befalling for animal activity. You are an accurate parent. You appetite her to apperceive about abundance risks, sexually transmitted diseases, and you are anxious about her aboriginal development of relationships. You additionally are acquainted that in today's world, adolescence do not absolutely date as in antecedent generations. They tend to appoint in consecutive monogamy. What would you, as an accurate parent, do? What would you do if you were an absolute or acquiescent parent? To adapt for this assignment: Review the article, "Building Teen Power for Animal Health." Think about Baumrind’s parenting styles. How ability authoritative, authoritarian, and acquiescent parents acknowledge abnormally to this situation? Consider risks of animal captivation including (but not bound to) abundance and sexually transmitted diseases. The Assignment: (2–3 pages) Keeping the aloft archetype in apperception and alternative factors that are accepted to adjournment the access of action and anticipate abundance and sexually transmitted diseases: Explain the risks of animal captivation for Sally if, in fact, she is sexually active. Explain how parents, from anniversary of the three styles listed above, would acknowledge to Sally. Provide specific examples of parenting behaviors that accommodate banned for Sally and after-effects if the banned are not followed. Conclude by answer your own thoughts on how to best acknowledge if Sally was your daughter.

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