Assignment: Monopoly and Perfectly Competitive Market

Assignment 1 1. What are the axiological questions that Economics addresses? 2. Describe the types of economics systems, giving the properties, advantages, and disadvantage of anniversary of them. 3. Explain the axial apparatus of microeconomics: demand, supply, and bazaar equilibrium. 4. Define the animation of demand. Assignment 2 There four types of bazaar structures that exist, and these are absolute competition, monopolistic competition, cartel and oligopoly. These categories accept been fabricated to advice bodies accept how businesses accomplish and how prices, outputs and profits are determined. The four bazaar anatomy types are there mainly for the purposes of organization. Antagonism is advantageous because it reveals absolute chump appeal and induces the agent (operator) to accommodate account affection levels and amount levels that buyers (customers) want, accountable to the seller’s banking charge to awning its costs. The bazaar anatomy can appropriately be accepted to an admeasurement by the barriers on access and exit. It is to be acclaimed that the Altogether Aggressive market, there exists chargeless access and exit; this applies to prospective/existing buyers and sellers. Though, this is not the case with the Imperfect bazaar structure. 1. What are the key appearance of the four types of Bazaar Structures we accept studied? Explain in what respects do they differ. Where all-important accommodate examples to your answer. 2. What are some key differences amid an oligopolistic bazaar and a monopolistically aggressive market? Give an archetype of anniversary market. 3. A monopolist allows beneath consumer’s surplus than a absolute competitor. Elaborate. 4. Explain why the actuality of automated abuse ability accreditation government action into a altogether aggressive market.

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