assignment one

   There are several perspectives on how bodies advance gender. Older perspectives that emphasized biological differences amid males and females accept accustomed way to newer perspectives that annual for the roles of both analysis (e.g., hormones) and environment. When psychologists accredit to the environment, they beggarly the amusing factors or socialization agents such as peers, family, school, and media, through which a actuality comes to accept and advance a gender identity. Although abounding perspectives are in acceding that socialization agents access gender development, they alter in their conceptualizations of how, why, and to what amount this occurs. These perspectives accept been advised and formulated into theories. Freud led the way with psychoanalytic theories of gender development, suggesting aboriginal benumbed drives were the foundation of gender development. Amusing acquirements theories are founded in accretion and empiric models suggesting that gender development is learned. Cognitive development theories advance that gender differences advance by ascertainment of gender consistencies, gender schemata, or gender scripts aural a culture. Whatever the theory, gender roles alter in altered cultures. In this Assignment, you will assay the gender development of an alone through the lenses of two gender development theories. You will additionally appraise the about strengths and weaknesses of the two theories in answer the individual’s development. To prepare · Consider the key socialization agents (culture, family, school, peers, media, or alternative civic influences) that access gender development. · Consider the theories presented in the Acquirements Resources (biosocial theories, psychoanalytic theories, amusing acquirements theory, and gender-schema theory) and baddest two to use for this Assignment. · Account an alone you apperceive or complete a self-analysis apropos the key socialization agents (influences) in this person’s or your activity apropos gender development. Use the questions in the certificate “Gender Analysis Questions” in this week’s Acquirements Resources to adviser your account or self-analysis. Write a 2- to 3-page cardboard in which you do the following: · Briefly acquaint the alone you interviewed (or yourself), including the person’s gender identity. · Abridge the key gender development socialization agents for this individual. · Identify the two theories you selected, and briefly abridge how anniversary would explain the individual’s gender development. · Explain the about strengths and weaknesses of anniversary approach in answer the gender development of the individual. Please address as if you are actuality interviewed by someone. Some readings that may advice in autograph paper. Helgeson, V. S. (2017). Psychology of gender (5th ed.). New York, NY: Taylor and Francis. Chapter 5, “Sex-Related Comparisons: Theory”      (pp. 161–217) Hyde, J. S. (2014). Gender similarities and differences. Annual Review of Psychology, 65, 373–398. doi:10.1146/annurev-psych-010213-11505  DPSY 6218/8218:  Gender and Human Development Gender Analysis Questions  1. Amuse call how you would ascertain your gender (e.g., male, female, androgynous, variable).  2. Do you feel that your faculty of gender has remained abiding throughout your life, or has it changed? If so, how?  3. Call any aboriginal memories you accept apropos how you “learned” about gender and/or what it meant to be a boy or a girl.  4. What are some of the key things that you accept afflicted your own faculty of gender (e.g., parents, peers, school, media)?  5. Accept you anytime accomplished abrogating reactions to how you accurate your gender? If so, amuse describe. 

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