Assignment on pinpoint and Direct instruction

   Assignment Instructions Choose one of the behaviors listed below: 1. Answering the phone 2. One-digit addition 3. Putting on pants Only accept one of the behaviors listed aloft for this appointment and complete the following. A arrangement is provided. 1) Write a absolute apprenticeship calligraphy application the RU, EG, NEG formula a) Write a pinpoint b) Accomplish the continuance of the calligraphy no best than 2-3 account back apprehend out aloud c) Blush cipher your RU blue d) Blush cipher your EG green e) Blush cipher your NEG purple Submission Instructions 1) Refer to the absolute apprenticeship calligraphy archetype provided below. 2) Use the arrangement provided beneath the example 3) Archetype and adhesive the arrangement into a Microsoft Chat document 4) Accomplish abiding to acknowledgment all prompts defined for the absolute apprenticeship script, including blush coding the text.  5) Accomplish abiding to add your name on the document 6) Submit the completed Microsoft Chat book with your answers in the appointment binder in Canvas by the Module 7 appointment deadline. Example This archetype is provided as a advertence for your assignment. Please do not archetype this acknowledgment for your submission, as that will be advised plagiarism. Your appointment acquiescence charge be your own work.  Direct Apprenticeship Calligraphy for pinpoint: see-says CVC ”e” chat from worksheet    Instructor Student   Today   we’re activity to be practicing our CVC”e” words. What are we activity to be   practicing? CVC”e”   words   We   know that CVC”e” words accomplish the beat say it’s name because there is an “e”   on the end.   How do we apperceive the beat will say it’s name? Because   there is an “e” at the end   Great!   Read these CVC”e” words Reads,   “cape,   mope, bake, cage”   Now   the aftermost letter of anniversary chat is what? An   e   And   what does   an “e” on the end of a CVC chat mean? The   vowel will say it’s name   Awesome!   Will this   word accept a beat that says it’s name? Points to mat No   Why   not? Because   there is no “e” at the end   That’s   right! Now   what would this chat be if we added an “e” to the end? Mate   Excellent!  Assignment Template    Instructor Student                     

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