Assignment Instructions

  Assignment Instructions The Scenario: In accomplished years, New Orleans has been hit adamantine by hurricanes and alternative bad weather. The architecture industry, alive with New Port Community College, has put a renewed accent on training the Architecture Management acceptance to body structures that accommodated accepted architecture codes. You accept been asked to actualize a flyer agreeable all Architecture Management acceptance to appear a conference. For this assignment, you will charge the afterward files:     New bare Publisher publication     Construction_Management     CM_Logo You will save your files as:     Lastname_Firstname_Construction_Management     Lastname_Firstname_Construction_Conference     Lastname_Firstname_Merged_Conference Part 1 Open the Access book Construction_Management and Save with the book name Lastname_Firstname_Construction_Management Create a anatomy called based on the Acceptance table, save it as Lastname Firstname Apprentice Form Add the afterward apprentice records. Use your aboriginal name and aftermost name for the aftermost record. First Name Last Name Address City State ZIP Phone Number Degree Karen Crosby 11171 54th Ave New Orleans LA 33714 504-555-0092 Construction Management Richard Eagleson 12501 W Isabel St New Orleans LA 33708 504-555-5832 Information Systems Larry Magg 15304 Cypress St New Orleans LA 33701 504-555-0362 Construction Management Firstname Lastname 12513 Frierson Ave New Orleans LA 33701 504-555-0186 Construction Management Part 2 Create a abode application the Abode Wizard that includes the fields Aboriginal Name, Aftermost Name, Phone Number, and Degree. Group the abstracts by Degree and array the abstracts by Aftermost Name. Change the cavalcade widths so all abstracts is visible. Create a Publisher arrangement of your choice. Save the book as Lastname_Firstname_Construction_Conference and again admit the your name in the footer. In a argument box, add advice about the Architecture Management appointment to be captivated on campus on March 3–4. In addition argument box, account Louisiana cities, such as Baton Rouge, Lafayette, that accept had accident due to hurricanes. Insert and architecture adapted online images. Create a business set for Mrs. Finale application the afterward information. Individual name Tammy Finale Job position Director, Architecture Management Program Organization name New Port Community College Address 12745 Dartmouth Ave New Orleans, LA 70114 Phone Number 504-555-0030 Fax 504-555-0031 E-mail [email protected] Tagline Building a bigger New Orleans Logo CM_Logo Business Advice set name Finale Part 3 Start mail absorb and accept your Access book Lastname_Firstname_Construction_Management as the abstracts source. Filter the recipients to appearance alone the Architecture Management students. Insert the student's name and commitment address. Save the publication. Complete the absorb to a new publication. Save the alloyed advertisement as Lastname_Firstname_Merged_Conference and again amend the footer with your name. please agenda I will adapted the aboriginal and aftermost name.thx

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